The Best Baby Shower Games That Need No Prizes

By admin

You have put up your hand to volunteer hosting the baby shower. There is so much to organize.

What food to offer, how many invites to send out, where is the shower being held. On top of that, there is the entertainment side of the shower.

The fun not only includes gift-giving but games. As the hostess, it’s up to you to decide what games to play.

Typically two or three games are enough for the shower. There doesn’t have to be prizes.

The reward is the enjoyment of being involved. If you have no idea what games to play, don’t fret. Choose a few from this awesome list.

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Bottle To Bottle

For this, you will need baby bottles, tape, and sprinkles. 

Pour sprinkles into one bottle. Place double-sided tape, paper, or a small piece of cardboard over the bottle’s opening. Grab a second bottle and transfer the sprinkles from one bottle to the other.

The winner is the person who can transfer the most amount of sprinkles.

Blindfold Diaper Change

This game requires a doll and some nappies.

Blindfold your first participant (make sure that they are comfortable with being blindfolded). Now move them towards the diaper changing station. Then have them place the diaper on the doll. 

Award points for speed and neatness.

Don’t Say Baby Game

To play this, get some clothespins. When your guests arrive for the shower, hand them a clothespin to attach to themselves.

No one is allowed to say the word “baby”. If a guest catches another guest saying the forbidden word, they get the clothespin from that person. The winner is the guest who has gained the most clothespins.

Name Tag Game

You will need name tags for each guest. 

On the name tags write baby-related terms such as diaper, pacifier, formula, baby wipes, etc. The game requires you to address each guest by their “new” name.

For example, “Hi Diaper, how are you?” If a person is caught using someone’s real name, have them sit in a designated “naughty corner”. 

Baby Drawings

To set up this game, grab paper plates and pens (one set for each guest).

Pass out the paper plates and the pens. Everybody has to stick the plate onto their forehead (you could use tape for this).

Then each person draws a picture of a baby on their plate without looking. The judge of the “Best Picture” is the mother-to-be.

Don’t Drop the Baby

To play this you need hardboiled eggs (one per guest), paints/felts/ color pens, and spoons

Hand out an egg to each person in the room. Ask them to decorate their egg so that it looks like a baby.

Then have a race to transport the baby across the room without dropping it. You can vary the way the egg is transported so that the game becomes more challenging.

Also, try having a relay race. 

Make A Paper Baby

This is easy to set up. You only need one piece of paper for each player.

Hand out the paper. Each person needs to hold the paper behind their back. Then, without looking behind, tear out the shape of a baby from the paper.

Hang The Diaper

For this game, grab some string, a packet of diapers, and some clothespins

Split your guests into teams of either two or three people. Have the string set up to make a clothesline from which the diapers will be hung.

Give the diapers to the first team and have them hang as many as they can in a preset time. Repeat with the other teams. 

Whichever team hangs the most diapers in the allocated time, wins.

Guess The Toilet Paper Squares

To play, you simply need scraps of paper and pens (for your guests to write their answers on) and a roll of toilet paper.

How many squares of toilet paper will it take to wrap around the mother-to-be’s baby bump? Have everyone write down their guesses.

Then the baby shower hostess grabs the toilet roll and winds it around the mother’s belly. Whoever has the closest guess is the winner.

Mommy’s Cravings

multiple cakes laid out on the table

Pregnancy can cause a female to want some weird and wonderful food. This game requires pieces of paper and pens for your guests to write on.

Each person tries to guess what the expectant mother’s cravings have been. The mother-to-be has to describe several cravings she has had, but she can’t name them. The guests write down what they think is the answer. 

Whoever gets the most right answers is the champion. 

What Will The Baby Look Like?

To prepare for this game, you will need to have photos of the faces of the mother and father. Cut these photos into strips. 

The guests then take the strips and combine them to create a face. The pieces of photos can be mixed and matched until everyone settles on what they think the baby will look like. 

Favorite Baby Story

There is no preparation needed for this. 

Have each person at the shower tell their own favorite baby story. It could be their personal account or a story of a friend or relative that they heard.

Set a time limit for each story (the time limit is determined by the number of guests). The new mother then can decide which story was the best.

What’s In The bag

To play this you will need 10 bags (that aren’t see-thru) and a baby-related item for each bag.

Label the bags 1-10 and place them on the table. Each person reaches into the bag and tries to guess what’s inside.

You can make this game a little challenging by using some odd-shaped items.

Guess the Famous Mom

Set this game up by having various famous mothers’ names written on pieces of paper. One name per sheet. 

Attach one piece of paper onto the back of each guest. They can’t see whose name it is that you have given them.

Everyone walks around asking questions that can only be answered with “Yes” or “No”. Then the person has to guess whose name it is on their back.

How Long Am I Pregnant?

You may need to do a little bit of research for this game. Have a list of animals on a piece of paper.

On the opposite side is a list of pregnancy time lengths. The guests then match the time with the animals.

Whoever has the most correct answers wins. 

Enjoy yourself

Games are a great way to make people relax. Especially if there are a lot of guests coming who don’t know each other. It breaks the ice and forges new friendships. 

The baby shower is a time of celebration and fun. Having playful activities boosts the already jubilant mood in the room. 

As the host, you can also relax, get involved, and enjoy yourself. It’s party time!