Are Men Really Expected to Embrace These 12 Outlandish and Unfair Roles in Modern Society?

By Krystal Brown

Even in a modern world, there are unrealistic expectations of men, with these 15 being the most outlandish.

1. Men Should Not Cry

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One of the most damaging stereotypes that people have is that men should not cry. In reality, men should cry when they want and need to just like women. Shedding a tear when they are upset does not make someone any less of a man and the more men can show their true feelings the less chance that their mental health will suffer.

2. They Should Be The Entertainer

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A lot of men say that they feel pressure to be the one who makes dates fun when sometimes they are just as stuck for ideas as women. Men, like women, can get nervous on a date and they cannot always be the ones to lift the mood. Women often see the results of this pressure and not always in a good way as they can end up having to go along with enforced ‘fun’.

3. Confident Men are Bro

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Just because a man is confident does not mean he should get the “bro” tag. Being called a bro or “one of the bros” is pigeonholing men into something that people think they should live up to. Sometimes men are just confident and that is OK.

4. Men Can Read Minds

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Some women think men are magic and expect them to know exactly what they are thinking which is an impossible expectation. While there can be an element of intuition in relationships it is unreasonable to keep quiet about what is going on in your head and expect your other half to do what you want.

5. All Men Are Providers

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In this modern age, it is unfathomable that people still believe that men are the main breadwinners while women stay at home. In the majority of circumstances, men and women share family duties and both go out to work and in some cases, men stay at home while women pursue a career.

6. Men Shouldn’t Have Sole Custody of Their Children

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When a relationship breaks down it is assumed that women are assigned full custody of their children but that is not always the case. Some men are not happy with weekend custody and want either an equal share of looking after their children or in some cases may take sole custody of their children.

7. All Men Love Sports

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Not all men are jocks and some have even watched a game of football never mind played it. Like women, men have varied hobbies and some would much rather spend their day drawing or reading a book rather than kick a ball around.

8. Men are Great at DIY

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All men do not have the handyman gene and some rely heavily on their female partner or hired help. It is an outdated stereotype that all men know their way around a hacksaw but some men wouldn’t know the difference between a hacksaw and a chainsaw.

9. Men Should Always Make The First Move

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Many men are great at making the first move, whether it be asking their first girlfriend to the prom or approaching a colleague they like to ask them on a date. However, not all men are confident in approaching women and some women love to be assertive in making the first move. Nerves affect us all so women should not always assume that men are not interested in them but they may have to step up to ask a man out.

10. Men Should Be Brave

Alpha man
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Not all men can be heroes and not all men have to come to the rescue of women and children. Some men are just as scared as women so they should not have to put on a brave face all of the time. It is ok for men to publicly tell people that they are afraid and to ask for help when they need it, just like some women.

11. Men Can’t Change Diapers

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Yes, men can change diapers and they can do most of the things that women can do when it comes to looking after babies and children. It is unfair to say that women should be the ones to always look after children and it is even more unfair to say that a man can not look after his child the way their mother does.

11. Men are Promiscuous

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When men are given the title of being a jock or a bro they are expected to be macho and play the field. While this may be the case for some men, many men are faithful to their partner and want to settle down with someone they love rather than move from woman to woman. Conversely, some women are promiscuous and struggle to settle down with one partner.

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