16 Obvious Things Men Do That Scream ‘Lower Class’

By Krystal Brown

“Class – it’s not just about material possessions like mansions or fancy cars. It’s about your behavior, your words, and your treatment of others. Men have their perspectives on it, so here are 17 signs that might say, ‘I’m not exactly high-class,’ according to our male panel. Let’s explore together!”

Respecting Differences

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A truly classy and good person understands that people come from diverse backgrounds and have unique life experiences. They respect and appreciate these differences rather than judging or stereotyping others based on them. Embracing diversity and practicing tolerance is a hallmark of a genuinely good person.

They Are Loud

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If men are loud, it could be a sign that they are from a lower class. Being loud is frowned upon by people from the upper classes who want to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Lowering your tone may just be the way to come off more classy. 

Using Speakerphone

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Speakerphones have uses but should not be used at all times, according to people who do not want to be seen as being from a lower class. Just like talking too loudly screams lower class, so does constantly talking on speaker phone, especially in public. Speaker phones should be kept to being used when you are home alone or when you have to handle something else so cannot hold your phone. 

Wearing Branded Clothing

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While upper-class people will wear branded clothes, they will make sure it is discreet so that they are not obvious. Lower-class people will be happy to wear large logos on their clothes, whether caps or T-shirts, which only sometimes look good. Even if a branded outfit costs hundreds of dollars it doesn’t mean it is classy. 


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Littering is the lowest of the low, and no middle or upper-class person would dream of leaving their trash around. Lower-class people often leave their trash in parks or, even worse, throw them out of their car windows.


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Bragging about something is shallow class as those with more type will be discreet about their achievements. Letting your good work speak for itself is more of becoming a respectful citizen. 

Living on Credit

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If you are constantly in debt and living off credit, then you are likely to be from a lower class, or people will suspect that you are. People from higher classes are usually able to pay for things upfront and do not have to rely on credit.

Talking About Others

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If you constantly speak about others and gossiping is your number one hobby, you must show signs of being in the upper classes. Speaking ill of people is an activity that shows signs of someone being lower class. Sometimes gossip is associated with women, but men are just as bad sometimes.


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If you are constantly haggling to get a couple of dollars off something, this is a sign that you are hovering in the lower classes. People in the middle and upper classes would cringe at having to haggle over such a small amount of money. Of course, it is good to be savvy when you think that someone is trying to rip you off but be careful you are not just being dumb. 

Being Entitled

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While there are wealthy people who are entitled, it is generally an attitude of the lower classes who think that the world belongs to them. Expecting things handed to them on a plate needs to be more classy. 

Poor Table Manners

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People who cannot eat respectfully and make good small talk around a dinner table are likely to be from a lower class. Upper-class people know how to work a dinner table and would never dare eat with their mouths full. 

Show Offs

Alpha man
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People who want all the attention and show off all of the time may have money, but they are only sometimes better than anyone else. Sometimes even if you are not from the lower classes, your behavior screams lower class. 

Making Others Feel Small

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In a bid to make themselves look and feel better, people who are of a lower class will belittle other people. Classic bullying behavior does not come from a higher type of person, as it is not something anyone with dignity would consider. 

Faking Luxury

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People who genuinely have money do not see the need to flaunt their cash. Lower-class people will flaunt their luxury, but in reality, they will likely be spending a month’s wage on one item and cannot afford to buy another thing for months. 


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People who are all about themselves are not higher class people as they are more interested in what is happening when others in their life could be suffering. To raise yourself above others, you must lose selfishness and embrace looking out for others. 

Meltdowns in Public 

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People who have a public meltdown scream lower class as they cannot control themselves, not unlike a toddler. People cannot always get what they want, but lower-class people seem to think they can. 

Disrespecting Others

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Classy people show others respect at all times. There is no time for rudeness and being self centered when you want to be better. One of the biggest things we have to learn is that we cannot always be right and that other people can sometimes teach things that we need to be getting quite right. 

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