When Naming Your Child Goes Wrong: Hilarious Examples of Illegal Baby Names Across the Globe!

By Krystal Brown

Choosing a baby name can feel like tiptoeing through a field of landmines, especially when you discover the wacky names that are outlawed in certain countries.


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Some countries, due to religious sensitivities, ban names associated with the devil, like Lucifer.


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In many places, naming a child after famous personalities, including sports figures like Lionel Messi, can be subject to legal restrictions.


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Unconventional names inspired by brands, especially social media platforms like Facebook, are often prohibited in various jurisdictions.


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In 1976 in North Dakota, there was a short-order cook and high school teacher called Michael Dengler who was unable to change his name to 1069. He stated, “The only way my identity can be expressed is 1069.” 

Chief Maximus

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There is no real reason as to why this name has been banned. It seems ridiculous though because we are able to use Max, which has to be short for something. 


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King is illegal because it is branded a title, and not a name. It is referred to as disrespectful. 


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These are prohibited because they might seem otherwise obscene or offensive. 


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Mexico bans names that have a lacking of meaning behind them, hence the ban of the name Robocop. 

Chow Tow

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This name means Smelly Head, and two parents in Malaysia were stopped from naming their child it and it was subsequently added to the list of banned names. 

S*x Fruit

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Before a child had to spend the rest of their life with the name S*x Fruit, the government in New Zealand banned it.


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Nirvana is on one of the 80 pages dedicated to names that cannot and should not be used in Portugal. There are over 2000 names included. 


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Due to its association with Western culture, Linda was banned in 2014 in Saudi Arabia. 


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The name Friday was banned in Italy because it was said that it is “likely to limit social interaction and create insecurity. 

Osama bin Laden

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After 9/11, a Turkish couple decided to name their child Osama bin Laden. However, it was declined by German officials and they stated that names “must not be likely to lead to humiliation”. 


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A little girl was born in 2007 and was named after the heavy metal band. However, it was deemed inappropriate by tax officials. 


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In 2014, a list of banned baby names was compiled in Mexico. Circumcision made the cut and was banned from that point on. 

Harriet and Duncan

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A family in Iceland in 2014 were told that they were unable to renew their child’s passport. It was because her name meant Girl, and it was the same with their son, it meant Boy and these names are banned. 


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A couple in 2015 wanted to name their daughter Nutella, but a French judge was not having it. However, instead they stated that it would lead to ‘mockery and disobliging remarks.’ 


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Another country that has to pre-approve a baby name before it is used, is Denmark. Thankfully the name Monkey has been popped onto the banned list, along with names like Pluto and Anus. 

Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii

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The government in New Zealand hated this name so much that they assumed guardianship of a girl who held the name so they could ensure a more appropriate name was found for her. 


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New Zealand’s 2013 list has banned “.”. The name would be pronounced as Full Stop, so it’s a good thing that it was banned. 


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This name means devil in Japanese, and this is why it’s been banned in Japan.


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Norway regulates what parents can name their child, just like New Zealand. There was a mom that was sent to jail for not paying a $210 fine for using an unapproved name. 

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