Unleash the Scoop-tacular: Unforgettable No-Churn Ice Cream Recipes to Delight Your Senses

By Daisy Miller

Step into a world of delectable frozen treats, where you’ll discover an array of unforgettable no-churn ice cream recipes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you in awe. Prepare yourself for a delightful journey through creamy wonders that demand neither complex methods nor specialized equipment. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned ice cream aficionado or a kitchen newcomer, these enticing recipes will whisk you away to a dessert paradise. So, let’s embark on this frozen adventure and indulge in the magic of homemade ice cream!

Nutty Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Indulge in the heavenly blend of sweet and salty flavors that will tantalize your taste buds with every scoop. This ice cream is a delightful treat whether you enjoy it as a dessert after dinner or as a midday snack. Get the Recipe.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of creamy, nutty, and indulgent desserts, you’ll love this toasted butter pecan ice cream recipe. This classic flavor combination is given an extra depth of flavor with the toasty, buttery goodness of the pecans. Get the Recipe.

No-Churn Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe: Easy and Delicious!

Whether it’s strawberry season or not, it’s the perfect time to make this no-churn strawberry ice cream! It’s so easy, made with just 6 simple ingredients and full of the bright flavor of ripe strawberries. Get the Recipe.

Happy Birthday To You: No-Churn Birthday Cake Ice Cream Recipe!

You say it’s your birthday – happy birthday to you with this No Churn Birthday Cake Ice Cream treat!  It is so easy to make and perfect for a celebration of any kind! Get the Recipe.

Homemade Butterbeer Ice Cream

This Butterbeer Ice Cream is so delicious you will make it over and over again! Easy ingredients make this Harry Potter themed treat so good! Get the Recipe.

Refreshing Coconut Mint Ice Cream Made with Fresh Mint

Coconut mint ice cream with fresh mint is the perfect no-churn ice cream recipe for summertime! Fresh mint ice cream is so simple and easy! Get the Recipe.

Healthy Chocolate Chickpea Ice Cream

Satisfy your vegan ice cream cravings with this must-try chocolate chickpea ice cream recipe—a creamy, high-protein, fiber-rich dessert sweetened naturally. Get the Recipe.

Creamy and Dreamy: Homemade Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream

No churn blackberry cheesecake ice cream is a dreamy, summery treat. Bursting with ribbons of sweet berry cheesecake, this homemade frozen dessert tastes just as good as any you’d get going out. Get the Recipe.

No Churn Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

No churn chocolate fudge brownie ice cream is a rich frozen treat- no ice cream maker needed! Chocolate lovers will delight in this decadent brownie laced dessert. Get the Recipe.

No Churn Matcha Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

You will love the flavor of this no churn matcha dulce de leche ice cream. It’s a tasty green tea ice cream recipe using dulce de leche. It is so easy to make a matcha ice cream recipe without a machine, and it all starts with a tasty no churn ice cream recipe. Get the Recipe.
Cookie Monster Ice Cream
Kids will love helping you make this fun dessert and they’ll love the bright blue color! And best of all, it tastes amazing! Get the Recipe.

Dairy Free Dragon Fruit Ice Cream – No Churn


No Churn Rocky Road Ice Cream

This No Churn Rocky Road Ice Cream is rich, creamy chocolate ice cream, loaded with marshmallows and almonds. Plus no fancy appliance needed, so anyone can make it! Get the Recipe.

No-churn Cantaloupe Ice Cream

A lightly sweet no-churn cantaloupe ice cream made with just 5 simple ingredients! Get the Recipe.

Vegan Marionberry Ice Cream with Star Anise