10 Things Men Hate About Being a Man but Keep to Themselves

By Krystal Brown

In a world where societal expectations often shape the experience of masculinity, men grapple with a set of challenges that frequently go unvoiced. This article explores the unexpressed frustrations men encounter, illuminating the intricate path they navigate in their journey through manhood.

1. Not Showing Emotions

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Why do we need to act tough even when things are not going well? Why can’t a man cry? What is so unmanly about being vulnerable and showing weakness instead of bottling things up and dying inside? Men should be free to show emotions and weakness when necessary without being afraid of ridicule or judgment.

2. Expected To Be Responsible For All Bills

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In some regions, socio-cultures, and gatherings, men are still expected to foot bills irrespective of their financial status. This has put many men under undue pressure to stand up to the challenge of societal stereotypes. A sane or ideal society should prioritize equality across all gender and not tie things like footing bills to a specific gender, instead let the person who has enough handle the bills. Men should not be judged for their ability or inability to meet up to societal standards that have no impact on their mental well-being.

3. Taking Care Of Body Hair

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Compared to women, males have more body hair, some of which can be highly irritating or unpleasant. Men have to cope with ingrown hairs and blade bumps, wax their faces, shave their noses, and wax their chests, and faces. Women shouldn’t expect men to be hairless, and men shouldn’t be required to devote a lot of cash and time to grooming their body hair.

4. Exude Sexual Prowess

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No one asks if you wanted to be macho in bed, they just expect you to be. Have you seen how men are ridiculed if they can’t perform sexually? It’s gross. This is not to say that men should not intentionally want to satisfy their partners. In a sexual or romantic relationship, both partners are expected to meet each other’s sexual needs as they both dim fit. But the unspoken rule that whenever sex is bad then the man must be under performing is outrageous. Even more annoying is the idea that men must be the ones to initiate sexual activities with their partners all the time, satisfy their partners and of course be big down there. These ridiculous assumptions can lead to an inferiority complex, worry, and even erectile dysfunction in men. Men are humans and one thing is common with all humans – imperfection.

5. Perceived As A Threat

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As a man have you ever noticed how a woman becomes uncomfortable and probably starts walking fast on a lonely street at night? You can see how they perceive you as a threat even when you have done nothing wrong. There are even cases where an elderly woman calls the police just because she felt suspicious of a young man minding his own business. 

6. Dealing With Toxic Masculinity

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The term “toxic masculinity” refers to the negative standards and traits that men are seen to exhibit, such as sexism, domination, aggression, and violence. Men’s mental and physical wellness, as well as their interpersonal connections, can all suffer from toxic masculinity. Women should not promote or foster toxic masculinity, and neither should males be forced to adhere to it.

7. Being Treated Unfairly In Family Courts

When it pertains to divorce, child support, and custody issues, men are often at the receiving end. They are more likely to be charged with domestic abuse or be denied custody of their kids, as well as pay divorce and child support. Fathers’ rights shouldn’t be restricted for males, and mothers shouldn’t use their kids against men or as a bargaining chip.

8. Dealing With Prostate 

The male prostate is a gland that aids in urinating and stimulates fluid for semen. Men’s prostates may grow, inflame, or develop cancer as they age. This may result in symptoms including infertility or erectile dysfunction, trouble urinating, or excessive urination. Men shouldn’t have to deal with prostate issues, and women shouldn’t laugh at or disparage them.

9. Unrealistic Physical Strength Expectations

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Men are usually expected to be energetic and tough under all circumstances. They are expected to carry heavy objects, do household repairs, safeguard others and themselves, and put up with discomfort without grumbling. Yes, nature indeed favors men in giving them muscles and physical strength that some women cannot equate with, but we all can agree that not all men are the same, and sometimes what these macho men do not lack in their physical look they lack in emotions. This is why is not uncommon to see a supposed bulky man crying uncontrollably from hurt. So, while we celebrate the gift nature in men, we should not ignore the fact that these men have feelings and can also feel tired, overwhelmed, and just need care.

10. The Pain Of Being Invisible

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Although being in the background is supposed to sound alluring, many men still feel unrecognized and underappreciated when they are ignored as if they weren’t existing. Yes, the idea of quietly dealing with your troubles can be novel, but at the same time, it can be mentally draining. 

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