How long can I use bassinets for babies?

It is really exciting to have a baby. Now you have to prepare and buy clothes and even baby shoes for your child.

Another factor you want to focus on is your baby’s sleep. You may have read on baby bassinets and how they can help. 

What are they? What are they for? Bassinets are cradles that have a slight rocking motion to help with putting your baby to sleep.

They can be helpful especially when you want to co-sleep but follow the advice of your pediatrician to not sleep on the same bed as your baby. 

How long can a baby use a bassinet?

Most bassinets can last 3- 6 months so that would be the ideal time frame to keep your baby there until moving him/her to a crib instead.

Now the following are guidelines on when to move your baby to a crib.


How much does your baby weigh?

Most bassinets have weight limits on them like 10lbs for most brands, but due to bigger babies, some brands have produced models that can carry up to 20lbs.

This is because some parents like to keep their babies in the bassinets for as long as they can. Remember to check the brand you’re buying first.



Is your baby looking cramped inside the bassinet? If the answer is yes and your baby is past 3 months, then it is best to move him/her to a crib.

However, if your baby is really just growing fast but is still under 3 months then it is advisable to get a bigger bassinet or as most parents suggest, get a bigger weight limit as kids grow really fast. 

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Can your child sit up?

There’s only a little space to protect your child from falling over if he can stand up or sit up inside the bassinet.

If he/she is showing signs of sitting up then perhaps it is time to move your baby to a crib instead.   

Now below are tips on how to move your baby from a bassinet to a crib that may be located in another room as bassinets are designed for younger babies (newborn) to co-sleep with parents.   

Tips on moving your baby from the bassinet to a crib: 

Create a bedtime schedule

Getting your baby used to a sleeping schedule may make moving easier as your baby will be very sleepy and you can get him/her used to go to the crib when it’s sleeping time. 

Make the switch gradual

Make it a step-by-step process. Suddenly moving your baby may cause her to cry at night and be very uncomfortable. The gradual switch will help your baby adjust and give him/her time to process the change.  

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Keep crib in your room 

While the switch is happening, keep your crib inside your room for a little bit of co-sleeping while transitioning. It will give your baby a sense of safety when he/she stays in the crib but will still get to see you if they wake up.  

Sleep in your baby’s room

Now you can move the crib back as your baby has associated it with sleeping time and safety. This is the last step before leaving your baby to sleep in his/her room.

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