Baby Shower for Couples

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Traditionally, baby showers were a female-only event. However, in modern times, tradition has given way to more gender-neutral thinking.

Co-ed baby showers are becoming more acceptable. 

With men attending the shower, the planning does change toward catering for both genders. Here we will run you through how to plan an amazing co-ed baby shower that everyone will enjoy.

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Co-host the shower

When it comes to planning the shower, have a member of both sexes take care of everything. One host can be a female friend or relative of the mother-to-be.

The other host could be the daddy’s best friend. Working together as a team will ensure that everything has a gender balance that caters to everyone at the shower.

Look who’s coming

Put together an invite list that include friends and family from both the mother and father. Before sending out the invitations, have the parents-to-be give the list their final approval.

Maybe you missed someone they wanted to invite, or you invited a person they don’t want to come. 

Will there be a theme?

Before you design the invites and buy decorations, consider if you want to have a theme for the shower. Again, ask the guests of honor (i.e. the mother and father) if they want a theme.

There are plenty of ideas for party themes online. If the concept is given the green light, then the creativity starts.

Now you can think about invitation design, decoration and food that is in line with the theme.


When writing the invitations, use gender-neutral language such as “celebration” or “party” rather than “shower”. On the invite, include both names of the parents-to-be and have a clear RSVP date.

Also, attach registry information so that prospective attendees know what to buy the couple. 

Food and drink 

As mentioned earlier, if there is a theme, let that inspire your food and drink choice. If there is no theme, then decide what would go down well with the guests.

A BBQ is a popular option (if the weather allows) as it gives both guys and gals a chance to mingle. 

Regarding the drinks available, again it all depends on the guests. Offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

The registry

Though a lot of the gifts will be focused on the baby, ensure you include things for both the mother and father. You could get them to write out their individual “wish list” and combine these into a final registry.

During the shower, the parents can take turns opening the gifts. 

If the idea of gifts is turned down, you can consider asking guests for a financial donation. The money can then be given to the parents. 

Keep the conversations gender neutral

Men love to talk about mens’ things and females love to converse about female things. That’s just life.

However, at the baby shower, each gender needs to show sensitivity around what topics to discuss. 

Veteran dads may be used to scary tales about baby deliveries, yet such stories can cause other men at the shower to freak out. The opposite is true with the women at the party.

They don’t want to get bored hearing male mucho stories. 

Let there be games…or not

Some people love party games, others aren’t such huge fans. The hosts need to talk to the parents-to-be about whether there should be games or not.

If you get the green light for games, make them gender-neutral. 

Here are some co-ed game ideas:

Drinking contest

Pour a beverage into a baby bottle. Guests then take turns to see who can drink the contents the quickest. Make sure that you sanitize the top of the bottle before handing it on to the next participant.

Big Balloon Shoe Tying

Blow up some balloons and then hand them to your guests. They need to put the balloon under their shirt and try to tie up their shoes.

Whoever does it the fastest is the winner.

Dirty Diaper Game

Get different types of chocolate candy and some diapers. Using the candy (one type per diaper) smash or melt them into the diapers.

The guests are then given the “soiled” diapers and have to guess the type of candy (is it M&Ms, Snickers, etc.)

Baby Picture

Each guest has to bring their baby picture. These are then handed around the group.

Everyone has to guess who it is in the photo. 

Decorate the diapers

Hand out color pens and diapers to your guests. They then have to decorate their diapers.

You can set a time limit to make it more fun. If there is a theme, have the creativity match that.

The mother- and father-to-be can then decide whose design they love the most.


Though the co-ed baby shower is focused on the guests of honor, you can thank the attendees with a little favor. It’s a nice gesture to say “Thanks for coming”. Keep the contents of the favor gender-neutral. Maybe some snacks, or a little gift inside. 

If you are stuck for ideas, you can use your favorite search engine to seek out inspiration for what to include in your party favor bag.

Weigh up the pros and cons

Having a co-ed shower is a great way to bring in a male touch to the party. However, that doesn’t mean that such a shower is always ideal.

Think about why or why not you should have a co-ed shower.

By including the father-to-be opens up the chance of more people attending. That can make for a great shower.

Also, if the expectant mother suffers from social anxiety, the support from the husband during the shower can ease her tension and make for a more relaxing experience. 

Some traditional families may think the idea of a co-ed shower is unacceptable. Now we have tension within the ranks.

Additionally, more people coming to the party means higher costs in catering, decorations, and party favors. If you have a smallish house, everyone may feel crowded-in and claustrophobic. 

It’s all-inclusive

As gender roles get more and more mixed in modern society, co-ed baby showers aren’t that unusual. Perhaps, the mother-to-be doesn’t want her husband to feel left out. 

A gender-neutral shower allows everyone to get involved in the party. Baby showers are no longer an exclusive domain in which males were forbidden to enter. 

It’s a celebration to which all can come.