Unexpectedly Tasty: 10 WEIRD Food Combinations That Actually Work

By Krystal Brown

Each of us possesses peculiar eating habits, but could any of them outdo these 10 bizarre yet oddly successful food pairings?

Watermelon and Feta Cheese

Image Credit: DmitriyAnaniev via DepositPhotos.com

Sweet and salty always work together as do fruity and savory, which is why watermelon and feta cheese go hand in hand together. Once reserved for fancy restaurants, this strange food combination is now found at dinner tables round the world as it tastes so good. If you want a tip, try adding a little bit of mint and there is summer right there.

Peanut Butter and Burgers

Image Credit: bbivirys via DepositPhotos.com

Yes, you heard it right, peanut butter in burgers. These days you can get every food you can think on a burger so why not peanut butter? If you think about it, chicken satay is peanut butter on fresh chicken so the combination of beef and peanuts is not too much of a stretch. The saltiness and richness of the butter add to the luxury of the beef and makes for an indulgent but tasty meal.

Chocolate and Chips

Image Credit: IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com

Chips are the food of gods and chocolate comes a close second so it is no wonder that combining the two is a match made in heaven. Sweet and salty go so well together so the fact that you can get your favorite salty chips dipped in smooth, velvety chocolate is a dream. Some gourmet brands make ready-made

Ice Cream and Fries

Image Credit: 80sChild via DepositPhotos.com

We have all ‘accidentally’ knocked our chips into our McFlurry at Mcdonald’s and continue to do it again and again as we love the bizarre combination. The salty and sweet combination in this scenario is beyond the scale and, quite frankly, we don’t understand why we have not seen an ice cream dip on a takeout menu. We are not sure about making this meal for your dinner guests but next time you order a takeout, give it a try.

Egg and Pizza

Image Credit: deagreez1 via DepositPhotos.com

The marriage of savory and gooey egg atop a perfectly baked pizza is a match made in culinary heaven.The delightful combination of rich and creamy egg with the savory and aromatic elements of a well-crafted pizza creates a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds. The runny yolk of the egg adds a luxurious and velvety texture, while its distinct richness harmonizes with the savory notes of the pizza toppings. So, if you haven’t experienced this unique flavor fusion yet, it’s time to break free from the ordinary and embark on a taste adventure that will surely leave you craving for more.

Chocolate and Avocado

Image Credit: VadimVasenin via DepositPhotos.com

Chocolate and avocado cake are one of the most popular cakes health advocates are making this day as a healthy alternative to traditional chocolate cake. The creamy nature of avocados is popular in vegan recipes as an alternative to butter so it is no wonder that this combination has risen in popularity. As well as cakes and cookies, you can try your first sample of avocado in a milkshake which is easy to make and tastes delicious.

Coca-Cola and Chicken

Image Credit: amenic181 via DepositPhotos.com

Even the queens of home-cooked meals Nigella Lawson and Martha Stewart are converted to chicken and coca cola. The succulent bird and the sweet and sticky cola make an awesome twosome that is hard to beat. You can simply marinate the cola in a full chicken and cook away or make fried chicken and reduce the cola in chicken stock for a delicious take on KFC.

Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar

Image Credit: deagreez1 via DepositPhotos.com

Yummy strawberries and acidic balsamic vinegar are a combination that goes together so well and will turn even the harshest of skeptics around. The strong decoy flavors of the vinegar blend perfectly well with the soft and sweet strawberry to make something unique rather than predictable. You may be able to try it with other berries, such as raspberries but the strawberry and balsamic combination is iconic.

Apple and Cheese

Image Credit: VadimVasenin via DepositPhotos.com

There is nothing better than a fresh crisp apple presented next to a plate of soft and creamy cheese and a pile of biscuits. This combination on its own is perfect but add into the mix the fact that the apple can be in a warm apple pie and it will send you to the next level of taste sensations. This is not just a US thing as people throughout the world cannot get enough of this taste sensation.

Blueberries and Steak

Image Credit: feferoni via DepositPhotos.com

We end on perhaps the strangest of food combinations in the form of steak and blueberries. We have all heard of duck and orange and chicken and lemon but are beef and blueberries a step too far? Look no further than the dozens of recipes online for blueberry sauces to compliment your steak and send it to the next level. Blueberries are a good choice for people who do not like their fruity sauces to be too sweet and many people recommend it to anyone.

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