100 Beautiful Girl Names

You’re having a baby girl! Congratulations!

I know how exciting it must be for you! The moment you hear the doctor say, “It’s a girl!”, your brain goes on a whirlwind of thoughts.

You imagine yourself finally carrying your beautiful baby girl in your arms, buying dresses and ribbons together, and walking hand in hand under the rain.

Your mind tries to capture the beautiful future ahead with your daughter. And then you remember you have to choose a name first!

Have you listed down your options, yet?

If you haven’t thought of a name for your daughter yet, don’t worry, I’ve listed down some (100 of them!) of the most beautiful girls’ names you can consider for your baby girl.

This list contains some of the most unique beautiful girls’ names ever to give you ideas and inspirations. I’ve also included their origin and meaning to make it easier for you to decide.

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Top Beautiful Girls’ Names for 2020 and Their Meanings:

Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with A

Aaliyah – of Arabic origin meaning “highborn”

Abigail – Hebrew name which means “father’s joy”

Addison – of English origin meaning “son of Adam” but has grown popular as a girl’s name.

Adeline – French origin meaning “nobility”

Alexa – short form of Alexander which means “defender of man”

Alice – of German origin meaning “of nobility”

Allison – from the Greek term aletheia which means “truth”

Amelia – of Latin origin meaning “industrious”

Anna – of Hebrew origin which means “full of grace’

Aria – Italian for “air”

Ariana – of Italian origin meaning “very holy”

Arianna – a variation of Ariana which means “very holy”

Aubrey – English name which means “ruler of elves”

Audrey – of old English origin meaning “noble and strength”

Aurora – of Latin origin which means “dawn”

Autumn – from the Latin word autumnus which means “harvest time”

Ava – of Latin origin meaning “bird”

Avery – of English origin meaning “elf king”

Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with B

Bella – of Italian origin which means “beautiful”

Brielle – French origin meaning “God is my strength”

Brooklyn – taken from an English name which means “someone who lives near a brook”



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    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with C

    Camila – from the Latin word Camilla meaning “unblemished character”

    Caroline – of Italian origin, feminine form of Charles which means “strong”

    Charlotte – French origin meaning “petite”

    Chloe – of Greek origin which means “blooming”

    Claire – from a Latin word meaning “clear”

    Cora – of Greek origin meaning “maiden”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with D

    Delilah – a Hebrew name which means “amorous”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with E

    Eleanor – Greek word for “bright and shining”

    Elena – Green name meaning “shining light”

    Eliana – of Hebrew origin meaning “God has answered”

    Elizabeth – from the Hebrew name Elisheba which means “God is satisfaction”

    Ella – a shorter version of Eleanor meaning “light”

    Ellie – a different and shorter version of Eleanor which means “light

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    Emery – of German origin meaning “brave” or “powerful”

    Emilia – of Latin origin meaning “excel”

    Emily – a variation of Amelia, Latin origin meaning “industrious”

    Emma – ancient German origin meaning “universal”

    Eva – from a Hebrew word meaning “life”

    Evelyn – of English origin which means “wished for child”

    Everly – Old English origin meaning “from the boar meadow”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with G

    Gabriella – Italian name meaning “woman of God”

    Genesis – Greek name meaning “in the beginning”

    Gianna – of Italian origin meaning “God is gracious”

    Grace – from the Latin word gratia which means “favor”


    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with H

    Hailey – an English word which means “mown grass”

    Hannah – a Hebrew name meaning “grace or favor”

    Harper – of English origin meaning “one who plays the harp”

    Hazel – Hebrew name which means “God sees”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with I

    Isabella – from the Hebrew name Elisheva which means “God is my oath”

    Isla – of Spanish/ Scottish origin. Isla means “island”

    Ivy – an English nae which means “faithfulness”


    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with J

    Josephine – French origin which means “may Jehovah add”

    Julia – of Latin origin meaning “youthful”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with K

    Kaylee – a variation of Kayla, an English name meaning “keeper of keys”

    Kennedy – of Irish origin meaning “misshapen head”

    Kinsley – of English origin which means “king’s meadow” 


    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with L

    Layla – of Arabic or Egyptian origin which means “dark beauty”

    Leah – of Hebrew origin meaning “weary”

    Lillian – of English origin, from the flower name Lily meaning “purity”

    Lily – English name meaning “innocence or purity”

    Lucy – of Latin origin, meaning “light”

    Luna – In Latin in means Luna, in Greek mythology, Luna is the moon goddess

    Lydia – of Greek origin meaning “kindred spirit”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with M

    Madeline – of English origin which means “high tower”

    Madelyn – a variation of Madeline meaning “high tower”

    Madison – of English origin meaning “son of Mad” with Mad being a pet name for Matthew which means “gift of God”

    Maya – Hebrew name which means “water”

    Mia – a variation of the Slavic name Mila which “darling”

    Mila – of Slavic origin meaning “darling”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with N

    Naomi – of Hebrew origin which means “pleasantness”

    Natalie – from the Latin word Natalis meaning “birthday”, can also mean “born on Christmas day”

    Nevaeh – A relatively new name which is spelled “heaven” backwards

    Nora – short term for Honora which means “honor” in Latin

    Nova – of Latin origin which means “new”


    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with O

    Olivia – of Latin origin which means “olive tree”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with P

    Paisley – of Scottish origin which means “church”

    Penelope – of Greek origin which means “weaver”

    Piper – of Romanian origin which means “one who plays the flute”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with Q

    Quinn – of Gaelic origin which means “counsel”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with R

    Riley – from the old English term ryge leah which means ‘wood clearing”

    Ruby – of Latin origin, a red precious stone

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with S

    Sadie – A Hebrew word meaning “princess”

    Samantha – of Hebrew origin meaning “God heard”

    Sarah – Hebrew name which also means “princess”

    Savannah – Spanish origin which means “treeless plain”

    Scarlett – English name meaning “red” or “one who sells scarlet cloth”

    Serenity – of French origin meaning “calm”

    Skylar – of English origin which means “scholar”

    Sofia – of Greek origin meaning “wisdom”

    Sophia – variation of Sofia which means “wisdom”

    Sophie – another variation of Sofia meaning “wisdom”

    Stella – French origin, meaning “star”


    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with V

    Valentina – of Latin origin meaning “healthy and strong”

    Victoria – the Latin word for “victory”

    Violet – of Latin origin, meaning “purple”

    Vivian – Latin origin, meaning “life”

    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with W

    Willow – an English name meaning “slender” and “beautiful”


    Beautiful Girls’ Names That Start with Z

    Zoe – of Greek origin which means “life”

    Zoey – of Greek origin, variation of Zoe, meaning “life”

    There you go, 100 of the most uncommon beautiful girls’ names (and their meanings) to choose from!

    These are also the topmost beautiful girls’ names for 2020. Although they are quite popular, these names are timeless and will never go out of style.

    Still looking for other cool inspirations for your daughter’s name? You can also try the following:

    Celebrity names: maybe you can name your daughter after your favorite actor! A lot of people do this but the only problem I see is if becomes too popular and your daughter might have the same name as 5 other girls in the classroom.

    City names: This could be the name of a city that’s close to your heart. A place where you met your husband, or the place where your baby was conceived, or the place where you had your honeymoon or engagement!

    Family name: a lot of parents name their children after a relative. It could be the name of your favorite aunt, mom, or grandmother. You can also use a relative’s name as your child’s middle name.

    Popular Holiday: You might not want to go crazy on this one and name your kid Fourth for fourth of July. But you know what? It actually sounds cool!

    As long as it’s the fourth child because it might be confusing if it’s for the first baby. It doesn’t have to be the actual holiday name; you can name your baby Noelle especially if she was born on Christmas day.

    Biblical Names: If you are a Christian, you can also look for inspiring women in the Bible. I especially like the names Mary, Keziah, and Elisha. There are also a lot of Biblical names of places found in the Bible that will sound beautiful as a child’s name like “Ariel” which refers to Jerusalem.

    Shakespearean Names: If you are someone who likes classic literature or theater, them you might want to look up some names from Shakespeare’s works.

    One of the most popular is Juliet but there are s many characters with beautiful names. There’s Gertrude, Helen, Margaret, and so many others. My favorite Shakespearean name will always be Maria because that’s my mother’s name.

    Choosing your baby’s name is such an important thing as they will live with it for the rest of their lives, so it pays to take some time to research and ponder before deciding on it.

    So, don’t rush, you have about a few months to think about it from the time you learn the gender of your baby. What’s important is that you choose a name that feels and sounds right for you and your partner.

    Once you’ve listed a few of your favorites, say the names out loud a few times, hearing it out loud will help you decide if it is the right one.  And sometimes, you get inspiration from the most unexpected places or events so don’t close your doors just yet!

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