Men, Here are the 10 Types Of Women You Should NEVER Marry!

By Krystal Brown

Ever wondered why some guys are like, “Nope, not gonna marry that type of woman!”? Well, get ready to dive into the juicy details of the kinds of ladies some men prefer to avoid when it comes to settling down. Let’s uncover what makes them say, “I do not!”

The Serial Complainer

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Nobody likes a constant downer, and men particularly shy away from women who can’t help but complain about everything. The serial complainer can turn even the most joyous occasions into a gloomy affair, making it challenging for a man to envision a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Overly Possessive

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While a bit of possessiveness can be endearing, an excessive need to control every aspect of a man’s life can be suffocating. Men value their independence and are likely to avoid women who exhibit signs of being overly possessive, as it can lead to tension and conflicts within the relationship.

The Bossy Type 

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Having a boss lady outlook often comes at a woman’s disadvantage based on the intimidating precedent it creates in the relationship. Initially, men might love the bossy lady’s character traits. Still, as time passed, men could not cope with a woman setting the pace of the relationship or turning them into a basic level pupil that their second-grade teacher was directing. 

Mind Gamer

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These types of women are mainly on the wrong side of the marriage spectrum because no man wants someone who is proving too hard to get. This type of attitude might be a working trait for women, but it only lasts for a few years when the man realizes that the woman can never be the honest straight shooter she wants to end up with. 

Extremely Jealous 

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A woman becomes unmarriageable the moment she’s unable to tame her appetite for jealousy. This can be a stressful agenda for a man who only wants a soft and trusting partner who will not need her fragile ego to be inflated every time. Additionally, men find an extremely jealous woman mentally draining because of constant accusations of being unfaithful by then.  

The Disrespectful One

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Men are always big in respect, and it shows in their mental makeup that an inch of disrespect from anyone is a total turn-off, especially from the woman they plan to settle down with. Being a disrespectful woman is a great disservice to yourself as a woman because no man would take a chance on a woman who can’t sustain the goal of mutual respect that’s crucial for a long-lasting marriage. 

Drama Queen 

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Contact drama can create a negative outlook around the house, which will, in turn, lead to unstable marriage and poor parenting. Men are conscious of women who make dramatic scenes out of nothing and unexpectedly spread an air of toxicity. 

Financially Irresponsible 

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Financial irresponsibility in women is a big red flag for many men looking for a woman who can hold the financial forte of the home while working. Men nowadays look at a woman’s credit score, saving habits, debt profile and others to judge before settling down with her. 


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Any woman you cannot reach a compromise with is not a good one. One of the critical attributes of a woman is always to create an enabling environment to foster good relationships, irrespective of how toxic the terrain might be. Men are privy to how good a woman is in this regard, and any woman that looks uncompromising would instead fuel conflict rather than dowse it is unmarriageable. 


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The high body count is another big turn-off for most men who can not sit with a woman who has been with numerous men or might have slept with people in their circle of friends. Most men nowadays are conscious of having anything done with a repentant hookup babe that might return to her senses with sexually transmitted diseases. 

The Keeping up With the Joneses 

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Any woman talking about what other people have gotten and are always on the hunt to get her hand on the new releases of iPhones and designers is a dangerous specimen that most men have vowed not to marry. This is due to the unnecessary pressure she will place on her man to get those things for her and the unappreciative tendency she has for something they already have. 

Disregard for Personal Boundaries 

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Total disregard for personal boundaries indicates that the woman is inconsiderate and would step on many toes without regard for other people’s feelings. Boundaries can be regarded as laid down rules or the dos and don’ts of a man; any form of disregard for that shows a lack of respect for him from the woman. No man wants such in his domain. 

Poor Self-Esteem 

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Poor self-esteem is identified in a woman’s perspective about herself and her addiction to things that will make her feel good, such as social media validations, cosmetic surgery addiction to lift some specific salary off her body and others. This malaise indicates that any marriage to this type of woman will have issues and unstable relationships. 

The Narcissistic Queen 

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Narcism is the tendency to be overtly self-centred, leading to a lack of consideration about how others feel. The belief that a woman is superior to others is a cancer breeds many attitudinal problems that upset the marriage. Men have identified these issues and run as far as possible from any woman who exhibits such. 

An Extrovert 

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Men are at the crossfire of various stress and multidimensional thought-provoking issues that warrant going out after work to unwind and enjoy a quiet time to process past instances. Any woman who doesn’t understand this phase or can not pick up social cues that men often need some time alone outside to get their act together might not make a good wife and would often lead to problems. 

The Social Media Godmother 

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There is no issue with women using social media, but becoming an addiction is where a man should draw the line. There is no gain in saying that a social media-obsessed woman would build all her daily life on social media without regard for the privacy a man might want for himself. 

Alcohol Addict 

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Men should stay clear of marrying any woman who’s deep into the realm of alcoholism. Apart from the reproductive issues it leads to, it is also draining emotionally in relationships, seeing your woman drunk at any given moment. 

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