Highlighting Men’s Lack of Privilege in Society: 13 Compelling Examples

By Krystal Brown

In current conversations about societal privilege, the attention is frequently centered on the obstacles encountered by marginalized demographics. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that men can also confront a dearth of advantages across different aspects of life. This piece delves into thirteen compelling instances that illuminate situations where men encounter distinct drawbacks and difficulties within society.

1. Norms and Stereotypes Associated With Gender

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Men are usually subjected to strict gender norms and expectations, including the expectation that they are physically strong, emotionally firm, and wealthy. These societal standards can be limiting and can constrain men’s emotions and choices, which can result in feelings of unhappiness and unfulfillment.

2. Constrained Parental Rights

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Men have always been disadvantaged in custody disputes and family court hearings. Because moms are assumed to be better caretakers, custody judgments often benefit them. Therefore, many fathers have little contact with their kids and are subjected to irrational financial support requirements.

3. The Stigma Associated With Mental Health

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Men are often discouraged from getting mental health treatment because society expects them to be independent and emotionally strong. Because of this stigma, guys may be unable to get the help they require, which raises the likelihood that they may commit suicide or have other mental health issues.

4. Little or No Emotional Support Systems

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Because cultural standards discourage vulnerability and expressing feelings, men tend to lack robust emotional support groups. Men under pressure to be independent and “tough” may experience loneliness and find it challenging to make emotional relationships vital to their health.

5. Discrimination and Workplace Expectations

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The expectations placed on men in the job, such as the need to fulfill conventional masculine duties and serve as the primary breadwinner, are unique to men. Additionally, men may experience bias and skepticism while seeking employment in traditionally feminine industries or discrimination in domains where women predominate.

6. Higher Prison Rates

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In the criminal legal system, men are over represented and are imprisoned at greater rates. Systemic prejudice and cultural assumptions that link masculinity with violence and illegal activity are two reasons for this.

7. Educational Disadvantages

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Although men have made great strides in education, they still need help, including lower rates of higher education enrollment and dropout rates. In an industry that is becoming more knowledge-based, this gender gap has raised questions about the prospects for males going forward.

8. Family Abuse and Violence

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Although statistics show that women are more likely to become victims of domestic assault than men, it is essential to remember that men can also become victims. Society frequently disregards or minimizes male victims, making it more difficult for them to get the required help.

9. Societal Pressures

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Unwritten societal laws have made it a norm that men have to be the ones to pay the bills for food, drinks, transportation, etc. A man who thinks or acts otherwise is viewed as insensitive, weak, and sometimes toxic. Women, however, do not have such pressures to deal with. Unless your girl as a man has a balanced and healthy perspective on gender equality, they may misuse this privilege to become entitled to guys’ money and even throw tantrums if denied. Most men who speak against these unhealthy pressures on men are often tongue-lashed and cancelled in pop culture.

10. Being Criticized as a Stay-at-Home Father

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Most men fear being judged for having to nanny their kids and often appear weak. Society is painted with an unhealthy image that consistently portrays men as a species deserving of severe and demanding tasks. While this can be right (at least men have the biological advantage of being muscular), it is wrong for men who choose less physically challenging family roles to be slandered and criticized. Staying at home to take care of the kids, dress them, and take them to school is not a gender-specific role and should not be stereotyped. More men should spend longer time with their kids.

11. Drafting and Serving in the Military

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Men often have to serve in the military in nations where it is required, which can have severe consequences for their lives. A disadvantage resulting from cultural expectations and norms based on gender is the assumption that people will give their lives in the service of their nation without asking permission or considering other possibilities.

12. Expected to Do All the Terrible Stuff

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No one wants to know if you have the experience or are physically fit. As long as you are a man, you are expected to know how to do all kinds of stuff. From plumbing tasks to fixing wires, changing the car tires, etc., and when the daring ones speak out, they are shamed and passed off as not man enough. This is an unhealthy stereotype that society has placed on men to know everything and be there in all situations. Such unnecessary expectations can cause many men to be depressed and even hurt themselves. Society should understand that men do not possess some naturally superhuman ability to fix stuff, and it is okay for them to be clueless about many things.

13. Health Care Inequalities

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Men have specific health problems, including higher death rates and a tendency to put off seeking medical care. These disparities and barriers to accessing quality treatment result from societal norms of invincibility and a lack of attention given to men’s health concerns.

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