The best pregnancy apps for parents expecting twins

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Congratulations, you are expecting twins! If you’re looking for more information on what the best apps are for your pregnancy you have come to the right place! It can be pretty frustrating trying to find an app that doesn’t only cover single babies, and where you can track both of your twins progress and stay on top of things.

Here, we will take you through 10 of the top apps to download to digitally track your pregnancy journey. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten those excited dads either!

This journey you are embarking on is incredibly exciting, but we would like to remind you that the apps recommended here do not provide a substitute for medical advice.

We suggest you use these apps as a tracker, or a diary to share your adventure. Always contact medical professionals if you have any concerns.

So without further ado, let’s continue!

Sprout Baby App

Sprout have been present in the USA for a number of years and, boasts the title of being one of apple’s essential apps for parenting. It has also been featured in Time magazines top 50 apps for parenting.

Sprout has clean functionality and is easy to use. Providing you with lots of ways to track your pregnancy such as weight, kicks and a contraction timer just to name a few.

Sprout doesn’t just keep you up to date with what is happening to your babies body, it also keeps you up to date with how your body is changing too. You also get a free pregnancy journal eBook.

Sprout is one of the most popular apps on the market and also comes with a free one week trial. After then, you will need to upgrade to the premium version to keep access to all features.

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Twiniversity is a new app that was launched in August 2021. This app is developed by parents who found the information they had with their twins was limited and wished there was an app for them to use at the time.  It will also track your twins development all the way to one years old.

One of the great features of Twiniversity is that you can track feeding and diaper changes, helping you to keep track of your twins habits and health.

Twiniversity has two modes where you can track your twin pregnancy, and then track your twins development. The designers of the app’s sole aim is to help you navigate your way through twin life.

One disadvantage of Twiniversity, is that it carries a hefty price tag of £25.99. Although it does have a huge bag of options and features to choose from, including their own podcast you can listen too.

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Pregnancy Diary – Twins in Womb

Although this app primarily focuses on trimesters, rather than life after giving birth like the other apps we have mentioned, it’s still a very useful app.

Using Pregnancy Diary, you can create your own log of your symptoms you may be experiencing, and track your thoughts and feelings.

The app also helps you stay on track of any appointments you have or milestones. This is helpful as forgetfulness and ‘pregnancy brain’ (if there wasn’t enough to contend with) really is a thing!

It is one of the simplest to use diary apps and was pioneered by a husband and wife team.

Pro Daddy

You didn’t think we had forgotten all of those excited dads did you?

The great thing about this app is that you can also track your babies progress as a dad! It is a joint process after all!

Information is broken down in to bite size chunks to make it easily readable and digestible. The app also provides weekly updates on stats such as weight and development. The app helps dads boost their confidence for when their newborn(s) arrive.

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What to Expect – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This app has a very exclusive feature that lots of apps don’t have. It has a message board allowing you to connect with other parents in the same position as you. You can ask questions, relate to each other and share your twin journey.

Not only does it have this helpful communication tool, it also has access to hundreds of medically reviewed articles. Although this app is more targeted towards a single baby, the message board feature is something that is extremely useful. The app will also give you personalized updates and information based on your babies due date, and further advice and guidance from newborn.


This app is designed to hold the millions of photos you are likely to take of your twins. Remember the days of boxes of baby and family photos stuffed in the attic?

Now, everything is digital and allows you to gush or reminisce at any given moment! You can store photos of important milestones such as smiling, crawling or that moment when your wall paper got covered in felt tip pen. Yup, we’ve all been there!

You can also share your photos with people you have permitted on the app, or, for those members who don’t have the app, or aren’t as tech savvy, you can also send them in an email to your favorite people instead.

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Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker

The Jumelle Twin and baby tracker, is an app that is published in the home and hobby part of the IOS store.

Not only can you track your babies food intake, what they’re eating and when, diaper changes, and sleeping habits, you can also set a nightlight on your phone and record them sleeping too!

You can track up to 10 babies on the app, but hopefully you won’t need to track that many!

Ovia Parenting and Baby Tracker

This app really is jam packed! It has just about everything you could want to track in it from weight, diaper changes, feeding, sleep, photos and videos and milestones. You can share your milestones securely by adding family and friends as followers or admins.

Ovia really does provide everything you need in one place, including thousands of articles written from experts for you to learn from. Similar to what to expect parenting and baby tracker app, it also has an online community presence where you can ask questions and exchange answers.

You can even speak with people anonymously. Ovia will also help you track your child’s development from birth, to the first year and older, and help you know what to expect throughout your pregnancy journey, and your little ones


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Baby Connect

Baby Connect has been featured on Apple’s list of apps for busy moms. Not only does the app let you track all of the usual things like weight, feeding and diapers, it will also produce charts and reports for you, so you can easily see how your twins are coming along.

You are even able to track their vaccinations. One handy feature of the app, is that you can sync your app with other people’s devices. So, if you were to lose your phone, or need a new one, all of the information you have accrued isn’t lost.

This app also comes with a 7 day free trial. You can track up to 15 children on the app and you can manage your subscription through the App Store.


Last but not least, our final app! Pregnancy+ has been downloaded over 50 million times. You can customize your baby’s statistics, for example, multiples and ethnic minorities and see amazing 3D images of how they are developing and what they would look like in your womb! 3D images have an exclusivity to the pregnancy+ app.

There are also guides within the app that specifically cover twins, as well as a range of other baby related information. You can also organize and plan your shopping lists, so you know what you want to buy and prepare for your baby’s arrival. You can also plan what will go into your hospital bag, and even search through thousands of baby names for inspiration.

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Final Thoughts

There’s our 10 best apps for pregnant parents with twins in no particular order. This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are thousands of apps out there, but hopefully, we have taken away some of those hours trawling the internet, looking for the right app for you.

All of these apps are designed to be able to give you more information, help give you and your partner more confidence for when your bundle arrives, and,  track your babies developments and milestones.

Always seek medical help if you have any concerns.

Happy Twinning!