Beautiful and Traditional Hawaiian Girl Names and Their Meanings

If you are looking for beautiful traditional Hawaiian girl names, then you are in luck. We have listed down over 100 of the most beautiful Hawaiian girl names and their meanings so you do not need to look any further.

What comes to your mind when you hear Hawaiian names? I usually think of the beauty of nature whenever I hear one. I hear the breeze of the wind, the water splashing on the shore, and the rustling of the leaves. Just beautiful.

People have different reasons for choosing certain names for their babies. Some like it unique, or exotic. While others choose popular ones. However, Hawaiian people generally choose names for their babies depending on the meaning and circumstances.

It is believed that the name should resonate with the child as it can influence his or he future. This is why you should be very careful when choosing your baby’s name.

Traditional Hawaiian names are of Polynesian in origin and mostly unisex. Family members take naming very seriously and carefully chose the best one for their child. Traditionally, names given to babies are based on dreams, vision, events, ancestors, and the traits of the child.

Nonetheless, all Hawaiian baby names so beautiful to the ears and made more special because they all have beautiful meanings.

Whether you come from a Hawaiian family or simply want your baby to have a beautiful or traditional Hawaiian name, take a look at the list below for inspirations.

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Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With A

Aelan- This name means “a beautiful flower” or simply “a flower”.

Ahe- This means “softly blowing breeze”.

Aheahe- This is a variant of Ahe and still means “softly blowing breeze”.

Ailana- The name means “strength of God” or “the memory of the Lord.”

Ailani- This name means “high chief.” Perfect for this who aspire for their kids to become leaders someday.

Akamai- This beautiful name means “smart,” “intelligent” or “wisdom”.

Akela- The Hawaiian version of the names Asher and Adela, this means “graceful and noble”.

Alamea – This name means “ripe” or “precious”.

Alani- This short but beautiful name means “precious” or “awakening”.

Aleka- The name means “defender of mankind”.

Alikae- This is the Hawaiian version o the nae Alex and it means “protector”.

Allanna This name means “serenity,” “calmness,” or “tranquility”.

Allyna- This name means “precious,” “awakening,” or “light”.

Aloha- This name is synonymous with Hawaii and it means “loving or kindhearted.”

Alohalani- This name means “full of compassion”.

Alohi- This short name means “brilliant” or “shining”.

Anani- This beautiful name means “orange tree”.

Anela- This sweet name means “angel”.

Anuhea- A unique name that means “cool fragrance”.

Aonani- This name means “beautiful light”.

Aouli- This cute name describes a feeling. It is “‘describing how the beautiful blue sky expands on a clear sky’.

Aulani- This name means “king’s messenger.”

Aulii- This name means “something which is very delicious”.

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Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With E

Ele – This sweet and short name means “the black shining one”

Eleele – This name means “dark colored eyes”.

Enakai- This name means “raging or glowing sea”.

Ewalina – This pretty name means “hazelnut”.

Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With H

Hali- This sweet name means “necklace”.

Hadassa- This name means “flowering myrtle”.

Halia- The name means “remembrance of a loved one” or it can mean “memorial”.

Hawaii- This means “homeland”

Haukea- This means “snow white”.

Haulani- This name means “snow beauty”.

Healani- This name means “haze from heavens”.

Hokulani- This name means “divine star”.

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Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With I

Iekika- This cute name means “one who can foresee”.

Iokina- The name means “God will develop”.

Iolana- This beautiful name means “to soar like the hawk”.

Iwalani- This name means “heavenly seagull”.

Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With K

Kahula- This is an older and more traditional name that means “dancing”.

Kai- This name means “from the sea.”

Kaiah- This pretty name means “earth”.

Kailani- A sweet name that means “sea” or “sky”.

Kailea- A cute name that means “baby doll”.

Kaimana- This name means “power of the sea”.

Kaipo- This name means “sweetheart”.

Kalani- The name means “the heavens,” “sky,” or “royal one”.

Kaleah- A pretty name that means “the flower wreath” or “the beloved”.

Kalei- This sweet name also means “the flower wreath” or “the beloved”.

Kaleikaumaka- This beautiful name means “beloved child to look upon with pride and love”.

Kalia- A variation of Kaleah, this means “the flower wreath” or “the beloved”.

Kaloni- This name means “the heavens,” “sky,” or “royal one”.

Kalua- A name perfect for a second child because it means “the second child”.

Kaneeta- This name means “sound”.

Kanoa- A beautiful name that means “free one”.

Kapena- This name means “captain”.

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Kawai- A pretty name that means “coming from water”.

Kawailani- This name means “the heavenly water.”

Kaylani- This lovely name means “sea heavens”.

Keala- This means “the pathway.”

Kealani- This name means “clear heavens”.

Kealii- This name means “chief”.

Keanu—This means “cool mountain breeze.”

Keao- A lovely name that means “the light of day”.

Kehaulani- A lovely name that means”dew from the sky”.

Kehlan- This means “sea heavens”.

Keiba- This cute name means “sunrise”.

Keiki- Another cute name that means “child”.

Keilani- This means “heaven,” “sky,” “glorious,” or “royal one”.

Kekepania- This name means “woman with crown”.

Kekiokolanee- This cute name can mean “funny,” “cool,” “honest,” or “never gives a secret”.

Keola- A beautiful name that means “the life”.

Kieli- This means “heavenly garden”.

Kina- This sweet name means “China”.

Kinipela- The name means “wave”. Perfect for sea lovers.

Konane- A name perfect for moon lovers. It means “glow like moonlight”.

Kuuleilani- This lovely name means “heavenly garden”.

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Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With L

Lalani- This pretty name means “heavenly lei,” or “royal child of heaven”.

Lahela- The name means “sheep’s friend”.

Lanah- This name means “precious” or awakening”.

Lanakila- This name means “victory”.

Lannie- A variation of Lalani, it means “precious” or “awakening”.

Leialoha- A cute name that means “darling child”.

Leiko- A cute name that means “little flower.”

Leilana- This name means “heavenly child.”

Leilani- This name means “heavenly flower”.

Leilanie- A beautiful name that means “flower of heaven.”

Lilinoe- This means “goddess of haze”.

Lono- This name means “news”. Also, the name of the Hawaiian god of agriculture and rainfall.

Luana- A pretty name that means “enjoyment”.

Luanda- A variation of Luana and means “enjoyment”.

Luwana- Another variation of Luana. Means “enjoyment”.

Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With M

Mahina- Perfect for moon lovers. This name means “moon” or “moon-light”.

Makaio- A form of the name Matthew and means “gift of God”.

Makani- This name means “the wind”.

Malana- This name means “buoyant” or “light”.

Malea- The name means “perhaps” or “probably”.

Malia    This beautiful name means “of the sea”.

Malina- This name means “peace”.

Melya- This pretty name means “plumeria”.

Milani- This beautiful name means “gentle caress”.

Miliani- A variation of Milani, it means “gentle caress.”

Moanna- This popular name means “from the ocean”.

Moani- This name means “breezes of scent”.


Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With N

Nalani- This beautiful name means “serenity of the skies”.

Nalanie- A lovely name that means “heavens”.

Napua- Perfect for those who love flowers, this name means “the flowers”.

Noe- A cute name that means “mist of heaven”.

Noelani- A variation of Noe, it means “mist of heaven”.

Nohea- This sweet name means “beautiful.”

Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With O

Okalani- A beautiful name that means “heaven”.

Oke- Perfect for animal lovers, this name means “deer lover”.

Olina- A sweet name that means “joyous”.

Ona- this cute name means “sweetness”.

Onaona – Perfect for a sweet daughter, the name means “sweet smell”.

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Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With P

Pali- This would make a lovely name for a family of bird lovers. The name means “bird.”

Palila- A variation of the name Pali, this name means “bird”.

Pauahi- This is the name of the Big Island crater in Hawaii, it means “fire is over”.

Pele- Name of the creator of the Hawaiian Island. The name means “goddess of fire, wind, lightning and volcanoes”.

Puanani- This name means “gorgeous flower”.

Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With T

Talei- This name means “precious.”

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Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With U

Ulani- This cute name means “cheerful”.

Uma- This cute name means “goddess Parvati”

Urima- This name means “fruit of the earth”.

Uriah- This name means “God is light”.

Ualani- This beautiful name means “rain from heaven”.

Hawaiian Girl Names That Start With W

Waiola- This name means “violet flower”.

Waulani- This beautiful name means “the king’s messenger”.

Wikolia- The name means “woman of victory”.

There you go, over 100 beautiful and traditional Hawaiian girl names and their meanings. Any of these would make a great baby girl’s name, some of them even sound like beautiful nicknames for your little princess.

Naming a baby is such a beautiful moment and we hope that this list will help you find the perfect one for your little girl.

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