13 Stupidest Societal Myths That Are Still Spreading Like Wildfire

By Krystal Brown

Despite their lack of factual basis, these 13 societal myths continue to persist and spread widely, perpetuating harmful beliefs and misconceptions.

You Use Only 10% of Your Brain

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Around 65% of Americans believe that humans only use 10% of their brain. This is in fact a myth as many studies show that 100% of your brain is almost always active. It might not be all 100% at the exact same time, but different situations require different parts of your brain to activate. Think about it, if we only used one tenth of our brain, when faced with brain hemorrhage or injuries to the head why are such injuries significant. Couldn’t we just take out part of the 90% we don’t use.

Carrots Improve Your Eyesight

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Like many fruits and veg, carrots provide a good source of vitamin A which is certainly good for vision. However unlike the myth there is no direct correlation between excessive carrots consumption and an increase in your eyesight quality. Many speculate that the myth started in WWII as a way to keep radar a secret from enemy troops.

You Can Eat, Then Swim

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A very commonly held misconception is that you can’t go swimming straight after you eat. You would have to wait an hour before, as if you jump straight into the pool after eating It can cause stomach cramps which would lead to drowning. This myth is untrue and was most probably created as a way to stop kids from overexerting themselves when enjoying a fun day at the pool.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice

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It most certainly does. This expression was created as a euphemism to say someone has been very unfortunate and has had a sequence of rare and unlucky events happen to him. However over the years many people took it literally and actually believed lightning physically can’t strike twice. But this is a myth as lightning that has used the same channel has a high likelihood of striking many more times than just once.

Missing Persons Reports

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If the person in question is a child, vulnerable person or someone with a disability and are missing, you do not need to wait 24 hours before contacting 9-1-1. This concept was largely promoted through movies and false rumors that have made large quantities of people believe they aren’t allowed to call the police when their loved ones have gone missing.

Shaving Your Beard Makes It Thicker

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Contrary to popular belief, shaving doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker. Many mistake the period of stubble growth for a thicker beard but once the hair grows past the pores, it is still the same as it was before.

Blood is Blue

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Many believe that human blood is actually blue, but when it comes into contact with oxygen it turns red. However this is a common misconception and studies show that your blood is always red. The rumor is understandable because our veins appear blue, however this is only because of how light reflects off our skin, the blood underneath is always red.

Urinating on a Jellyfish Sting

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There is some truth to this myth as urinate contains low levels of ammonia and urea which if used on its own may help alleviate the sting. However, by directly peeing on the wound, the sting may become aggravated and speed up the release of venom. Urine is also dirty and filled with bacteria which can cause infection and all types of disease. It’s advised to seek professional medical help rather than take matters into your own hand with an unverified myth.

Bats Are Not Blind

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This one took me by surprise as I also thought that bats relied on echolocation to navigate in the dark. However bats actually have small, very sensitive eyes that help them see in pitch black. They don’t have colorful vision like humans, but research shows that sometimes they prefer to use their eyes while hunting rather than their echolocation. Some believe their eyesight is even better than ours.

Catching a Cold With Wet Hair

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Many believe that when you go out with wet hair you are likely to catch a cold. This is false as studies show the two have no relation. The common cold is caused by one of 200 variations of virus and wet hair does not expose you to them, so as long as you don’t mind being cold you can just jump out the shower and head out, Sorry mom, it looks like you’re wrong this time.

Undercover Cops

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So many people think that if an undercover agent is asked if they are a cop they are required by law to answer with the truth. This is quite frankly dumb and a huge misconception because it would defeat the whole concept of undercover work. Imagine if the cop was in a do or die situation and he had to answer truthfully, it wouldn’t be very practical to create such a law.

Coffee and Weights Both Stunt Child Growth

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Of course an excess of anything can have negative effects. Coffee and weights are no different and large quantities can be bad for your kids’ growth. However both these things, when done in moderation, can have more positive effects than negative. Growth is largely dependent on nutrition, sleep and genes, so eat well, sleep well and pray and hopefully your kid will grow big and tall.

The Moon Has a Dark Side

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Many assume that the moon has a dark side but this is in fact false. Studies show that the moon rotates on its own access meaning that every part of it does receive sunlight at some point. It is pretty easy to understand why this myth came about as one look and would assume that part of it is always dark. 

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