Hippie Baby Names

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Hippies became a sub-culture to be reckoned with in the 1960s and it’s a lifestyle that still attracts many today yet under the guise of New Age. 

Free-spirits, going against the grain of conservative traditions and respecting and appreciating nature in all aspects is a major trait of the hippie culture. They started coming up with the most far out names for their kids. 

Here we have a bunch of hippie names that you can give your children. They will thank you for it, maybe…

Hippie Boys Names


If you love fire, then this name will light you up. It has several meanings such as “born of fire”, “fiery one”, “holy fire”. Here are some Aidens for you: Aiden English (American wrestler), Aiden McGeady (Irish footballer) and Aiden Moffat (Scottish musician).


For those who are trying to make gold out of base metals, this name hit the spot. 


If you want to go all oriental, then Asa is for you. It’s Japanese for “morning”.  


Bears are strong, courageous and love honey. So why not name your kids after this critter? It’s a name that evokes strength. Famous bears (apart from Yogi and Pooh) are Bear Grylls (British adventurer, writer, and television presenter), Bear McCreary (American composer and musician) and Bear Bryant (American college football coach)


From the Old German word, Bing means “the pot shaped hollow”. Some parents were daring enough to give their boys this name. We have Bing Crosby (American singer and actor) and Bing Russell (American actor and baseball club owner)


We know how much hippies love trees, so why not give your child a name like Birch?  The name actually means “bright” and “shining” and these some Birchs are Birch Bayh (American lawyer and politician) and Birch Monroe (Bluegrass musician).


Remember that excited, tingly feeling you get when you are high…on life? Such a buzz, right? Why not name your boy that because you will get that same feeling as you watch him grow up. That’s the ultimate buzz! Some Buzzes are Buzz Aldrin (American astronaut), Buzz Osborne (American singer, musician and producer) and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story character). 


Whoa, dude! Another tree name on the list. Awesome! Some famous Cedars (people, not trees) are Cedar Walton (American jazz pianist) and Cedar Sigo (American author).


This is a name that is completely out there…and it means “to run quickly”. An alternative name that is growing in popularity. One dashing guy is Dash Mihok (American actor) and there is also Dash (American rapper) 


Girls get the name Dawn and boys…Dusk. That’s balancing out the universe, right there! 


Another tree-related name. Elm means “red, brown”. However, another interpretation is that this name means “one who lives near an elm tree”. 

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Hippie names tend to be somewhat creative and Ezio comes from Italian and means “eagle”. Let your child soar free in the sky, unbounded and with the world open before them. Now downers with that! We have surveyed the landscape and found Ezio Capuano (Italian football coach), Ezio Madonia (Italian sprinter) Ezio Marano (Italian actor).


Coming from the Latin word with the same spelling the name means “lucky”. That’s good karma! We’ve rounded up these guys with that name, Felix Rosenqvist (Swedish racing driver), Felix Baumgartner (Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper) and Felix the Cat!


Instead of naming your child after one tree, like Elm, Cedar or Oak, why not give your son a name that includes a whole lot of trees! That’s a way out idea! Forest has gained a lot of popularity over the years thanks to people like Forest Whitaker (American actor and producer), Forest Sun (American singer-songwriter) and Forest Dewey Dodrill (American doctor who performed the first open-heart surgery). Wait, dude…what about Forrest Gump?


Cunning creatures and an incredible hippie name! We went out fox hunting (no animal was hurt) and caught some, Fox Stevenson (English singer-songwriter), Fox Harris (American actor) and one of the most famous of them all…Fox Mulder (The X-Files).


Let’s go all psychedelic here and talk about colours. Indigo is a deep, bright blue hue and it can also refer to children who are believed to possess supernatural abilities (Indigo children). That last one might actually blow your mind. Indigo has a coolness to it. Though we have it here as a boys name, it can be a far-out unisex name. 


This hippie name is a modernised version of Indian and maybe could refer to people who live in India or the native Americans. We have scoured the land in search of some Indios and found Indio Solari (Argentine musician and singer) and just plain Indio (Canadian singer-songwriter)


Here we have another name that means breeze (in Hawaiian). Whoa, look at what just blew in! We have Keanu Reeves (Canadian actor), Keanu Baccus (Australian soccer player) and Keanu Vers (South African rugby player)


Another Eastern-inspired name. It comes from the Sanskrit Kṛṣṇa (“the all attractive”). Good karma there! A name that is completely non-traditional in the West, but then that’s what being a hippie was all about. Going against the traditions and blazing new paths. 


Well, aloha! Another Hawaiian inspired name. Koa means “brave”, “fearless”. 


Naming children after nature is what hippies do. Why not use the word lake for a name. It carries about it a sense of tranquillity yet fun. We went fishing and pulled up Lake Speed (American NASCAR driver). 


A name that is taken to mean “pleasant seaside meadow”. Some say that Bob Marley was the inspiration behind the popularity of having this as a first name because he was so hip. It’s a pretty groovy sounding name. 


This name means “to love” and that was one of the heart cries of hippies. To love everyone and everything. A rad name that has great vibes.


So powerful and mighty, yet at the same time gentle. A far out name for any boy. We searched and disco a couple of mighty Oaks, Oak Felder (American songwriter and producer) and “The Oak” (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding nickname). 


We already have Lake as a name so why not go even bigger and use Ocean. So vast and full of wonder and excitement. Heck, if you have twin boys you can call them Lake and Ocean! Trippy…

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If you want your son to have a musically inspired name, then you can go for Otis. It is the male form of Ode. Plucking a few strings we conjured up Otis Redding (American musician), Otis King (Bristish inventor) and Otis Dozovic (American pro wrestler)


This name means “love”, more specifically “brotherly love” and we are all one big family after all aren’t we? Peace out to that.


Okay, there is some debate over what this name means. One is that it is “a spear”. Another theory is it is inspired by the Pike fish. We’ll go with the latter as it helps cure our sudden case of the munchies. 


Coming from the Latin quaerere (“ask”. “seek”) this name invokes the idea of a long journey with a purpose in mind. Hippies distrust of the system and “the man” inspired them to seek for truth. A quest that can be endless but a great original name for boys! Mind blown…


Nature is so awesome, man. Always giving and Mother Earth blesses us with life-giving rain. What better way to say thank you than naming your child after Rain. 


We have had the Rain and now out comes the sunshine, groovy. Its warm rays give one a real high without the psychedelics. Let’s thank our beautiful solar friend and name our son, Ray. There have been plenty of them blessing our world, Ray Charles (American musician), Ray Allen (American basketball player) and Ray Milland (Welsh-American actor and film director).


We’ve got Lake, Ocean and now let’s chuck River into the mix. Such a groovy name inspired by River Phoenix (American actor, musician, and activist). We’ve dredged up a few other guys with this water-related name. River Jones (American musician) and River Cracraft (American football player).


Rocks, so pretty with all their different shapes and colours and textures and stuff. Only hippies would have the unction to name their boy after a hard mass of minerals. 


The Latin for Sage is salvia (“healing plant”). Such an inspirational name for the sub-culture of people who are earth lovers and embrace natural remedies. We’ve picked a few from the garden of the world, Sage Brocklebank (Canadian actor), Sage Francis (American rapper), Sage Northcutt (American mixed martial artist).


A creature that inspires both awe and fear. A hippie name that is totally,  like, mind-blowing. 


Inspired by the musician and activist Frank Zappa. The surname was turned into a far out first name. Zappa originally was used to refer to farmers as it stems from the Italian word for “hoe”. Dig that…


This name is a shortened form of Zigmund which means “victorious protector”. It became a favorite name after Bob Marley gave it to his son.  Here are some other members of the Ziggy name family Ziggy Gordon (Scottish soccer player), Ziggy Lorenc (Canadian TV personality) and Ziggy Modeliste (American drummer).

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Hippie Girls Names


Such a far out girl’s name. Alaska comes from the Aleut alaxsxaq and means “great land” or “the mainland”. If you want to know who is named Alaska, well there is Alaska L. McFadden (American actress).


The Greek God’s loved food and their favourite was Ambrosia (which means “immortality”).  A beautiful name that has a softness to it. Wondering who has this name? Well, there is Ambrosia Anderson (US women’s basketball player), Ambrosia Malone (Australian women’s hockey player) and  Ambrosia Malone (Norwegian sculptor).


Another gorgeous name. It is Italian for “air” or “melody” and we know who much hippies love music and wide-open places. Let’s list some Arias for you. We have Aria Curzon (American actress), Aria Aber (poet and writer) and Aria Pullman (American musician, actress, model and songwriter).


Hippies love nature and seasons, so why not bless your offspring with a seasonal name? Some people with this name are Autumn Christian (American author), Autumn Peltier (Canadian climate activist) and Autumn Hurlbert (American singer and actress).


Flowers, man! Stick them in your hair. Smell them and name your kids after the process of flower growing. Beautiful. Blossom Rock (American actress) and Blossom Seeley (American actress and entertainer) are just a couple of Blossoms this world has been blessed with.


Here we are with flowers again. Let’s be gentle and make a necklace from them. Bluebells are so delicate and beautiful. Nature is so, far out and hippies love naming their children after things Mother Earth provides. 


So gentle and cooling, one can feel the breeze teasing their long hair while lying on the grass and looking up at the clouds. Pretty psychedelic without the psychedelics. A gorgeous name for a girl. 


A gorgeous name that means “heavenly” and hippies love the stars and the sky and the moon and everything. There are plenty of “Celeste-tial” bodies in this world such as Celeste (American-British R&B singer), Celeste Thorson (American actress-model), Celeste Buckingham (Slovak musician) and Celeste Legaspi (Filipino singer and actress)


Yep, those three-petaled things you pick and get super excited when you find a four-leaf one! Give your child this name and see how lucky you are! We’ve picked a couple of clovers for you, Clover Maitland (Australian women’s hockey player) and Clover Moore

(Australian politician).


Crystals. Loved by hippies everywhere because crystals are so full of energy and healing. Oh, and it’s a far out name for your prospective daughter. Some sparkling crystals are Crystal Gayle (American country music singer), Crystal Yu (Hong Kong actress), Crystal Kay (Japanese singer) and Crystal Renn (American supermodel).


How many of us have made daisy chains and then turned them into awesome tiaras! Celebrate the awesomeness of the daisy by naming your girl after this flower. We have plucked a few Daisy’s for you like Daisy Pearce (Australian rules footballer), Daisy Fuentes (Cuban-American model and actress), Daisy Lowe

(British model) and Daisy Ridley (English actress). Maybe we can include Daisy Duck?


Celebrate Mother Earth by thanking the sun in the morning for its life-giving rays and warmth, man. Let’s bless our daughter by giving her the most far out name…Dawn. There are plenty of Dawn’s in this world like Dawn French (British actress, comedian and writer), Dawn Staley (American basketball player and coach), Dawn Richard (American singer, actress and model) and Dawn Marie Psaltis

(American model, professional wrestler and valet).


Dharma is the Buddhist term referring to its laws. Hippies embraced Eastern philosophy and brought in an open-mindedness. Why not celebrate the new way of seeing this world by giving your girl a radical name like “Dharma”. 


Here is a far out name for a girl. Coming from the Greek eimi (“to be, to exist”) Essence is the very foundational part of something. Gotta love the name. Here we have a couple of Essences, Essence Atkins (American actress and model) and Essence Carson (American basketball player).


The ultimate cry of the hippie. It was all about liberation from the system and finding your own way in life without authority figures bringing you on a downer. Freedom is, like, a name you can really dig! 


Stemming from the Greek word (spelt the same), Genesis means “origin” or “source”. It’s a name that is different, but hippies like to go against the norm. 

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Ah, gypsys. So free and love to wander the land. A beautiful name that catches the essence of a lifestyle that has no attachments. 


Hippies are all about peace and harmony. Being at one with the universe, world and nature. What a far out way to celebrate the “oneness” of all things by naming your little girl Harmony.


Here’s a groovy name. It comes from Arabic and means “blessed” and that’s how you will feel when you bring your little girl into this world. Here are a few Hennas we are blessed with, Henna Johansson (Swedish wrestler), Henna Singal (Indian singer) and Henna Lindholm (Finnish ice dancer).


Infinity. Now there’s a concept that will really blow your mind! The idea of no beginning and no end. It comes from the Latin in (“not”) and finitus (“finished”, “finite”). Hippies love the Eastern philosophies and the idea that we are all on an unending journey to realise our potentials. What a far out name for a girl. 


This is a variation of the name Jane and means “God is gracious”. Hippies are nonconformists and so it’s no surprise that this is a trippy name choice for a girl. Janis Joplin (American singer-songwriter) may be the most recognisable female with the is name, but we also have Janis Kelly (Canadian volleyball player), Janis Hughes (British politician) and Janis Paige (American actress)


A name that evokes the free spirit and curiosity of the hippie culture. The name stems from the Old French jornee (“a day’s travel”). Such a primo name for a girl.


This name is a compound of the Latin junio (“young”) and parere (“produce”) and can be taken to mean “evergreen” or “forever young”. That’s some good vibes. A great name that reminds us all to stay young at heart. Right on!


Again we have a name that is all about freedom. Perhaps the liberty is from the shackles of society or more of a divine release into the bliss of Nirvana and the cosmos. The ultimate desire of any hippie. 


A name that is totally something you can dig. It has a wide range of hippie interpretations such as illuminating the darkness of the world, shining your light into this world as a beacon of hope, or having you consciousness awakened. However you take this name, it’s a far out name for a girl.


Open and free, meadows are so mellow. You can lie in them, dance in them, grow things in them. What a way to celebrate the meadow by giving your daughter this name. 


The ultimate bliss in enlightenment when one finally reconnects with the divine. A pursuit of many before and since the hippie movement. Yet the hippies made it mainstream and acceptable in the West. Such a groovy name for any girl to have. Nirvana Naves (Dutch-Guyanese model) is just one of the few females to be blessed with this name.

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We all love music and Woodstock was a far-out time full of love and songs. Why not name your girl Ode? Such a melodic name!


A name that comes from the Greek and means “horse lover”. Whoa, horseback riding in the open is such a buzz! We’ve rounded up a couple of  Pips, Pip Courtney (Australian journalist and TV presenter) and Pip Simmonds (New Zealand freestyle skier).


Coming from the French, this hippie name means “meadow” “greenland”. What a way to say thank you to nature for its freedom than to give your little girl this name. 


Whoa, the colors! The colors! Rainbows are such a buzz. Why not celebrate how groovy they are by giving your daughter this beautiful name.


Close your eyes, imagine a Savannah and see how you feel in the openness. Now open your eyes and we reckon you felt free and relaxed. Nothing that was a downer. Revel in the freedom by giving your daughter this name. We went searching the land and found Savannah Guthrie (American journalist and attorney) and Savannah Welch (American actress and musician). 


The Indian-American name for “sparrow”. Give your daughter this name and watch her fly into the sky (figuratively speaking).


A word that stems from the Latin serenus (“clear”, “fair”) and means “being in a calm, peaceful state”). Hippies love meditation as it clears the mind and leaves you in a clear state of mind. Name your daughter Serenity and let the peace flow. 


Let your imagination run amok over this hippie name. Spirit could mean the non-substantial part of our being that is in touch with the divine, or the free spirit that breaks away from cultural norms. Or…you add your interpretation. Whatever you come up with is fine and your daughter will have a radical name that people will get a  buzz over. 


A name inspired by the golden gem. Such a radical name that oozes amazing vibes. We sifted through the rocks and discovered Topaz Page-Green (South African model)


A tree that is soft and sultry. It’s a name that is equally as seductive yet powerful. Hippies may see it as a display of yin and yang. Taking a walk through the park we came across Willow Smith (American musician), Willow Shields (American actress) and for those who are fans of The TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer we have Willow Rosenberg (Buffy’s bestie).

How many of those names touched your inner hippie? 

The names are taken to be a celebration of the love of freedom, the love of nature and, well…it’s all about love and peace. Groovy, man.

Drop us a line and let us know what names gave you the best vibes.