From BOOMER to Zoomer: 10 Expressions That Exasperate GEN Z

By Krystal Brown

The ‘OK Boomer’ meme emerged as a Gen Z’s response, akin to a declaration of conflict, following a series of disagreements with their generational counterparts. Here, we delve into the 10 statements made by Boomers that evoke strong dislike from Gen Z.

Commenting on Appearance

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Boomers are very keen to keep fit and look after their well-being and, while this is a good thing, they can often come across as rude to younger generations. Unaware of being weight-positive, Boomers can often comment on people’s weight or appearances in general. Gen Z knows that it is not cool to comment on how people look and are fed up with telling Boomers to shush. 

Calling People Snowflakes

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Snowflake is a term bandied about so much now that it has lost its true meaning but Boomers still love to call out younger generations for being too sensitive and unable to stand up for themselves. Boomers have a sense that they have fought through hard times and have built up a resilience that they do not see Gen Z being capable of, which is far from the truth for much of the generation. 

Asking “Why Are You Always on Your Phone?”

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Boomers wonder why younger generations are always on their phones and will call them out for it at any opportunity. However, what they fail to realize is that for Gen Z being without their phone is like being without their right arm. Everything from business meetings to socials and everything in between is essential to keep the cogs turning in the Gen Z world. 

Nobody Needs Therapy

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The resilience of Boomers shines through none more so than when they say that young people today are obsessed with therapy. When Boomers say that “You don’t need therapy” what they are saying is that you should grow up and just get on with it, which infuriates Gen Z. The response from Gen Z is that when Boomers insist that people do not need therapy it usually means that they are the ones who need therapy. 

Girls Can’t Do That

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Gender stereotypes are breaking down more than ever and Gen Z is embracing a life in which gender is fluid and men and women can do what they want to. The alarm bells ring for Gen Z when Boomers insist that women shouldn’t be playing soccer or doing DIY and men shouldn’t be wearing glitter or taking a dance class. When Boomers are like this one of the worse things they can say is “Boys will be boys”.

Saying the Word Exotic

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Just as Gen Z has broken down gender stereotypes, so too have they broken down racial tropes. This means that language such as “exotic” and “oriental” as it plays into racial stereotypes and is not acceptable to use, even by Boomers who claim that it was an innocent thing to say that they have grown up with.

In My Day

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“In my day” are the words that are usually followed by something that is patronizing to Gen Z and, honestly, probably didn’t happen. Looking at the past with rose-tinted spectacles is something that Boomers tend to do and Gen Z either call them out for it or roll their eyes in response. To be fair to Boomers, there are some things from the past that we would love to be relevant today but bringing them up constantly is just rubbing it in. 

Making Fun of Mental Health

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Words like “crazy” and “psycho” fall out of the mouths of Boomers all of the time and they often don’t realize how offensive it is. Gen Z is fed up with correcting Boomers on how they talk about mental health, with some Boomers simply not acknowledging that people suffer from their mental health. Boomers think that people with mental health difficulties should just get on with it, if only it was that easy. 

Keep Calm and

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Well, perhaps you can keep calm Boomer, but quite frankly the world is not as easy as it once was and it takes a lot for some people to put things behind them and move on. This attitude from Boomers could stem from the hardships they experienced post-war but times have changed and admitting that you are not ok and need a break is perfectly ok. So, Gen Z say that they cannot “Keep Calm and Carry On”

Kids These Days

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So many Boomers are down on kids, particularly, teenagers who they expect to grow up to be mature adults in a matter of months. Gen Z believe that Boomers are too harsh on the expectations of young people as things are more difficult these days and, while Boomers did have some stresses they will never know what it is like to be a kid these days. Gen Z says “let kids be kids”. 

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