Should I Invite My Boss and CoWorkers To My Baby Shower?

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A baby shower is one of the highlights of being pregnant for many moms as it is a chance to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby. Being showered with gifts and kind wishes is a memorable time and, as a host, you will want to make the event as good as possible.

Organizing the baby shower can be lots of fun but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to planning who to invite. If you are not sure who to invite to your baby shower this guide will help you out. 

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Who Do You Invite To A Baby Shower?

The true answer is that you should invite who you want to your baby shower as it is a day to celebrate you and your baby. That said, it is not always as straightforward as there may be family members, such as the Grandmother, who want to invite certain people.

You may also feel obliged to invite certain people so you do not let them down or cause problems in the future.

You should think about the below factors and talk through them with your partner and close friends and family until you come up with a suitable list of people to invite. 

How many people do you invite to a baby shower?

Again, it is really up to you how many people you invite but you first of all need to know where you are holding the event and how many people will comfortably fit in the venue.

If you are holding your baby shower at home you will have an idea about how many guests you can fit in without it feeling too full. Generally, if you have an average-sized family and friend group your shower will consist of between 20 and 50 guests.

If you only have a small venue then the number will be lower and if you have a large house or have an outside space too then you can invite more people. 

If you find that your guest list is growing and you are worried about everyone fitting in you may want to think about an open-house baby shower in which arrival times are not set and guests can be staggered throughout the day. 

Of course, your budget will also inform how many guests you can invite to your baby shower and any people who are not invited, such as your boss or co-workers, will understand if you are keeping to a budget and cannot invite them.

Important Guests

Before you get to decide if your boss and colleagues should attend your baby shower you will want to make a list of the essential guests and then see how many more people you can realistically invite.

If you are a mom and you are not hosting the shower you can still write up the list of people who you want to attend and pass it to the host to organize.

As a host, you should always consult the mom-to-be to make sure you have included essential guests such as close family and friends, particularly if you are not familiar with any people who the mom has not seen in a while or live far away.

Close guests often include the mom-to-be’s mom and mom-in-law, siblings of both the mom and the partner, best friends of the mom, and close cousins or aunts. 

Can The Dad Attend The Baby Shower?

Traditionally the baby shower is much like a bachelorette party in that it is female friends and family members that attend the event.

With more modern baby showers including male friends and family members, it is becoming incredibly common for the dad to attend the baby shower.

When male family members attend it is usually in an open-house style baby shower than a more intimate shower. 

What Information Goes On The Baby Shower Invitation?

If you have an idea about your guest list and have a backup list for those you will invite if some people cannot make it then you should pay close attention to the invitations, RSVPs, and the timing of the invites.

By planning the invitations fully you can then have time to add on last-minute invites to those who did not make the original list, like your boss for instance. 

Typically, you will want to add the following information:

  • Mom-To-Be’s name (and dad if he is attending)
  • Host’s name 
  • Date
  • Location
  • Directions
  • The contact number of the host
  • RSVP ( information on how to RSVP)
  • Registry information for baby shower gifts
  • The theme of the baby shower 
  • A list of things to bring (for games/activities)
  • Dress code (formal if in a fancy venue/restaurant or casual)
  • Specify if the baby shower is for adults only or if children can attend

It is best to allow the host to receive all of the RSVPs so that they can keep a track of numbers and have an accurate idea of how many people to prepare for.

Having the RSVPs going to the host will also ensure that the mom-to-be is not under too much pressure when she has a lot of other things to organize in preparation for the baby’s arrival. 

When To Send Baby Shower Invitations?

Baby showers are generally planned for the last trimester and should not be too close to the birth date. It is advisable to send out invitations about 6 weeks ahead of the baby shower to give people time to rearrange plans and sort childcare, for example.

If you know that there is a guest who lives far away and may need to plan travel then you may want to give some invites out earlier than others.

By sending out invites 6 weeks in advance you can get an idea of numbers that will help with catering and games. It will also allow you to invite some people that you may have left off your original list.

Reserve List

If you find that you get some people who RSVP to say that they cannot attend then you can look to invite people who you were not sure about inviting on your original list.

These people are likely to be friends that are not as close, people you work with, including your boss, or perhaps neighbors.

These people do not need to know that they are next on the list but if you explain that you now have room to invite others then they will appreciate the thought. 

Dealing with those you don’t Invite

If you find that you do not want to invite your boss or your coworkers, that is ok. When talking to them about planning your baby shower you can simply say that you only can invite close friends and family and that you would prefer a more intimate shower.

While you may feel anxious about this they are sure to understand and are likely to still offer up a gift, whether it is near your shower or when you finish work to go on maternity leave.

The same goes with friends from college or people that you feel you don’t know very well. It is your baby shower and you should invite the people that you feel you want to celebrate with most.

Baby Shower Basics

Now that you have determined your guest list you can get started on the planning of the baby shower. Here is just a few ideas on what to organize for the big day:

  • Decorations—you don’t have to stick to pink or blue
  • Gift Registry—set up by parents with help from the host if necessary (to ensure there are enough options compared to the guest list)
  • Gift Giving—the main part of the shower for many is the gift-giving so slot some time in the event for mom to open her gifts among her guests 
  • Plan a drinks menu and a food menu (this could be buffet style or a more formal sit-down meal)
  • Plan games or activities. These can be traditional games such as guess which guest is in the baby picture or what is in the diaper or it could more a more contemporary activity set up on a craft table
  • Think about music to play—not too loud so that the guests cannot talk
  • Plan to give goodie bags or small gifts to guests as they leave
  • Plan and arrange for thank you cards to be sent to guests

If there are people who cannot attend your baby shower or who you simply have no space to invite to your event you can still let them know what gifts you need for you and your baby if they wish to give you something. 

Regardless of who attends your baby shower, you are sure to have a fun time with your guests and the people who cannot attend are sure to understand your reasons and will want you to have the best time possible.