Best Toddler Tennis Shoes

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When it comes to your child’s clothing, buying shoes is tricky. They keep on growing, so it feels like one pair doesn’t last very long. They wear them once and they don’t fit anymore. The shoe size is the issue in this case.

Most parents would settle for tennis shoes as they are comfortable and sturdy for regular use. The next consideration is style. You may think of getting your child toddler tennis shoes with lights. It can grab their attention, and it can be fun for them. Or you may prefer popular brands because you want the best for your child, so you might be thinking of purchasing toddler Adidas shoes or Nike toddler tennis shoes.


Best Overall Toddler Tennis Shoe

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New Balance Kids 680V5

  • Mesh upper
  • Breathable
  • Arch support
  • Lightweight

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Most toddlers are in the phase of empowering their walking and running abilities. It’s hard to stop them from moving a lot because being active and playful is in their nature. So they don’t need children’s tennis shoes with wheels or toddler tennis shoes with arch support. The best tennis shoes for toddler boys and girls are the ones with padded insoles.

Tennis shoes must be comfortable. Here are the best picks for your toddler’s shoes.

Table: Top 10 Best Toddler Tennis Shoes

Best Toddler Tennis Shoes – 10 Products Reviewed


Toddlers play and move around a lot of the time. Parents would buy shoes that can bear daily use. A pair should be able to protect their feet from the impact of moving to and fro. 

The right choice for this situation is tennis shoes. These are the best toddler tennis shoes for wide feet.

New Balance Kids 680V5



  • Very soft
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Flat heel

High-quality materials are chosen to make these shoes. It is specifically made of synthetic, mesh, and velcro. Most parts are made with mesh which is a good thing. This kind fabric won’t make feet sweat so your child won’t develop stinky feet. It gives a light and comfortable feeling to your child’s feet.

EVA, which means ethyl vinyl acetate, is added to the midsoles to intensify the comfort it provides. This thing is so soft. In the heel, it can absorb the impact and shock coming from a hard surface or ground. Our kids’ feet must always be protected to avoid the pain that can affect their movements, mainly walking and running.

ABZORB crash pad cushion gives support every time your child is on the move. So these shoes can be worn for a reasonable length of time, and they would still have a brand new look.

New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop Running Shoes are available in many sizes so; it fits for all age of growing children and your younger too. Also, it comes with various styles and colors which your young one love.

When producing an item for comfort, style doesn’t need to be ignored. There are ten styles in different shades. You can pick which suits your kid, or you can buy the one with their favorite color. 

Shoe sizes come with half measurement, and they are divided into four parts which are for infants, toddler, little kid, and big kid.

If you have a child whose feet are X-wide, this would surely fit them. You can choose a pair of these for everyday use because the shoelaces tucked in place. 

This style will help your kid from tripping over when they step on the laces. It’s also helpful if your child doesn’t know how to tie the shoelaces.


It’s not bad if you let things in the past influence your kid’s fashion. The style of these toddler white tennis shoes is a throwback from the 70s. It still rocks on the 21st century. It would even look beautiful on your child when you take a walk on a typical day, and it can also wear when dressing up for some events. It can go with anything.

adidas Kids Grand Court Sneaker



  • Man-made
  • Very smooth
  • Durable rubber feet


  • Lack of adjustment

These retro-looking shoes with a hint of modern effect have three stripes. There are three color options you can choose from. You might stick with the black one for unisex usage. The other two are glow pink and copper metallic if you think this would be good for your toddler. The special size for toddlers would fit one to four years old.

You may think it won’t give the right fit for your kid. But it would not be too loose, and it‘s an advantage. There’s room to grow so they can use it through the toddler years. They would fit in comfort even if your baby’s feet are a bit wider.

These shoes are made of synthetic leather. The closure straps are hook and loop for the convenience of both parents and child. The sole’s material is rubber while the sock liner is made of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) which makes it lightweight. It has a cloudfoam insole like some Adidas products. These parts assembled for the comfort of those tiny toes and feet.



In this shoe, the sock liner is made of ethyl vinyl acetate that makes it lightweight. It makes your kid playing with their passion and suitable for regular usage. If you go for an event, it shows your children with a stylish and classy look.

Durability also goes with these shoes. Though it breathes well, it’s only suitable for walking. Its structure of low top arch doesn’t support active movements like running and jumping. The pair with black stripes are usually seen as toddler boy tennis shoes, but your baby girl can still own them. Black can go with any color.

You can benefit a lot from this style as they’re popular. It allows you to play with your child’s fashion because you can pair it with almost all kinds of outfits. 


Straps are not as complicated as shoelaces that might be disheveled or twisted into knots, as well as causing your child to possibly fall. You can lift it when you want to remove the shoes of your child’s feet. And you press it a bit to secure the shoes before your kid rises to their feet and walks.

Converse Kids Chuck Taylor



  • Flexible
  • Durability
  • Many varieties


  • Only one size

This Chuck Taylor for kids has a timeless look with the hook and loop closure. It makes putting on and taking off shoes effortless without many struggles. The strap is also designed for flexibility of fitness. You can adjust the straps based on your baby’s feet. Whether it’s a bit loose or extremely fit, the straps will give way for the comfort of the wearer.

It’s made of textile rubber soles. The sockliner consists of soft foam for relaxed footsteps. The usual rubber toe cap that can be seen in Converse shoes is also present. It’s the part that lifts the classic upper canvas to stay put.

These shoes are available in a variety of colors. You can choose the one that would fit your baby’s on-the-go outfit. You can mix and match these shoes with anything.

Children don’t know how to knot the laces; hence, it has the straps to fit the children feet. It makes wearing and removal easy for your kids, and the heels are comfortable for any walk.

The sizes have three categories. The infant size is for a walking infant to one year old. The toddler size can go up to ages one to four years old. The size of little kids would fit four to eight years old.

However, the standard size of these shoes is bigger than the other brands. You may get one size smaller than the exact size of your child. But you can get the correct size so there’s room to grow and the straps can make adjustments.

The shoes can be adjusted from its hook and loop closure so it will cling well and your baby won’t complain of any discomfort. This shoe style can also be your baby’s companion on his journey to walk with strong legs.


It’s so lovely to see kids dressed like grown-ups. They can wear clothes like mom and dad. The simplicity and timeless beauty of Converse are also found in these shoes. You and your child can be twinning in wearing Chucks, and you can see your mini self.



  • Won’t sweat
  • Breathability
  • Multi colors


  • Canvas is bit of stiff

These classic toddler tennis shoes are only for toddlers starting the age of one year old. The sizes only grouped into two for toddler and little kids — the toddler size ranges in ages of one to four years old. Kids who are four to eight years of age can have a small kid size.

Chucks always come in vast arrays of colors. It is even available in black monochrome. The whole shoes, even the rubber soles, are in the shade of black. The other colors have white soles. You may want to get these black toddler tennis shoes so you will be relieved of maintaining the cleanliness of the white soles.

It is also made of canvas. The insoles are cloth which gives comfort. It’s incredible how your kid won’t sweat even without socks. You may need them when the shoes are a bit bigger than your kid’s feet. You can depend on the canvas breath-ability and the softness of the cloth.

The insoles are made of soft cloths, so it is breathable, which gives comfort and does not sweat to your little ones even without wearing socks. It comes with knot-free laces hence you can avoid the struggle.

These low-top shoes have laces. They are not stretchy. Tying it in two knots is a proper precaution from unraveling them. Toddlers are still in the process of learning how to tie them. As a parent, you don’t want them to step on the shoelaces, potentially fall and hurt themselves..

Converse kid shoes are more spacious than the standard size, so when you order or buy, you should choose a size smaller. Another thing about these shoes is the canvas is stiff when it’s new. It can cause blisters that would bother your baby for quite some time. You can wash them first in warm water and blow in low heat before letting your child wear them.


The canvass is stuff at the starting period so it can cause injuries to the toddlers and hurts for some period. Tying it in two knots is a proper precaution from unraveling them.


If you have a little girl, you may want to buy her a pair of shoes that she can use every day for any activities she’ll join in. You think about comfort and durability because they will be used regularly. These qualities can also be found in nice-looking toddler girl tennis shoes. They don’t need to be dull and boring.



  • Reliable
  • Affordable price
  • Provides softness


  • Absence of rubber sole

These shoes come in various colors of pink, turquoise, charcoal, and navy. A pair can have a combination of these colors. Colors enhance the appearance so every little girl would love this.

It is designed for everyday comfort. These can be your girl’s shoes for school. It is lightweight, and it won’t restrict your child’s movement. It’s also flexible, and this is to avoid tripping over on your own feet.

The upper part is made of fabric and mesh. Skechers is proud of the capacity of its gel-infused memory foam which is embedded in the inside sole. This material provides softness like a pillow and follows the form of the feet. So based on this description, it would be gentle to your child’s feet as it will put up with any sizes.

These Skechers shoes have lightweight so it doesn’t restrict the movement of your child and also flexible to walk, run, and play. This gives more comfort whenever they go outside and it gives reliability for daily usage.

It has a non-marking outsole. This characteristic is also found on shoes that are technically for basketball and badminton. It has a kind of rubber that provides maximum friction so you can have a smooth ride when wearing the shoes. It has laces and a single strap to make the closure reliable. Most children will be happy to move around and play in these shoes.

It is sold at an affordable price. Your girl can use this for school and when going out with the family. When your child has wide feet, you should consider buying this a size bigger to avoid any painful experience. The memory foam doesn’t seem to handle the overall width of the toes well.

It is too narrow and tight even in a larger size so it does not suitable for the toddlers who have wide feet. Therefore, it may cause blisters on their feet also; the straps may be ripped in a short period.


Toddlers are naturally active individuals. Looking after them would consume one’s energy. Parents are worried that they may fall or trip, and end up hurting themselves. Saucony has been producing shoes that are structured for adventures. It is for jumping, running and climbing because it’s lightweight. It also acts as a support for your child’s growing feet.



  • Fits perfectly
  • Light weighted
  • Durable material


  • Little bit rigid

A pair of these shoes look adorable, and you can choose from numerous color varieties. The parts have different bright colors making it attractive. The upper part is made up of mesh, nylon, and suede. These materials are picked for durability.

It has hook and loop closure, so these shoes are easy to slip on and off. The velcro straps can be carried on based on your child’s feet. Parents should carefully check if they’re strapped for the secured and right fit.

It has an EVA midsole to maintain stability along with its cushioning system for lightweight comfort. The linings have antimicrobial treatment. You don’t want your kid growing up with stinky feet for sure. The sizes are for toddlers and little kids, and they are right for children ages one to eight years old.

It provides more support to your kids while they are playing, running, and jumping because of its lightweight. Moreover, it has the triangular lugs to enhance flexibility and traction. The materials are very durable, so it doesn’t affect by the water and weather.

There are triangular lugs to enhance flexibility and traction. The rubber outsole is non-marking to serve the same purpose as the lugs. Some parts of sports shoes are added to support your child’s zest for exploration in a low top shoe. Saucony has studied and made research of biomechanics of an athlete to come up with these parts.

These look so adorable that you may want to use this when the weather is good. The materials of these shoes are not susceptible to cold or damp weather. Parents should take the advice to get a bigger size than their kid’s shoe size because space is not really for wide feet.

There are pros and cons for everything, and as a parent, you would know what would be best for your baby. This shoe type can be the guide to your little child in getting familiar with walking and running.

Parents are worried that they may fall or slip so, they hurting themselves. Parents should check them carefully if they are being closed the velcro straps for the right fit and due to its fit and tight, it may cause stinky.


Childhood is filled with memories of fun and adventure. Many kids are always interested in discovering things as well as learning something new. It’s also the parents’ desire to support their children’s development, so they make them be active. These things matter in building the foundation of Stride Rite in honing their products.



  • Washable
  • Good Arch Support
  • Have antimicrobial properties


  • Holes may appear

These shoes belong to the Made2Play Collection Stride Rite. You can expect the four standard features. First, it’s washable by machine. You can allow your child to get in the mud wearing this and wash and air dry it afterward.

Second, it also has dirt-shedding treads so not much dirt won’t stick to the sole. The third is having a non-marking outsole for adequate friction and stability. The last one is the mesh lining that has antimicrobial properties to prevent smelly feet.

The sizes of these shoes are specific and in numerous options. The smallest is 1 Little Kid, and the biggest is 13.5 X-Wide Little Kid. You can get this for your child at what age he may be. You don’t have to struggle in choosing the size as options indicate narrow and full width. It’s a big help for parents as feet of young ones are still in the process of growth.

The Stride Rite shoes are washable by machine, so you don’t restrict your little ones. Allow them to play in the sand or mud after that you can wash and let it dry. It has anti-microbial properties to prevent smelly feet.

The materials for these shoes are premium leather and mesh that makes it breathable. It comes in the tone of gray, brown, and navy. It looks tough with those neutral colors!

The insoles will provide your child comfort as they jump, sprint, and run. You can rely on its memory foam beds for protection from the impact of those activities. They may get tired, but their shoes would make them feel as if they’re quick and dynamic.

These toddler shoes with laces and a velcro strap are convenient to wear. Since toddlers can’t tie the laces properly, the strap will make it secured and easier for them. It won’t be complicated or take much time for parents to put it on and off.

After usage of some days, holes may appear on the toe parts because of its tightness and narrow. It doesn’t suitable for running and jumping.


The best children tennis shoes for parents are the ones that provide comfort and won’t let their children fall prey into accidents. Durability is a bonus, so it’s worth the money. These kids shoes from Mayzeero bear these capabilities.

MAYZERO Kids Tennis Shoes



  • Avoid slips and falls
  • Has very good grip
  • Perfect for walking and running


  • Short lifetime

It has an excellent style and comes in various colorful tones. Both parents and children will be attracted to this footwear. There are three sizes for toddlers. The size for little kids has seven options, and some are with 1/2 measurement. There are two for big kids.

To avoid accumulating bad odor, mesh woven fabric is used for the upper part. This fabric is breathable, so it serves its purpose well. To start with the comfort it provides, it’s ultra-lightweight. It has cushioned insoles and fabric shoe lining to put everything in comfort for the user of these shoes.

Since kids still need to practice how to tie their shoelaces, it has magic tape closure. You can trust your little ones to do it by themselves — a lesson of being independent of doing a small action.

The breathable woven fabric is used in this shoe with which the air can easily enter the shoe, so it allows the feet to breathe.

The anti-slip MD sole is equipped for parent’s safety concerns. It’s soft and light. It functions as a support and protection for the growing feet of a child. Some kids can be a bit clumsy so they might slip or fall over. It’s good to have a kind of shoes like this so they can avoid hurting themselves.

You can trust its durability, and it’s not easily deformed. It’s perfect for everyday use. You can let your kid wear this for walking, running, traveling, or going to school and other places. It won’t be squishing the feet as it molds into the shape and size.

Parents will be satisfied with the looks, size, comfort, durability, and the comfort and security these shoes can provide.



The velcro tape is not good in this shoe it will falling apart after some uses.


Kids outgrow their shoes. Once they’ve grown bigger, some shoes will be disposed of, or you can let the younger ones use them if it still looks nice. Some parents are penny-wise in preference of buying them. They won’t trust something like inexpensive toddler tennis shoes for cheap quality. They always think of their children’s comfort.

Hawkwell Boys Girls Breathable



  • Easy to wear
  • Doesn’t injure
  • Attractive design


  • Get loose after some usage

These running shoes for kids are available in multiple vibrant colors. The sizes vary in three sections which are toddler, little kid, and big kid. You may choose the size that fits on your baby. You can select something with extra space so your child can continue to use it for some time.

It won’t cost you a lot of money. But a pair of these can be worn in all seasons. Whether it’s warm, hot, or cold, your child can choose to wear this. Why not? Aside from its adaptability, it’s also gorgeous.

You can easily pair it with many outfits. Children can wear this for school, outdoor activities, festivals, costume parties, and other occasions. From casual to formal, this will surely be a hit! Multi-purpose things don’t need to always be expensive.



The lightweight material of the shoe helps your kids will not sore their feet for use in the whole day also it gives an excellent grip on a smooth surface.

These fashionable shoes have a relaxed fit design. You can expect that there’s enough space, so your child is in comfort everywhere they go. He’s free to exercise the strength of his muscles and bones. The upper part is covered by breathable sandwich mesh. Your mind would be at ease; it won’t acquire odor from daily use.

The soft cushion and flex grooves throughout the midsoles will allow flexibility and traction. Jumping, running, and other active movements will go smoothly.

It can be worn in two ways. You may go to a slip-on. It would take your child a matter of seconds of doing it without your assistance. But you don’t have to pull the shoelaces, and they can remain in the loops so it won’t mess around. Lacing it up is also possible, but you need to show them how.

The size of these shoes may confuse the user. Actually, it was one size smaller than the actual so that it may be confused.


Most girls are into pretty things even when they’re still young. Parents are supportive, but when buying tennis shoes, comfort, and durability come first. So it’s better to get a pair that both parents and children approve of.

G GEERS Kids Girl Fashion Sneakers



  • Perfect for walking, running, sports
  • Affordable price
  • Pretty designs


  • Absence waterproof

They are in colors that girls will surely like, and there are also black as it can be a good match with everything. There are different shades of pink that come with Swarovski-looking jewels. The shades of gray and purple have them too. The one incarnation color has tiny pearls. The rest of the colors have floral stitches.

While your child enjoys the colors and styles, she will be in a good mood wearing this one. It’s comfortable and made of breathable materials. The sizes are in two sections, namely toddler and little kid. Each of them has six available sizes.

The shoes have a single Velcro strap to cover up the laces. The latter looks like tie laces. It’s picked material to support its stylish form. Anyway, they’re not doing much for closing the shoes. The straps are the ones to handle the secure fit for your child.

This shoe comes with an affordable price, so it is suitable for all the low budget and mid-budget persons.

The sole made of rubber can also provide traction. It is the amount of friction that your child needs in the whole day of active participation in school and playground.

The looks are inclined to girly disposition. But it remains to be in the casual design. So your girl can use this every day. It can be her school uses. She may also use this when the whole family goes out.

It can withstand regular use. So you can follow the tip of washing these shoes and just air dry them. The shoe sizes are accurate, but it may not give the exact fit so you can order two bigger sizes. The benefit is that there’s room for growth and you can continue to use it. The fitness will be sorted as you can adjust the strap.

Some jewels may come off as they are just glued on the shoes’ surface. But you can get your money’s worth before you need to buy your kid a bigger pair.

This shoe is not a waterproof product, so this shoe is not suitable for use in the moisture places.

Guidelines in Getting The Right Tennis Shoes For Your Toddler

How To Choose The Best Toddler Tennis Shoe


You can measure your child’s feet by using a ruler and a pen. You will also need paper so a foot can step on it while you measure from the longest toe to the back of the heel. Kid shoe sizes use inches for measurement. You may take time to go to a shoe store to refer to the size of your child’s feet. 

Tip. When it’s time to buy the shoes, you have to know how particular spacious shoes are. You can buy a pair that is one or two bigger sizes than that of your child. Good toddler shoes come with Velcro straps so you can adjust the fit on your baby’s feet when closing it.

It’s good to choose a pair with extra space as the child is still in the process of growth. He can keep on wearing the same shoes.

Wearing Manner  

Since your baby can’t tie shoelaces by himself, straps are the primary closure. Some toddlers can even pull and press them back by themselves. Slip-on is also acceptable. But the best shoes for them are the ones that won’t easily break free from their feet. This situation can be a pet peeve to some children. 

For Comfort

Cushioned or padded insoles are great providers of comfort. The outside soles should be made of flexible rubber. So the shoes can stand from the active lifestyle of the toddlers. You must take note of foam or rubber soles when buying. 


Synthetic rubber or textile is the choice in making durable shoes for toddlers. The upper part of the shoes must have flexible fabric so it can endure daily use.


It’s every parent’s concern so ideal toddler shoes should be soles that can give a grip to your child with proper traction. There are times that they can be careless. You don’t want them to scratch from falling or tripping over. 

There’s no need for an add-on to its sole. Low top shoes with soft insoles are ideal for toddlers. Lightweight shoes can also help on this point as it would make the kids feel like they have nothing on their feet. 

Final Words

Size, wearing manner, comfort, durability, and safety are essential factors when getting toddler shoes. Getting a pair for your toddler is not only a matter of clothing needs. It supports their growth as well as locomotion skills. 

You might also consider the style, but most of them are unisex. Do you think red toddler tennis shoes would fit both sexes? Any color will do as long as it matches the outfit. It’s also helpful to get something that can match with anything.

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