Middle Names for Iris

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Looking for Iris’ middle name? You’ve arrived to the right page! But first, let’s take a look at the meaning of Iris.

The term Iris is taken straight from the Greek word iris, which means “rainbow.” Greek mythology depicted Iris as a Goddess of the rainbow. She rode the rainbow, which served as a multicolored bridge connecting heaven and earth, as a messenger for Zeus and Hera.

An Iris is also a flower and in ancient times, it was regarded as a sign of strength and grandeur, with the three petal segments representing faith, knowledge, and bravery. This vibrant image inspired the name of the flower and the creation of the colored portion of the eye.

Take a look at these gorgeous middle names for Iris:


Iris Abigail

Iris Addison

Iris Adelaide

Iris Adele

Iris Adriana

Iris Alexa

Iris Alexandra

Iris Amelia

Iris Angeline

Iris Annabelle

Iris Annelise

Iris Arabella

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iris Aria

Iris Aurelia

Iris Avery

Iris Aviva


Iris Baylor

Iris Beatrix

Iris Belle

Iris Bernadette

Iris Bianca

Iris Blair

Iris Blake

Iris Briella

Iris Brynlee

Iris Brynn


Iris Calliope

Iris Callista

Iris Camille

Iris Cecilia

Iris Celeste

Iris Celine

Iris Chanel

Iris Christina

Iris Christine

Iris Claire

Iris Clarissa

Iris Clementine

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Iris Colette

Iris Cordelia

Iris Corinne


Iris Dakota

Iris Danielle

Iris Darleen

Iris Denise

Iris Dior

Iris Doreen

Iris Drew


Iris Elaine

Iris Eleanor

Iris Elise

Iris Elizabeth

Iris Emerson

Iris Evangeline

Iris Evelyn

Iris Everleigh


Iris Felicity

Iris Fiona

Iris Flora

Iris Francesca


Iris Gabrielle

Iris Genevieve

Iris Georgina

Iris Gianna

Iris Gisselle

Iris Grace

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Iris Grey

Iris Guinevere

Iris Gwendolyn


Iris Harlow

Iris Harper

Iris Haze

Iris Helen

Iris Hensley

Iris Hilary

Iris Holland

Iris Hope


Iris Irene

Iris Isabelle


Iris Jade

Iris Jane

Iris Jayleen

Iris Jean

Iris Jennie

Iris Joanna

Iris Joelle

Iris Josephine

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Iris Joy

Iris Juliet

Iris June


Iris Kate

Iris Katherine

Iris Kaylee

Iris Kissha


Iris Lane

Iris Lark

Iris Laura

Iris Lavender

Iris Leigh

Iris Leighton

Iris Leilani

Iris Lennon

Iris Lennox

Iris Leora

Iris Lisa

Iris Lucille


Iris Mackenzie

Iris Madilyn

Iris Madison

Iris Mae

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Iris Maeve

Iris Magnolia

Iris Marie

Iris Matilda

Iris Melody

Iris Michelle

Iris Minerva

Iris Mirabel

Iris Monroe


Iris Nicole

Iris Noelle


Iris Olivia

Iris Ophelia


Iris Paige

Iris Paisley

Iris Paloma

Iris Pearl

Iris Penelope

Iris Peyton

Iris Philippa

Iris Priscilla

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Iris Raelynn

iris Rain

Iris Ramona

iris Renée

Iris Rosalie

Iris Rose

Iris Rylee


Iris Savannah

Iris Serenity

Iris Shelby

Iris Sienna

Iris Sophia


Iris Tianna

Iris Trinity

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Iris Veronica

Iris Victoria

Iris Violet

Iris Vivienne


Iris Wren