Best Toy Airplanes for Toddlers

By admin

Whoosh! Whoosh! 

That’s the sound of your child pretending that the item they have in their hand is a plane. Kids have such imagination and creativity. 

If you find that your wee one is obsessed with everything aeronautical, here is a great range of airplane toys that they will love. 

Our list contains a wide variety of options that suit equally diverse ages. Some of the toys offer great sensory experiences whereas others allow for more creativity and mental development

So buckle up, ensure your trays are in an upright position, and let’s head for the runway.

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Green Toys Airplane 

An airplane that is made out of recycled milk jugs. That’s so environmentally friendly! Yet there is more to this plane than just looking after the planet.

It’s designed to be easily grasped by little hands so that your wee one can develop their coordination. The spinning propeller adds to the fun as you watch your child take off, roll, fly, do barrel rolls, and whatever other aeronautical maneuvers their imagination conjures up. 

Cleaning the plane is a cinch. Either pop it into a dishwasher or use non-abrasive baby soap to wipe it down. Then it’s ready to go for its next adventure.

Super Wings – 2″ Transform-A-Robots 4-Pack

If your child is a fan of the “Super Wings” show, they will adore these tiny planes.

Donnie, Dizzy, Jerome, and Bello are easy to provide hours of fun. Transform them from vehicles into planes and then take to the sky! 

You can add to the Super Wings world with extra accessories such as the Super Wings Airport Adventures and Jett’s Takeoff Tower.

These planes are suitable for budding pilots aged 3 years or older.

UNIH Toddler Airplane Toys 

We have to land, there’s work to be done!

Let your child land, open, and play with the plane and vehicles that are contained within it. There are 4 construction trucks as well as barriers that can be placed on the included playmat. 

4 buttons on the front of the plane have different emergency alarms and colorful lights on the wings enhance the fun. 

A great way for your child to learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and coordination skills.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Racing Runway Airplane

VTech offers not only a plane but an interactive learning center as well! That’s a two-in-one deal. 

Transport the smaller plane to its destination using the cargo plane, then it’s time to play. The bigger vehicle turns into a ramp with 2 Smart points that allow for interactive fun using the tiny plane.

Each Smart Point has a phrase that is activated by the smaller plane. There are also movable gears, foldable wings, and more to help your child develop motor skills.

A great airplane toy by the amazing team at VTech. 

LEGO DUPLO Town Airport

If your child loves airports and Lego, well…get them this awesome toy! 

It comes with a control tower, luggage check-in, and a buildable plane which can contain the three figures that you also get. All that’s left is for little imaginations to create different scenarios as they play and land at the airport. 

Great for kids aged 2 to 5.

Vokodo Commercial Airplane Friction Powered Aviation Toy

Just push and go! So simple that it’s…um, child’s play! 

Independently tested in a third-party lab as well as smooth edges, this plane has safety written all over it. Don’t worry about the knocks and bumps that the plane may experience as it rolls across the floor because it’s durable.

That allows your child to have plenty of hours of fun pulling, letting go, and flying the plane. 4 buttons activate different sounds and lights to add to the excitement of playing with this toy. 

It may look huge but is made with little hands in mind. Ideal for children 3 years or older. 

Kidsthrill Airplane Toy

It’s like experiencing the real thing in flying yet in toy form. 

The interior is realistically designed with passengers onboard, so your child can feel like they are an actual pilot! 

Switch on the toy and then watch it make its way unguided around the room. The colorful flashing lights add to the entertainment of watching the plane roll, spin around and head in completely random directions.

There are detachable parts that help with the development of hand-eye coordination and problem-solving.

So much packed into an amazing toy.

Sesame Street Elmo’s Activity Plane

Take to the air with Elmo. This isn’t simply a plane, it’s a ride-on toy that provides a sense of adventure. 

Lift-off and landing sounds allow your child to imagine they are embarking on a journey limited only by their imagination. Elmo is the co-pilot and ready to offer you some phrases at the touch of a button.

The propeller has different lighting effects to keep things interesting. A great toy for wee aviators aged 12 months old to 3 years old.

Kidpal Airplane Musical Toy

This is merely a plane, it’s a learning device. 

Turn it on and then watch it move around the room, bumping off the different objects. Your child will have fun crawling after the plane.

There is more that this offers. There are two modes that you can select from: one teaches the ABCs and numbers; the other mode provides realistic plane sounds as well as music.

The lights give your toddler a greater sensory experience as they chase the plane. 

A brilliant piece of aviation equipment for 1-year-old pilots.

Be your child’s co-pilot

You have so many different airplane toy options to choose from. As you have seen some of the planes help your wee one learn their ABCs, others offer a more hands-on experience through being a ride-on, while others provided creative and cognitive stimulation.

It all comes down to which toy your child will enjoy the most. However, that doesn’t mean that you just give your wee one the plane to play with and then disappear to do other things. 

Keep careful watch as your toddler has their playtime. You don’t have to be a “helicopter parent” buzzing and fussing around your child. 

Be their co-pilot and let them take the lead in playtime. 

Enjoy the “flight time” with your budding pilot. Snacks will be served soon.