10 Things Women Think Men Are Too Sensitive To Hear

By Krystal Brown

In today’s evolving landscape of gender roles and relationships, it’s important for men to embrace a new paradigm of masculinity that prioritizes self-care, emotional awareness, and respect for all, while discarding outdated notions of ego and superiority.

1. You Don’t Have To Be Manly Or Macho

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Many men who feel they have to prove their manliness or harass you for not acting in a way they deem macho are anxious about their manliness. Prime manliness is being unapologetically enthusiastic about the things and those you care about while doing the things you love and loving who you want.

2. Scrub Between Your Cheeks

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Men are often embarrassed when told how much emphasis they place on washing other parts of their body except between their cheeks. Women have admitted that most men get awkward and in some cases belittled when told this. But this is not to hurt their feelings or manliness, this is a simple hygiene everyone should know. Why they forget this needs to be studied.

3. Don’t Cheat

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This should not even make this list if not that there are still guys out there who feel entitled to cheat in relationships and term it patriarchy. For a woman who values her relationship and is not a sucker for open communication, then they should find time to discuss this with their partners whether the act has been done or not. You should let your partner how you will feel if he cheated and broke the trust in your relationship. It is not so much a sensitive thing for a man to hear as the act of cheating itself.

4. Anger Is An Emotion

While some men pride themselves on not being overly emotional, most times they fail to understand that anger that most men are prone to have is equally an emotion, and the same way they want women to master or not be overly sulky and emotional, they too need to check those damaging outbursts of emotion in the name of anger.

5. Men Should Care For Their Nails

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Grooming should not be tied to a particular gender. The body of women needs care just as that of men also. Women should not be afraid of letting their partners know they need to pay attention to their nails just as with every other part of their body. If you keep quiet as a woman because you don’t want to hurt his ego, you can be hurt by those uncut nails at any time.

6. Wash Your Bathroom

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Although society is not big on men doing the chores around the house, we are moving into a more gender-inclusive culture where gender equality is now something that has come to stay. This means, as a woman you no longer need to maintain the opinion that men cannot do simple chores around the house like washing the bathrooms. This also means as a man, you should not feel hurt when told to clean up the bathroom after bathing. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are for the benefit of the one who does it.

7. Stop Being A Child 

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This statement seems harsh, yet it’s sometimes accurate. Most women can tell when a man is acting up and behaving too immature, reliant, or lazy. In any case, most women would love their man to be more manly, exuding the confidence of a man who has clear goals, vision, and purpose, and when they don’t see these qualities, they can be tempted to raise it because of how sensitive it can be to naturally egoistic men.

8. Wash Your Hands Before Romance

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Just say it already. It is better to bruise their ego a little bit than suffer from yeast infection. We all can agree that it may sound a little awkward to say, “Honey why don’t you wash your hands before coming to bed!” but if the message gets passed this way the first, two or three times, there wouldn’t be a fourth time. Winks!

9. Respect All Women Not Only Those You Admire

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Men tend to become all nice and sweet when they see a woman they want to hit on. But if you are a woman that turns them off, rest assured you will get it hot from them. This is a crass attitude and should not be applauded. Most women will like you to be as nice and sweet even if you are not into them. Our sexual desires should not determine how well we treat people.

10. Don’t Make Women Who Do Not Know What You Know Look Stupid

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There is nothing more unattractive than a man who makes others feel dumb. It immediately turns people off. Even women who crushed on you will instantly zone out if you keep treating them badly because of their IQ. A man who respects women and treats them well even when they know nothing has a great personality. Although most men would not want to admit it, there is this urge to look down on a woman because of her intelligence level. This is a behavior men need to be told is wrong.

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