Why Do We Follow These 12 Unusual Social Norms Without Questioning Them?

By Krystal Brown

Our world is full of social norms and customs devoid of substances. These rules are downright head-scratchy, making you question their essence. We bring to you some of the most bizarre social norms we never questioned.

Big Wedding 

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The fact that wedding has turned into a contest is amusing. Nowadays, we see it as an avenue to outdo ourselves. There is no denying that getting married is an auspicious, even scriptural occasion. But the basis of throwing a big wedding party seems devoid of any substances. Because the end goal of either big or small marriage is the same. So what’s the point of societal expectations of large weddings from people? 

Wearing Ties 

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Necktie has become the staple of the formal word that your dressing is incomplete without that dangling piece of fabric. Over the years, everyone has been quite curious about the purpose of neckties in the formal setting. Is neckties a fashion state or a means of identity that you are in the business environment? It’s such a bizarre thing to think of because no clear line of thought would take you away from such curiosity. 

Tipping Culture 

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Tipping is enshrined in certain jobs that it looks odd if you aren’t giving it to the workers. The question that begs for an answer is why tipping when business enterprises like restaurants and bars can pay fair wages. The concept of tipping places the responsibility on the customers who must tip after spending for what they purchase. 

Balloon For Decorations 

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Whoever thought the idea of inflating a nonporous rubber bag with air or a gas lighter would blend with decorations and brighten our moods came by that haphazardly because there’s no justification or social proof as to why such a thing could be. We attach it to our cars, letters, and other objects as a sign of celebration. The funny part is how this has become a nationwide trend that everyone does. 

Blowing Out Candles 

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It’s bereft of everyone’s understanding of the purpose of blowing out candles on a cake. This is a common trend during birthdays when the celebrant is mandated to spew on the cake that everyone will eat. This is quite unhygienic and unnecessary because there is no purpose. 

Saying “Bless You” After Sneezing

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We all see this response as a normal tradition when people sneeze. The question is, what’s the point? How does saying “bless you” make the person feel good? All these are thought-provoking questions that these questions fail to provide answers for because they don’t do anything. Other than being just a polite response to bodily function per societal expectations. 

Eating Times 

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Who schedules our breakfast, lunch, and dinner time? This is a societal practice that has been in place since time immemorial. Despite the widespread acceptance of these designated eating times, no one seems to think about the rationale behind this practice. 

Spending On Burial Arrangements

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Budgeting thousands of dollars for expensive funeral services has become a common norm. People have regarded this as a bragging right and act to outdo others regarding their final resting place. Spending money on the dead makes no sense while the living are around. It’s quite illogical. 

Pestering Couples with “When Are You Having Kids” Questions 

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Why is it normal to peep into people’s personal life? This is a normal occurrence, asking married couples when they will have kids as if it’s their business. People would rather ask questions about your family than ask if your work is going fine. Keeping boundaries is highly important, and keeping to that is essential. 

The 18 Years Old Rule 

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What’s the fuss about turning 18 when everyone considers it the legal age for being your decision-maker? We regard this age as when a child is ready to go all out. Pick their own path, decide on the choice of alcohol, start dating and all other forms of solid decisions. No one seems to reason why eighteen, but no different age, is regarded as a legal age. 

Choice of Seeing Violence Over Nudity in Movies

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It’s bemusing when we frown at nudity in the movie, but we all applaud violence on human beings. Why are shows that defile the human body with all sorts of shooting scenes and violence considered acceptable, while it’s scandalous to show a naked body? There seems to be no logic in this type of societal norm. 

The Birthday Songs. 

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The unending reign of the drab happy birthday song that has become the symbol of the special day is such beautiful nonsense. No one seems to enjoy it, yet there has never been any attempt to change that to another befitting song. We still gather to celebrate someone with a song we feel awkward singing.  

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