All You Need To Know About Vava Baby Monitor’s Features and Functionality

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Whether you are currently pregnant or you are looking to upgrade your baby monitor, Vava’s video baby monitor is worth your consideration. Vava is not a popular name to many but their baby monitor is gaining popularity and is proving to be good value for money. 

Here, we test and review the new Vava baby monitor, focusing on the ease of use, safety, and reliability.

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First Impressions

The Vava comes in an attractive-looking package that emphasizes that this is a high-quality product. As soon as the box is opened you can see all of the components that make up the baby monitor so that you know that you are ready to go.

The monitor itself is very sleek and takes on a modern design. For some, the design of the monitor is not important but, for others, a slimline design that looks good in the home is desirable.

Setting the monitor up to use is very easy—simply take both the monitor and the camera out of the box and plug them in where you want them. Both parts of the system will automatically pair as soon as they turn on so you don’t have to spend time manually connecting the two.

You can stand the monitor up using a kickstand for ease of use. The modern design creates a very user-friendly piece of equipment with easily accessible buttons that are self-explanatory.

Picture Quality

With a 5-inch colored display screen, the Vava is a good size. As soon as the monitor is turned on you can see how clear the images are, which straightaway is very reassuring as a new parent.

The system relies upon a 720x1280p High Definition IPS which gives it the clarity that is needed, unlike some burry images seen on other low-budget baby monitors. The quality of the images is especially good when changing angles to get the best view of your baby. 

The color monitor is great in the daytime and at night it switches to night vision mode. If you do keep your baby’s light on when they are asleep you can use the color mode but, most parents will let their baby sleep in the dark so you will see black and white images.

Even in night vision mode, you can see the high-quality nature of this, essentially HD, monitor and you will not have to squint to make out the images of your baby sleeping. 


A display screen will appear on the monitor when you turn it on and you will be able to select different options including zoom capability, temperature, night vision setting, time, alarm, and battery life. We take an in-depth look at each of these options. 

When you turn on the monitor, at the top of the display screen, you will see the signal strength, zoom level, night vision activation, room temperature, time, battery life, alarm, mute, talkback activation, and which camera you are viewing.


The monitor can be tilted 270 degrees to the right and 110 degrees up and down or you can choose to allow it to circulate the room independently. The circular video capture is good if you want visibility of the whole room rather than just focusing on your baby.

If you like the idea of looking around the room now and again but not on a continuous basis you can do so manually. It is recommended that the monitor be placed 6ft away from your baby’s crib when they are asleep.

With a 2x or 4 x zoom you will be reassured that you will see all that is going on while your baby is asleep. The movement in the monitor and the zooming in and out is done so very quietly so it will not disturb you or your baby while it is moving. 

Room Temperature 

It is very important that your baby is put to bed safely so that you follow all safe sleep guidance and minimize the risk of SIDS. This will mean monitoring the temperature of the room that your baby is sleeping in, which the Vava monitor can do.

You can choose to display the temperature of the room at all times so that you can quickly adjust the temperature if need be.


The Vava dismay screen will show the battery life of the monitor, which is very impressive. You will get a full charge after 8 hours and will typically last 2 days if it is turned off when your baby is not asleep.

If your baby sleeps the average number of hours per night for a baby and has regular naps, you should generally get the 2 days we did while testing. The battery is very efficient as it has a built-in power supply that offers up to 24 hours when on standby and up to 10 hours when in display mode.

For most parents, having the charging cable on the stand where the monitor is kept means you don’t have to worry about the battery running out. The battery feature is, however, perfect for when you are staying away from home. 


The range of the Vava monitor is one of the most impressive we have seen and one of the key factors that make many parents choose this brand. The signs range is an impressive 480-900 ft before the monitor becomes disconnected from the camera.

This means that there are no more restrictions if you have a large home or you want to step into the yard while your baby is asleep. 

Two-Way Talk System

The popular two-way talk system is very clear with an adjustable volume feature ranging from volume 1-8. Even in the lowest of setting you can hear the smallest of cries from your baby, which gives you the peace of mind that you need.

The ability to talk back to your baby if they are unsettled is a nifty feature for when your baby gets older and you can soothe them if you need to. 


When your baby is very little you will want to activate the alarm system on the monitor. The monitor’s alarm can be set for 2, 4, or 6 hours making it a great tool for forgetting feeding reminders in the early days.

It can also be useful if your baby needs regular medication and you want to wake up during the night or you want to control how long your baby is sleeping when they take a nap. If you are a parent who loves to stick to a strict schedule then you particularly enjoy this feature.

The alarm sounds for 30 seconds unless you switch it off beforehand and will repeat every minute until you stop it. 

Multiple Camera Option

A great feature if you have more than a baby or you are using them in childminding sessions at home or in the workplace. You can connect 4 monitors at once so that you can keep an eye on all of the children in your care easily.

It is easy to add and remove additional cameras and is not too technical.


One of the things that a lot of parents worry about is how private using a baby monitor is. With the Vava monitor being very clear in terms of images and sounds, it is vital that it allows for full privacy.

You can rest easy that no images will be uploaded online and that the system cannot easily be hacked into. A secure wireless system is employed with full encryption for ultimate privacy. 


If for any reason, you are not pleased with your Vava baby monitor you can get a full refund within 30 days. We do not see this being very likely as the product has superb functionality and is great value for money but it is reassuring that you have such a good refund policy.

When it comes to the full warranty, VAVA offers an 18-months cover with an optional 12-months extension—again, a great offer.

In Summary

If you are new to the Vava brand you will soon become a big fan once you take advantage of the key features that it offers. To summarize, we were impressed by the following features of this premium baby monitor:

  • Looks sleek and modern
  • Good value for money for high-end product ($159.99)
  • Easy to use—including accessible display functions
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent range—unto 900 meters
  • Alarm feature for routine keeping
  • Superb clarity 
  • Adjustable volume
  • Two—way sound system
  • Multi-camera options
  • Portable
  • Reliable
  • Safe to use
  • Privacy guaranteed

The Vava baby monitor is a great piece of kit that should be on the list of all parents-to-be. If you are looking for a high-quality gift that gives peace of mind to parents then this is a great option and will bring years of reassurance.