Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk

shoes for baby started walking

It is so exciting to see your child’s first steps. It is now evident to you that your baby is already becoming a toddler. It means less carrying, which takes a massive weight off your back quite literally. You make videos and photos of this event because it is a growth milestone for your child, and you wouldn’t want to miss anything. Soon your child would be running or even riding a bike.

Best Overall Baby First Walking Shoe

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Stride Rite SRTech Elliot
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You always want the best things for your baby. From the brand of formula to the clothes, it should be of top quality. The biggest fear you’ll have when your baby starts walking are sharp objects hurting his/her feet. You want to make sure you get the best brand of shoes.

You get to ask all sorts of questions. When should I buy my baby walking shoes? What is a good brand for walking or training shoes? Does my baby need other types of shoes, depending on the weather? How do I know I got the right shoes? These are just a few of the questions you are probably asking yourself right now. 

How We Chose The Best Shoes For Baby Starting To Walk

In this article, you will see a range of different brands, and it will help you choose the best sneakers for walking to the best toddler shoes. You will also see the specifications for each shoe and the best Feature of each. So read further and check out our review. It may help you as we know it can be very overwhelming at first. 

We have done a lot of research to give you tips on how to select your baby’s first shoes. Aside from specific features that you might find interesting, we have also considered the surroundings your baby might be in and even the weather. These are just some factors in choosing the best pair. Below we have our top 10 brands: 

Table: Top 10 Best Baby First Walking Shoes

#1. Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie


  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • moisture-wicking lining
  • the self-molding footbed, and contoured heel cradle
  • The flawless assembly gently protects the foot’s natural shape
  • Sensory pods at outsole
  • Weight: 0.18lbs
Stride Rite SRTech Elliot



Best Feature: Sensory Response Technology™

For a baby, walking shoes are so important because of their developing feet. You can hurt their feet by buying a pair that’s too tough nor too soft. The materials used are just the right fit for your baby.

There’s a self-molding interior that cradles the heels of your baby’s feet, allowing just the right amount of support without putting too much strain on the feet. There are also added features to make sure that the shoes still fit your baby as he/she grows, as you do not want ill-fitting footwear for your child.

This stride rite shoe can brings the foot’s natural shape by the seamless construction and also gives more flexibility.

It’s so easy to put this shoe on and off your baby’s feet. It is more comfortable because of the hook and loop closure. This classic shoe has sensory pods on the outsoles, which makes this perfect if you’re looking for non-skid baby shoes. 

A lot of first-time moms and even great-grandmoms have sworn by these baby walking shoes. Hard bottom shoes like these are hard to find especially with its supple/soft materials and a very sturdy outer sole to protect your baby from hard surfaces but still soft enough for your baby’s growing feet. 

Buy these shoes for your baby who has just begun to walk. This pair is classic, affordable, and worth your money. It’s also gender-neutral, so it’s a perfect gift for a baby shower, especially if you do not know the baby’s gender yet. 

Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie

Stride Rite has some hard-line and so, maybe occur some irritation to wearing this shoe.

#2. Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot


  • Made out of soft synthetic fabric inside
  • Made in the US
  • Rubber protective sole
  • Faux fur lining
  • Rubberized to guard 
Sorel Snow Commander Snow



Best Feature: Insulated shoes with extra rubber grip on the outside, which makes it durablele and perfect for harsh weather  

Everyone is excited about the winter season. It means celebrations are near—gift-giving, snow, and perhaps a family vacation. This boot is perfect for the snowy outdoors for your baby. Sledding or even walking outdoors in the freezing weather will be a scary thought if you’re not sure if you have the best shoes.

The Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot is the perfect brand for you as you will feel that your baby is safer with the insulation and the grip the shoe has. This shoe is ideal if you want to play outside and you want to build snow forts and run around. 

It constructed with the thermal rubber shell, which is used to prevent the water attack and so it is a waterproofed shoe. The synthetic textile coating construction used for the wind-resistant.

Your baby’s feet will be warm plus the outer sole has a good rubber grip so definitely no slipping and no cold toes. Now you can have good walking shoes for the harsh snowy weather. Durable and comfortable for your baby/toddler.

This pair has enough space even when your child wears a snowsuit. It is snug without being too hard to put on or off. It is a good thing for parents who love the outdoors and always want to be on-the-go as soon as they can be.

The Sorel Snow Commander should be your child’s snow boot this winter. The best protection and warmth this chilly season. 

It may lag in leading of temperature because only has 25 F temperature rating. Due to the heavyweight, it is not suitable for the beginner walkers.

#3. Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen Sneaker


  • Made from 100% suede
  • Synthetic sole
  • Rounded edges for a stumble-free walk 
  • Deep, flex grooves aid with natural foot movement
  • Mesh lining with anti-bacterial treatment
  • Easier on and off/ adjustability due to hook-and-loop closure 
  • The insole has memory foam to mold to the natural shape of the baby’s feet
Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen



Best Feature: Anti-bacterial treated mesh lining for less to no smell

Choosing baby walking shoes shouldn’t be so hard. As a parent, you want only the perfect pair for your child. This shoe is the best shoes for comfort. A synthetic sole for excellent protection so your baby’s feet won’t get any bruises especially if stepping over hard surfaces, or rocks. 

Babies are prone to tripping or falling. Their feet are still shaping, and they are always full of energy and want to move quickly. From baby walking shoes to baby training shoes, the Stride Rite Kellen is perfect among all different brands due to it reducing the likelihood of your baby tripping or falling over.

This type of shoe has more flexible and also constructed with high-quality material, so it is suitable for wide footed and also has excellent adjustments straps.

The flexibility and softness will help your baby build and strengthen the necessary muscles for him/her to be able to walk faster, being a perfect toddler training shoe. A lot of people have noticed fewer complaints from their child, making it your go-to pair for playtime.

Lastly, this show is perfect for chubby toes, as babies feet are still developing and shoes that are too tight or too snug can be wrong. Most parents who have bought these shoes have raved about it being perfect for their baby’s feet. Also, no pinching! Get this sturdy and comfortable pair for your child.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen Sneaker

Due to the thickness of the Velcro strap, so baby can’t be able to bend their foot fully, and so it gives some irritation for kids.

#4. See Kai Run Russell Sneaker


  • Textile and synthetic blend for a perfect shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • The pattern on sole adds extra traction for play.
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Double hook loop
  • Full toe box with rubber toe cap
  • An outdoor shoe that weight only 1lb!



Best Feature: Lightweight all-day outdoor shoe

Shoes are useful to help your baby use the proper muscles on the feet and legs to slowly be able to walk without any help and even to run. Comfortable shoes are good, but they tend to be too soft and wear out quickly. Heavy-duty shoes are usually too heavy and cause foot pain.

You would ideally look for a pair is lightweight enough but has durable materials for an excellent all-around shoe. It is tough nowadays as manufacturers usually focus on one or the other Feature. Good thing there are now shoes that provide the best of both comfort and durability.

It built with the toe cap includes with the rubber, which ensures safety for kids, and the closure strap construction gives more comfortable for your kids.

The See Kai Run Russell sneaker is the perfect learning-to-walk shoes. Its breathable materials make it so lightweight, which will not put a lot of pressure on your baby’s muscles. It also has rubber and synthetic outer soles making it super durable without adding too much weight.

Most reviews are also on it being true-to-size and being perfect for wide feet. It means lots of room to move. This Feature is so essential as it leaves space for your baby or toddler’s feet to grow and get its shape. Aside from that, this is also good for toddlers whose feet have pronation. Just the best shoes for one-year-old babies and above.

It may be lag in design because the sole is not a flexible one, so during the walking rubber catches the ground.

#5. Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker


  • Made from 100% pure leather
  • Has a rubber sole
  • Adjustable hook and loop straps
  • Lightweight
  • Memory foam interior 
  • Weight: 0.12lbs (for the smallest size)



Best Feature: Two-tone leather for a durable yet pretty sneaker for your baby girl

As a parent, you often think that by going with a durable sneaker, you would have to give up the design. You will end up getting no-frill sneakers that have a bulky design but doesn’t match any of your baby’s clothes. 

The Stride Rite Motion Bambi is the most comfortable toddler girl shoes in the list. Especially if your baby girl loves running around and you want to make sure her feet get the protected from the bumps and rocks she may step over. 

It constructed with sensory response technology, which gives the comfortable feel and lightweight and also it has an attractive butterfly design.

This shoe is made from two-toned leather, making it a naturally flexible shoe plus making it a lot more durable than synthetic fibers. After all, you would want the best materials for your baby. The butterfly design is also classy, which makes these shoes perfect for running without losing its stylishness. 

Most reviews on these shoes are on its stain resistant outsoles. Just wipe the dirt off. Many moms and grandmothers are also commenting on it being lightweight despite the leather, which lessens the strain on your baby’s feet. 

Buy this Stride Rite shoes if you want toddler shoes for girls that are stylish while having the best materials to protect the feet. The bonus is the neutral color that makes it easier to pair with most dresses and outfits.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker is perfect fit but has a small size, so this is not suitable for wide feet babies.

#6. Livie & Luca Molly Flat


  • Made from 100% leather
  • Rubber soles
  • Flexible shoe
  • Wide toe box
  • Padded shoe collar
  • The lining has materials like breathable leather which makes it soft and light
  • Designed to be easily put on and removed
  • Weight: 1lb
Livie & Luca Kids Molly Flat



Best Feature: padded shoe collar

Classic design but with many modern features, the Livie & Luca Kids’ Molly flat shoes are an excellent choice for baby girl summer shoes. These shoes are perfect for dry weather. Durable and stylish, this pair will protect her feet. She can now go running around at a party or even at the park.

The leather used is certified lead-free just in case parents ask about the processing of the primary material of the shoes. The exterior is easy to clean and is durable while the interior is made from softer leather, thus avoiding blisters when wearing it for long periods. 

This shoe has fully lined with soft leather, which is naturally breathable, so these shoes make comfortable to the kids.

Of all the shoes here, Livie & Luca focused on a subtle yet useful feature of this shoe—the padded shoe collar. It is a discussed topic among mothers on how to avoid getting wounds from shoes, so this brand made sure your baby has less to no chance of even understanding it. 

All the reviews on the shoes are good, especially on quality and durability. Compared to most Robeez baby shoes which are too soft, this pair provides tougher yet foot-friendly materials. You will always appreciate the design and most girl outfits for babies would go well with it even with its classic design.

The leather is too stiff so that it may take some time to feel the babies comfort with their shoe.

#7. Pediped Originals Adrian Sneaker


  • Made from 100% Leather
  • Slip-resistant Leather Soles
  • Recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association as the perfect shoes for growing feet
  • Flex soles made from rubber for the best flexibility 
  • Weight: less than 2lbs



Best Feature: Flexible, slip-resistant soles

From day 1, you are already on the lookout for good infant walking shoes. You often wonder which brand and what to get for your infant. The Pediped Original Adrian Sneaker for infants would be the best brand so far.

We love the different leather materials used and how the manufacturer added natural rubber for an over-all slip-resistant shoe. It would be handy as babies can be very wobbly on their feet and you would want their feet to get the best support it needs.

It is also lightweight enough which reduces strain on the feet, but the main focus of this Pediped Original sneaker is on the soles, which are stitched durable, knowing that your baby would want to go places and you would love to get shoes that will last him.

The soft and flexible sole of the shoes gives a comfortable feel to the child, and it makes a slip-resistance to the kid.

Most reviews are also on this pair being perfect for toddlers bigger than their size or infants having chubby feet. These shoes have size two infant shoes, and their biggest is size 6. These shoes also give room for the baby’s feet to grow so you wouldn’t need to keep on buying all the time.

Last but not least, the Pediped Original Adrian sneaker is soft all over. No problem with raw heels or even painful blisters. Avoid that by getting soft and breathable shoes. Always remember to get the best for your baby.

There are limited sizes available in this design, so these shoes are not suitable for the kids more than three years old.

#8. See Kai Run Kids' Stevie II Sneaker


  • 100% cloth material
  • Rubber soles
  • Lined with durable and breathable materials
  • The removable leather-lined sock liner
  • Built-in toe cap for extra protection on the feet
  • Easily adjustable with hook and loop Velcro strap
  • Weight: 1lb
See Kai Run Kids' Stevie II Sneaker



Best Feature: Removable liner that makes it easier to measure how much room is still in the shoe

The best shoes for babies shouldn’t be a tough search for parents, and yet, it still is. It is probably due to the constant need to provide only the best pair for our kids. All the shoes on this list have only the best features, but this one has added stuff that is unique to the brand. After all, it is a See Kai Run shoe. 

This sneaker (unfortunately not having size 1 baby shoes) is the best sneaker for your toddler. They have a wide range, from size 4 baby shoes to 13.5, which means that until they are running, they can still use this brand.

The vulcanized construction is used in this shoe by this; it makes a flexible, lightweight, and durable design.

The See Kai Run Kids’ Stevie II sneaker is a good pair as it has a soft leather insole that you can remove, especially when measuring how much space is being taken up by your baby’s feet. It is essential so you will know when it is time to change sizes so your baby can avoid foot-related aches and pains.

Most reviews are also on its durability. Most kids who break their shoes pretty fast have lasted with this specific See Kai Run model. Try it out and see all its best qualities for yourself. It is also perfect for more full feet, giving the feet space.

This shoe may go big for the narrow feet, so it is not suitable for the small feet.

#9. See Kai Run Kids' Kristin Sneaker


  • 100% cloth material
  • Rubber sole
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Hook and loop Velcro strap with elastic laces
  • Wide toe box
  • Built-in rubber toe cap
  • Lug design on soles add more grip
  • Weight: 0.75lbs
See Kai Run Kids' Kristin Sneaker



Best Feature: Made from lightweight cloth and has extra grip without adding weight on the shoes

Have you been looking for the best toddler indoor slippers? Well here is the perfect brand for you. Aside from being perfect indoors, it is an excellent brand for playing at the park or just going out with your toddler. Like all See Kai Run shoes, they made the Kristin sneaker out of breathable materials. 

This brand is the perfect pair when you want your kid to change from her heavy outdoor shoes into I lighter but still durable sneaker. It gives room for the feet to breathe and grow. Like all See Kai shoes, there is added protection with a built-in rubber toe cap. 

The Herringbone lug pattern is used in this shoe; it will provide an excellent grip for the kids at the time of play.

Although not built for heavy-duty use and is mainly as an alternate, the See Kai Run Kids’ Kristin sneaker is still a good buy especially for its features that protect your kid’s toes. This shoe can instead be used for indoor play (all the kids’ toys like toy bricks can be painful when stepped on) or even walking around the garden. 

Lastly, most reviews of this brand are all focused on the comfort it brings their children and how it is comfortable to wear due to the elastic laces that give your baby’s foot a snug yet comfy fit.

The Velcro strap is too long than the other shoes so the user can’t tight the shoe with this strap.

#10. Jumping Jacks Kids' Perfection


  • Made from 100% leather
  • Meant to last a long time
  • Unisex
  • Only comes in white
  • Padded shoe collar 
  • Comes in elastic laces
  • Weight: Less than 2lbs



Best Feature: Simple unisex design with padded collar

Are you looking for infant crib shoes that your baby can still wear outdoors? Are you looking for an affordable, no-frill brand that’s the primary purpose only is to protect your baby’s feet? If you answered yes to two or all questions, then this is the brand for you.

The Jumping Jacks brand has always been a brand made for kids’ bags and shoes. This brand makes sure it gives your child the best by only producing the best shoes. The reason why we have included this infant/ toddler shoe is because of its simple approach as compared to the other brands.

High-quality leather is used in this shoe, so the durability of this shoe has long lasted.

Although most mothers complain about its color (being only white), they appreciate the leather exterior because it is easy-to-clean and has lasted long on their kids’ feet — a good thing for any pair of baby shoes. Comfort should always, always be a criterion in selecting a brand. After all, you don’t want your baby to have painful feet at the end of the day. 

Lastly, this pair is excellent for balance, as most reviews say that this is perfect for everyday wear. Also, the outer sole is very flexible, giving room for your child’s feet to grow. This pair is simple, and yet it provides the basics—comfort and durability. 

The person who has a low budget or mid-budget, these shoes are not preferred to them because of their high price.

How to find the best shoes for your baby 

How To Choose The Best Shoe for Baby Starting To Walk

Function over Fashion

You ask yourself whether you should buy that nice looking pair with all the frills over this simple design with more padding. It’s tough to choose when you’re there already. Often than not you end up buying fashionable shoes that you end up throwing after a few weeks due to your child complaining or crying about it, or your child merely wrecking the shoe (yes, it is possible). 

Luckily for all of us, this article provides us with different aspects of foot care. Fabric/material used, weight, and even padding, therefore, giving you a wide range of shoes to consider. No frills? We have a recommendation. Fancy, girly shoes? We also have that. There are lots of choices and different features to check out in each pair.

Please always remember, if it is necessary to choose between comfort and fashion, especially with your kid’s shoes, always choose comfort. His/her feet will thank you later. Bad pairs of shoes can damage your child’s feet, and this can, later on, lead to more problems as he/she is growing.  

Choose Light

Always choose a durable but light shoe. Older shoes tend to be more cumbersome to improve the child’s walking. Newer studies though have suggested that the weight added to shoes can put more strain on the leg muscles of a child, making it harder for them to walk.

Shoes are often seen as restrictive to your baby’s natural foot movement and may damage their feet. Light shoes mean more breathable and flexible materials, which means more natural foot movement but also way more protection than just walking around barefoot. 

Buy a new pair

You will always be tempted to go minimalistic and will be advised to use your older child’s pair or to buy a used pair on an online site, but we suggest that you buy a fresh pair. Not for creating new waste but for a significant reason.

Baby shoes like regular shoes, mold to the wearer’s foot, and as we all know, we each have a different set of feet—we are all unique. Buying an older pair means having your child wear shoes molded to another baby’s foot shape.

You wouldn’t want another child’s shoe to be your own baby’s because aside from having different foot shapes, this can cause pain for your baby’s feet. Also, consider the wear and tear of shoes. It is still better to buy a fresh pair of shoes that will last longer than a second-hand couple that will be destroyed faster, thus making you spend more in the long run. 

Test the shoes out

Always bring your baby to the store when fitting the boots. Try to go in the afternoon after all your child’s activities to factor in the natural swelling of the feet, thus giving a bit more allowance when choosing for the proper size. 

Also, check how your baby crawls or walks with them. Is he/she comfortable? Do you see any redness in the ankles? These are some factors to consider when testing the shoes out. Lastly, check out the different colors available for the design. 

After double-checking for the safety, comfort, and durability of the shoes, there is no harm in having some fun by getting something in a color your child wants.  

Find the proper size 

Nowadays, moms usually go to the store or buy online. When purchasing online, it is imperative to find the appropriate size for your baby’s feet. Most moms buy a size higher for socks or baby clothes’ space allowance or such.  

It is always helpful to check the review and size chart before purchasing anything. All the brands in the list above are usually true-to-size and even have more full toe boxes to take time for your baby to outgrow the shoes. 

Monitor your child’s growth

Some shoes in this list have removable insoles. They’re removable for a purpose—to give you enough space to measure the inside of the shoe. For you to determine whether or not to buy a new pair of shoes.

Why is it important to monitor your child’s growth? It is incredibly vital as the data you collect can be used to give you an alert on when to get a new pair or even only to measure his/her feet. It is crucial to avoid foot injuries by having them wear ill-fitting shoes. 

Also, you can observe the shoes and see what arch is best for your baby. There are narrow or wide baby shoes. We would always recommend wide as narrow shoes often restrict movement and babies usually have very “chubby” feet. 

Buy an extra pair

It may sound funny and wasteful, but most moms would often tell you that you should rotate shoes. Using one pair can speed up its wear and tear, and it would end up with you having to buy a lot of shoes. In the long run, if a shoe works, you can get an extra pair that can be rotated with the main pair, especially when you wash your child’s shoes. 

Buying an extra pair is also a fail-safe in our opinion because it provides your child with an option just in case his/her shoes suddenly break or get lost or are still in the laundry. Don’t stop the fun by not being able to bring your kid out because he/she has only one pair that he/she cannot always wear.

Final Words 

We hope we have been a great help to you as a parent or even just as a reader. We make sure to recommend only the best to and to your baby are very important for your baby’s first steps. We hope to have lightened a burden for you, and we hope you were able to learn how to choose a pair. 

The brands above are not only the best because of their features. We also made sure to consider the price vs. the quality and so far, moms who have bought these brands have been delighted.

You are now fully equipped with the best advice and the best brands that you can buy for your baby from infancy to when he/she is a toddler. As fast as kids grow, and as babies learn how to walk, you will always have to consider the best shoes for your baby.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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