The Best 100 Baby Boys Names and Meanings

When it comes to making a list of potential baby names for boys, this is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a parent! 

With so much potential to choose from, boy baby names are a joy to pick out. But, with so many available, it can also be one of the hardest decisions to make!

For this reason, we’ve put together a compilation of some of the best 100 baby boy names and meanings. Furthermore, to help you narrow them down, we’ve arranged them into sections.

So, why not sit back, put your feet up, and read through the 100-best traditional, modern, strong male names, cute, and unique baby boy names making the list in 2020. 

We’re confident you’ll find here the best boy name with meaning to suit your bundle of joy. 

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Traditional Boy Names and Meanings

Sometimes, the more old-fashioned names can be the most captivating, especially when you’re after something a little more traditional. 

1. William – Of English origin, meaning resolute protection.

2. Arthur – Of welsh origin, meaning bear. 

3. Edward – Of English origin, meaning wealthy guardian.

4. George – Of Greek origin, meaning farmer. 

5. Victor – Of Latin origin, meaning winner, conqueror

6. Winston – Of English origin, meaning from Wina’s twin.

7. Harry – Of English origin, meaning army ruler. 

8. Sebastian – Of Greek origin, meaning venerable. 

9. Ernest – Of English origin, meaning earnest. 

10. Alexander Of Greek origin, meaning defender of the people.

11. Samuel – Of Hebrew origin, meaning his name is God.

12. Quinton Of Latin origin, meaning fifth. 

13. Oscar Of Irish origin, meaning deer lover. 

14. Milo Of English origin, meaning soldier. 

15. Julian Of Latin origin, meaning youthful downy

16. Thomas Of Greek origin, meaning a twin.

17. Jack Of English origin, meaning God is gracious.

18. Matthew Of English origin, meaning gift of God

19. Henry Of German origin, meaning ruler of the home.

20. Charlie – Of English origin, meaning free man. 


Modern Boy Names with Meaning

For those looking for more contemporary choices, you may be asking what are the most attractive boy names right now? Here are the male names currently topping the charts. 

21. Silas – Of Latin origin, meaning man of the forest. Made famous by many literary texts and films. 

22. Travis – Of English origin, meaning from the crossing or tollgate. Often considered as the most popular American name. 

23. Leo – Of Italian origin, meaning Lion.

24. Teddy – Of English origin, meaning divine gift. Popular with many parents because of its relation to a teddy bear!

25. Atticus – Of Latin origin, meaning of Attica. Often considered for its relation to the Harper Lee character, Atticus Finch.

26. Asher – Of Hebrew origin, meaning blessed, happy. 

27. Louis – Of German origin, meaning famed warrior. Often chosen now in relation to Will and Kate’s son, Prince Louis. 

28. Arlo – Of German origin, meaning Hill. Often selected due to its German link.

29. Hudson – Of English origin, meaning Son of Hud. Initially preferred as an English surname, it’s now more popular due to film and TV links.  

30. Oakley – Of English origin, meaning from the Oak tree field. Also popular with parents for its English surname link.

31. Harrison – Of English origin, meaning Son of Harry

32. Elon – Of Hebrew origin, meaning Oak Tree. Often used in relation to the famous creator Elon Musk. 

33. Jackson – Of English origin, meaning Son of Jack/John. Often chosen in relation to an English surname. But more recently, many a TV or book character. 

34. Zachary – Of Hebrew origin, meaning God has remembered. 

35. Matteo – Of Italian Origin, meaning gift of God. 

36. Bear – Of American origin, meaning bear-like. Often chosen for its resemblance to cute and cuddliness. 

37. Roman – Of English origin, meaning from Rome, Italy. 

38. Ezra – Of Hebrew origin, meaning help. 

39. Riley – Of Irish origin, meaning descendant of Roghallach. 

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Strong Boy Names

When many parents find out it’s a blue pregnancy, they immediately ask what are strong male names? Whether it’s strong boy names for babies that sound robust or relate to a sense of strength, here is a selection of strong baby boy names.

40. Wyatt – Of English origin, meaning son of guy. Often considered due to its close English surname sound.

41. Levi – Of Hebrew origin, meaning joined in harmony. Often selected for its reference to the Bible or the jeans brand!

42. Carter – Of English origin, meaning driver of a cart. 

43. Harley – Of English origin, meaning from the hares’ wood. Also, a popular choice in reference to the motorcycle name, Harley-Davidson.

44. Jayden Of American origin and is a form of Jaden. This is most famous for its American roots.  

45. Ollie – Of English origin, meaning elf army. 

46. Finn – Of Irish origin, meaning fair. 

47. Blake – Of English origin, meaning pale blond one or dark. Often popular with fans of the poet William Blake.

48. Trent – Of English origin, meaning thrifty. Often liked for its mention of the English river Trent. 

49. Michael – Of Hebrew origin, meaning who is like gold. 

50. Rufus – Of Latin origin, meaning red-haired. Often considered by parents due to its biblical reference.

51. Marcel – Of French origin, meaning young warrior

52. Antonio – Of Spanish origin, meaning priceless one.

53. Muhammed – Of Arabic origin, meaning worthy of praise. Often considered by parents to be the most popular of Arabic names. 

54.  Demetrius – Of Greek origin, meaning devotee of Demeter. 

55. Phoenix – Of Greek origin, meaning blood Red. 

56. Dax – of French origin, meaning leader.

57. Dante – Of Latin origin, meaning everlasting. Often considered in relation to the Italian poet, Dante.

58. Solomon – Of Hebrew origin, meaning peaceful one. Also derived from the Hebrew word, Shalom. 

59. Hunter – Of English origin, meaning one who hunts. 

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Cute Boy Names

Cute baby boy names are always a joy to discover, especially when faced with your newborn in those first few days of their life!

60. Heston – Of English origin, meaning the one who came from a Heston, which is a London suburb. More popular due to the English Chef Heston Blumenthal. 

61. Theodore – Of Greek origin, meaning divine gift.

62. Jasper – Of English origin, meaning treasurer. Often chosen because of its massive popularity in books, films, music, and entertainment. 

63. Benedict – Of Latin origin, meaning blessed. Hugely popular due to the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. 

64. Ambrose – Of Greek origin, meaning immortal. 

65. Cecil – Of English origin, meaning blind to one’s own beauty. 

66. Dewey – Of Welsh origin, meaning beloved. Often chosen for its humble meaning or relation to the Dewey decimal system.  

67. Isadore – Of Greek origin, meaning gift of Isis.  

68. Lucius – Of Latin origin, meaning light. Usually chosen as an alternative to Lucian or Lucas. 

69. Perry – Of English origin, meaning dweller by the pear tree. Often chosen for its relation to a surname.

70. Clement – Of English origin, meaning gentle, merciful. Often used as a mild and more distinct baby boy name. 

71. Barney – Of English origin, and a form of the name Barnard or Barnaby. Often considered from the giant purple dinosaur or cartoon character! 

72. Roscoe – Of English origin, meaning from the deer forest.

73. Sol – Of Spanish origin, meaning sun. Chosen by many parents for its most simplistic of baby name meanings.

74. Jacob – Of Hebrew origin, meaning supplanter. Often used for its biblical association. 

75. Parker – Of English origin, meaning park keeper. Often chosen due to being a unisex name and after many actresses and actors.

76. Quincy – Of French origin, meaning person from Quincy, France. Often used by many in relation to the performer Quincy Jones. 

77. Keanu – Of Hawaiian origin, meaning cool mountain breeze. Often used for its links to actor Keanu Reeves. 

78. Sinclair – Of English origin, meaning from St. Clair, France. Often chosen for its relation to an original English surname. 

79. Holmes – Of English origin, meaning lives near a small island or inlet. Usually most popular with those fans of the literary detective, Sherlock Holmes.  

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Unique Boy Names with Meaning

Finally, there’s nothing more thought-provoking than stumbling across a potential unique name for your baby boy.

80. Adan – Of Spanish origin, meaning of the earth.

81. Atlas – Of Greek origin, meaning support or prop. Often used in relation to the Greek mythological titan character.

82. Barron – Of English origin, meaning noble man. Often chosen by those looking for an English title type name. 

83. Cree – Of native American origin, meaning tribe name.

84. Dario – Of Italian origin, meaning upholder of the Good. Considered by many parents to be among some of the best name meanings for boys

85. Darwin – Of English origin, meaning dear friend. Often used in relation to the famous evolutionist, Charles Darwin. 

86. Huck – Of American origin, a short form for the name Huckleberry. 

87. Jericho – Of Greek origin, meaning moon city. Often used by parents referring to the city conquered by Joshua in the Bible.

88. Kenji – Of Japanese origin, meaning wise, peace, or healing. Often used by parents searching for anime/manga type names. 

89. Marcellus – Of Latin origin, meaning young warrior. Often used as an alternative to the name Marcus. 

90. Mordecai – Of Hebrew origin, meaning warrior. Often chosen by parents considering a Hebrew choice of baby names. 

91. Mykel – Of Hebrew origin, meaning who is like a God. Often considered by many parents looking for baby boy names and meaning that stand out visually.

92. Odin – Of Scandinavian origin, meaning frenzy, rage, inspiration.

93. Octavia – Of Latin origin, meaning eight.

94. Orson – Of English origin, meaning bear club. Often used in relation to the actor and director, Orson Wells.

95. Remington – Of English origin, meaning from the Ridge town. Often used in relation to the TV show and character, Remington Steele. 

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96. Reyher – Of German origin, meaning always correct, do not question. 

97. Tennyson – Of English origin, meaning the son of Dennis. Often used in relation to the poet, Tennyson.

98. Theron – Of Greek origin, meaning Hunter. 

99.  Xavier – Of Greek origin, meaning the defender of the people. Also, the short form of the name Alexander.

100. Ziggy – Of German origin, this is a diminutive form of Sigmund. Often used in relation to the musician, Ziggy.

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