Middle Names for Connor

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Looking for Connor’s middle name? You’ve arrived to the right page! But first, let’s take a look at the meaning of Connor.

Connor is a versatile and charming name which has excellent possibilities for middle names.

Connor is a nickname for the Irish surname “Conor.” It is an Irish given name that means “hunter of hounds” in English. Another meaning of this name is “wolf lover” or “dog lover,” which are also variations of the same word.

The name Connor is of Irish origin, and it literally translates as “dog lover.” In Irish mythology Connor Neeser was the monarch of Ulster

Connor has also been the name of numerous Irish rulers throughout history, and it has remained popular to this day. The surname O’Connor was also the inspiration for the name Connor.

Take a look at these gorgeous middle names for Connor:


Connor Aaron

Connor Adam

Connor Adrian

Connor Aden

Connor Albert

Connor Alex

Connor Alfie

Connor Ash

Connor Allan

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Connor Ansel

Connor Archer

Connor Archibald

Connor Archie

Connor Austin


Connor Bailey

Connor Barney

Connor Benjamin

Connor Bennett

Connor Billy

Connor Bob

Connor Brody

Connor Brooks

Connor Bryce

Connor Buddy


Connor Carter

Connor Chay

Connor Corey


Connor Daniel

Connor David

Connor Davis

Connor Deacon

Connor Dean

Connor Dominic

Connor Dexter


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Connor Eddie

Connor Edward

Connor Eli

Connor Elijah

Connor Eric

Connor Emerson

Connor Erwin

Connor Ethan

Connor Ennie

Connor Eujan

Connor Evan


Connor Fayne

Connor Fergus


Connor Gab

Connor Gabriel

Connor George

Connor Gideon

Connor Grant

Connor Gray


Connor Harrison

Connor Harry

Connor Heath

Connor Henry

Connor Hola

Connor Hope


Connor Ian

Connor Isaac

Connor Isaiah


Connor Jack

Connor Jackson

Connor Jacob

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Connor Jake

Connor James

Connor Jameson

Connor Jay

Connor Jeremy

Connor Jesse

Connor Jessie

Connor Joey

Connor John

Connor Jonah

Connor Jordan

Connor Jade

Connor Joseph

Connor Josh

Connor Joshua

Connor Jude


Connor Kieffer


Connor Lee

Connor Leeny

Connor Leo

Connor Lewis

Connor Liam

Connor Logan

Connor Lorcan

Connor Louie

Connor Luke


Connor Mace

Connor Martin

Connor Mason

Connor Manny

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Connor Matthew

Connor Max

Connor Michael


Connor Nathan

Connor Nathaniel

Connor Noah


Connor Ocean

Connor Ollie

Connor Oren

Connor Orlando

Connor Owen


Connor Parker

Connor Pat

Connor Patrick

Connor Phillip


Connor Rae

Connor Ray

Connor Reece

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Connor Renney

Connor Reuben

Connor Rhys

Connor Ricky

Connor Riley

Connor Robert

Connor Roman

Connor Ronnie

Connor Rory

Connor Rupert

Connor Ryan


Connor Samuel

Connor Sean

Connor Seth

Connor Shane

Connor Shane

Connor Sydney


Connor Ted

Connor Teddy

Connor Thomas

Connor Toby

Connor Tod

Connor Tony

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Connor Troy

Connor Tyler


Connor Uri

Connor Uriah

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Connor Wade

Connor Walter

Connor William

Connor Willie

Connor Wyatt


Connor Xander

Connor Xavier


Connor Zyth