Cheddar Better Believe These Cheese Jokes Are Funny

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Do you love cheese? Are you looking for some good cheese jokes to tell your friends and family? Then look no further.

We have the cheesiest cheese jokes you could ask for, and they are bound to have you and everyone around you laughing on the floor. We hope you enjoy them! 

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Q. What do you call a piece of cheese that likes to shoot hoops?

A: Swiss 

Q: Where does a round flatbread covered in cheese and tomato sauce with a radius of z and a depth of a get it’s name from? 

A: Pizza

Q: Which is the most religious cheese?

A: Swiss, because it is holy 

Q: Do you want to hear a pizza joke? 

A: Nevermind, it’s too cheesy 

Q: What is a pizza maker’s favorite song? 

A: Slice, slice baby

Members of the archery club sometimes meet at the cheese shop. Just to shoot the Bries. 

A hurricane just blew the roof off the local cheese factory. De Brie is everywhere 

Q: What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours?

A: Nacho cheese 

Q: Why is cheddar popcorn such a terrible joke? 

A: It’s both corny and cheesy 

Q: Why did no one laugh at the frozen yogurt jokes?

A: They were a little cheesy 

Q: What did the pasta say to the cheese?

A: It’s grate to meet you 

Q: If pizza could talk, what would it say?

A: Probably lots of cheesy things 

Q: What do you call cheese that is sad?

A: Blue cheese 

Q: When should you go on a cheese diet? 

A: If you need to cheddar few pounds 

Q: What do sharks order from McDonalds?

A: A quarter flounder with cheese 

Q: What is Tom Hanks’ favorite soft cheese?

A: Philadelphia 

Q: When can you not see cheese?

A: When it’s brie-hind you or pasteurized 

Q: Why doesn’t cheddar like to party with crackers? 

A: Someone always cuts the cheese 

Q: Which cheese do pirates prefer? 

A: Ched-ARRR 

Q: What’s the cheesiest line in Shakespeare?

A: To brie, or not to brie, that is the question 

Q: What did the cheese say to the significant other?

A: We look gouda to-feta 

The French cheese factory was affected by an earthquake. Only de brie was left. 

Q: Did you hear about the cheese that failed to medal at the olympics?

A: It fell at the final curdle 

Q: What do cheese makers dance to on Halloween?

A: The muenster mash 

Q: When should you keep an eye on your cheese?

A: When it’s up to no Gouda 

Q: Have you heard the new quesadilla joke? 

A: Nevermind, it’s too cheesy 

Q: What kind of cheese do rodents like? 

A: Mousearella 

Q: When do they smother a taco in cheese?

A: In best queso scenario 

Q: When shouldn’t you believe a word your cheese is saying?

A: When it’s too Gouda to be true 

Q: How do you get a mouse to smile?

A: Say cheese

Q: What did the school put on bagels for breakfast on Halloween? 

A: Scream cheese 

Q: What is Barliman Butterbur’s favorite cheese?

A: Bree 

Q: What did the Cheese salesman say? 

A: That cheese may be Gouda, but this one is Feta 

Q: What’s the cheesiest channel on TV? 

A: Brie-brie C 

Q: Which search engine is popular amongst mice? 

A: Ask cheese

Q: Why did the cheese refuse to be cut? 

A: It had grater plans for life 

Q: What do you call a giant monster made of cheese?

A: Gorgonzilla 

Q: What did the pepperoni say to the cheese?

A: Slice to meat you 

Q: How much Mexican food do I plan to eat this Cinco de Mayo, you ask? 

A: That’s nacho business 

Q: What did the cheese say to his boss when he quit? 

A: I’m leaving this place. I’m feta up 

Q: What did the teenage cheese yell at its parents?

A: Leave me provolone

Q: What did the cheese say to call a bear?

A: Camenbert 

Q: What group of cheese has been known to fly? 

A: Curds of prey 

Q: What did the cheese say after escaping the mouse?

A: I’m brieee

A man gives his blind friend a cheese-grater for Christmas, meets him in January and asks if he liked his present. “No”, the friend replied, “I tried to read it but it was just too violent.” 

Q: Which cheese is the smartest? 

A: Cheese Whiz 

Q: What’s the fanciest cheese hotel?

A: The Stilton 

Q: What does cheese shout at slashes movies? 

A: “Look out! The killer’s brie-hind you!” 

I absolutely love tacos. In queso you didn’t know. 

Q: Why did the dairy farmer go on a diet? 

A: She wanted to cheddar a few pounds 

Q: What do you get when you cross a smurf and a cow?

A: Blue cheese

Q: What did the detective say to the suspected cheese thief?

A: “I believe you’ve been up to no gouda.” 

Q: Why do you always bring a bag of chips to a party?

A: In queso emergency 

Q: Why was the cheeseburger sad? 

A: It had blue cheese 

Q: What did the cheddar say when he tried on new clothes?

A: “I look sharp” 

Q: What kind of music does cheese like? 

A: Roquefort ‘n’ Roll 

Q: What does a lady in a mall do with a cheesy credit card? 

A: Go on a shopping brie 

Q: Why did the wheel act so bossy

A: Cause he was the “Big Cheese” 

Q: What cheese surrounds a mediaeval castle? 

A: Moatzerlla 

Q: Why does cheese look normal?

A: Because everyone else on the plate is crackers 

Q: What kind of weather is extra cheesy? 

A: Partly cloudy with a light bries 

Q: What did one cheese say to cheer the other one up? 

A: You’re a gouda friend, it’s gonna brie okay 

Q: What cheese should you use to hide a horse?

A: Mascarpone 

Q: Which is the richest cheese in the world?

A: Paris Stilton 

Q: What do you call a cheese that is acting crazy? 

A: A basket queso 

Q: What is a lions favorite cheese?

A: Roar-quefort 

Q: What cheese do beavers like?

A: eDam 

Q: What did the cheese say to its rival?

A: You’re gouda, but I’m feta 

Q: What does cheese ask for at the pub?

A: Morbier 

Q: What did the man say when someone threw dough, tomato sauce and cheese at him?

A: You wanna pizza me?

Q: What did the cheese say to its doctor?

A: Help me doc! I Camembert the pain any longer 

Q: How does cheese get curly hair? 

A: It gets a perm-esean 

Q: When do they smother a burrito in cheese?

A: In best queso scenario 

Q: Which cheese does the pope like the most?

A: Swiss cheese, it’s holy 

Q: What is a basketball players favorite kind of cheese?

A: Swish cheese 

Q: What do you say when you have cheese but no crackers?

A: I’m cracklackin 

Q: What do you call a grilled cheese sandwich that’s all up in your face? 

A: Too close for comfort food

Q: What costume does cheese wear on Halloween?

A: It dressed up like a muenster 

Q: What did the cheese say when he first saw himself in the mirror?

A: Halloumi 

Q: What did the cheese say in the haunted house? 

A: I gotta get out of here, I’m lac-ghost intolerant 

Q: Which cheese is made backwards?

A: Edam 

Q: What’s cheese’s favorite holiday? 

A: Halloumi-ween 

Q: How did the cheese runner lose the race?

A: He tripped on the final curdle

Q: What’s Mickey’s favorite cheese?

A: Mouse-erella 

Q: What did the cheese say to the sales clerk when she brought her the wrong size?

A: This dress doesn’t feta 

Q: Which cheese is a cannibals favorite?

A: Limburger 

Q: Where’s the cheese grater?

A: Some say Italy, some say France. It depends on what you like 

Q: What does Roquefort say when it’s sad? 

A: I’m feeling bleu 

Q: What is a cheese’s favorite music?

A: R ‘n’ Brie 

Q: Why did the cheese smile?

A: It’s gouda brie a good day 

Q: Why did the cheese cross the road?

A: To feta to the other side 

Q: What did I do with my cheese handkerchief?

A: I blue my nose 

Q: Why was the cheese sent to his room?

A: He needed to mature 

Q: Why did the cheese cry?

A: It was having a meltdown 

Q: What do you call a grilled cheese sandwich that’s all up in your face?

A: Too close for comfort food 

Q: What did the detective cheese say to the suspect cheese?

A: I smell something swiss-picious 

I was walking down the street the other day when this kid threw some cheese at me. I thought, “That’s not very mature.” 

I’ve got an addiction to cheddar cheese. It’s only mild though. 

Q: Why did the Greek woman stop eating cheese?

A: Because she was getting feta and feta 

Q: Why did the wheel act so bossy?

A: Because he was the “Big Cheese” 

Q: Why did the cheese run away?

A: It was afraid to be whipped 

Q: What happened when the cheese got into a fight?

A: He got creamed 

We hope that you managed to get some good laughs from these cheesy jokes. We definitely did!