10 High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants Anymore

By Krystal Brown

Once considered alluring and financially rewarding, certain high-paying jobs now grapple with challenges in drawing candidates. This article looks into ten professions of this nature, and the factors contributing to their diminishing appeal. 

Bovine Semen Collector

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Few individuals would willingly dedicate their working hours to the task of facilitating bull reproduction and collecting their semen. Nevertheless, this peculiar occupation is just one of many unconventional jobs that offer lucrative compensation.

Bovine semen collectors make an average of $44,000 per year, but the highest-paid professionals take home more than $63,000, as reported by PayScale.

Oil Rig Operator

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Working on an oil rig is another well-paying profession that nobody wants. In the middle of the ocean, on an offshore drilling rig site, they labor under incredibly difficult conditions.

Workers on oil rigs are required to wear safety equipment at all times. This may be very uncomfortable, especially in light of some of the security gear, such as specialized suits, hard caps, and boots with inner steel reinforcement.

Additionally, the employees must tolerate loud noises, so it is required that they wear earplugs and safety glasses. Failure to do so may cause long-term hearing issues.

An oil rig worker’s annual income ranges from $155,000 for the highest paid to $82,486 for the lowest paid.

Slaughterhouse Employee

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Potential Salary (without education): $15 per hour. 

It is a difficult job for those who work at slaughterhouses to kill animals for sustenance. Although a formal education is not necessary for the position, it does call for a dogged temperament and thick skin. The workers must differentiate between the edible and inedible animal parts. They also use various kinds of techniques to kill the animals.

Dead animals are hung up when they die so that they might be drained out. Before transporting the meat to grocery stores, the workers separate the organs and various internal body parts. Even though the work pays rather well, not everyone will enjoy it. Many people are repulsed by the concept of slaughtering animals for eating, no matter how carefully it is done.

Hazardous Material Cleaners

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Depending on where you work, you may have different daily responsibilities as a hazardous material remover. However, it entails the removal of dangerous materials such as radioactive materials, asbestos fibers, and lead. These materials pose a serious hazard to human life.

In summary, anyone might suffer from working as an unsafe waste removal worker. In addition, it might be difficult to distance oneself from one’s employment, particularly after coping with emotionally or mentally traumatic situations. This is why, despite the job’s good salary, many individuals find it unappealing.

A hazardous waste removal worker makes, on average, $34,651 a year.

Waste Collection

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In a CNN story, it was revealed that two trash collectors in New York City, one of whom drove a garbage truck and the other of whom assisted him, earned, respectively, $112,000 and $100,000 annually.

As you can see, earning a six-figure wage as a garbage collector is possible. Sadly, not a lot of people are eager for this kind of job. One of the many well-paying jobs that nobody wants to perform (unless there is no other option) is this one. Garbage haulers in the United States make an average of $36,611 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Crab Fisher

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Crab fishing is regarded as one of the most hazardous occupations in the world. During the peak seasons, crab fishermen must battle the ferocious forces of nature like storms and waves to collect as many crabs as they can.

Along with the job’s high level of risk, being a crab fisher requires meeting several severe requirements.

Crab fishermen make $39,000 per year, whereas skilled crab boat captains get $42,500, and captains of crab boats make over $200,000 per year.

Mobile Toilet Cleaner

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Cleaning portable toilets is a very unpleasant job due to their poor general cleanliness and offensive odor, especially after they have been used countless times in a short period.

It’s one of those lucrative jobs that nobody wants. The average yearly wage for mobile restroom cleaners in the US is $29,958, while the highest-paid employees receive an income of $137,964 per year, as reported by ZipRecruiter.

Snake Milker

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Extremely deadly snakes are not something that many people like touching. Those who do extract venom from various snakes, including mambas, cobras, vipers, copperheads, corals, and rattlesnakes.

It is one of the best-paying but uncommon professions, with an average annual salary of $36,799 available. 


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The majority of death row inmates are put to death by unidentified private people who get $150 for each execution. Many exonerations of convicted criminals have led some to doubt the number of individuals who were put to death even if they had not committed the crime for which they were charged. Executor salaries in the US range from $54,791 on average to $128,500 annually.

Sewage Inspectors

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The job can be hazardous due to extended exposure, asphyxiation, and breathing issues. Some inspectors have encountered dead people and animals while cleaning or maintaining sewer systems. However, the job offers an average salary of $36,007, with top-paid earners earning $68,000 a year.

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