14 Jobs That Are Getting So Hard to Fill, Employer’s Are Desperate

By Krystal Brown

Millions of people are looking for jobs, but employers are still struggling to fill many positions. Here is a look at 14 of the hardest jobs to fill in 2023.


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While there is no shortage of pilots there is a shortage of people who are willing to start on low wages. Some companies are only willing to pay around $25k a year as a starting fee which makes a mockery of the enormous fees for training as a pilot and the level of responsibility they have. 

Nursing Home Care Assistants

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Nursing home assistants are in very high demand as there is an ever-increasing elderly population that needs care. While there is high demand for nursing assistants and a limited training period, the career does not pay well and conditions can be difficult. The low pay and heavy workload mean the industry has a high retention rate as there are better-paid jobs for less stress. 


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With low pay, long hours, and antisocial shift patterns, thousands of companies are struggling to fill their dispatcher roles. This type of job is not much more than minimum wage so companies need to get competitive if they want to hire and retain staff. This is a shame as if hours were more flexible and the pay reflected the hard work people put in, it would be the perfect job for some people. 

Valet Supervisors

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The valet industry is up and down, with lots of quiet periods that detract people from working as valet supervisors. In areas where valets are busy companies can recruit supervisors quickly but in slow valet stations it is difficult to find people to take on the role. 

Construction Managers

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The construction industry is fragile at the moment due to a global financial crisis that is making governments and industries nervous about investing large amounts of money into infrastructure. Construction managers are reluctant to take on projects that might not see their way to completion so are cautious when approached for work. 

EMTs and Paramedics

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Look at any job vacancy website and you will see dozens of listings for EMTs and paramedics and people are leaving the industry in droves. The main issues with being a paramedic are that they work very long hours in a highly demanding role. They are often put in extremely dangerous situations and have to take on strenuous work that does not reflect in the pay that they get. Even with a ton of extra training and development pay is stagnant and people can get paid better elsewhere with a fraction of the stress. 


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Housekeeping can be a very demanding job in which people have to clean up some of the most horrendous dirt and mess that hotel guests leave behind. They also have to work long hours and have a lot of early starts for very little pay, which leads to hotel owners being desperate to hire and retain good staff. 


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Coders will pass their training with high grades but lack the critical thinking and common sense it takes to work in a coding job. Companies are saying that they are struggling to hire reliable coders and it is having a real impact on their companies. 

Nursing Assistants

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As well as nursing home assistants, hospitals are also struggling to hire nursing assistants due to the intensity of the role. Not only will nursing assistants have to wipe dirty bottoms and clean up blood spills, they are increasingly being abused by patients which is a big deterrent for people looking for low-skilled work. 

Truck Drivers

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A lot of truckers are entering their late 50s and 60s and it is becoming a worry as younger people are not entering the industry. Companies are struggling to recruit fresh meat as truckers have to lease the truck themselves, often at a cost of over $200,000 which young people cannot afford. With a significant portion of their paycheck going towards the lease, it is not a viable income for most people. Add to this long hours away from family and many sleepless nights, it is not the most appealing job for those entering the workplace. 


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Teachers are leaving the profession at a rate that is hard to backfill, which is a worry for parents and governments alike. With increasing demand from the curriculum, more paperwork than there has ever been, and more demanding children, teachers feel that the pay they get is not nearly enough for the stress they ensure every day.


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If you are looking for a course that will guarantee you a job it is accounting. There is not a lack of people wanting to go into accountancy work, it is simply that the supply cannot keep up with the demand so there needs to be more incentive for people to train in the industry. 

Good Writers

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With freelancing sites 10 a penny there is no shortage of writers but when it comes to good writers they can be very difficult to find. The main issue is that some companies are not willing to pay good money for writers which means that low-quality writers will flood the market and make the good ones hard to find. Another issue is that companies need writers to be diverse in all areas of their business to reach as many audiences as possible.

Dog Groomers

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With more people having dogs than ever there is a demand for grooming salons and dog walkers but there are not enough people to fill the posts. Dog grooming is a lucrative industry so it is just a case of training enough people up to meet the demands of pooches that need pampering. 

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