The Disappearance of Ethel and Milton: The Hilariously Outdated Baby Names of a Bygone Era

By Krystal Brown

Baby name trends are always changing, but there are names from the 1900s that are no longer in use, despite the cyclical nature of naming trends.


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Most people will picture a cow when this name pops up, but it stopped making the grade in 1975. 


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This name was really popular at one time, and was once within the top 10 girl names, however, the last time it ranked in the top 1,000 was in 1984. 


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This boy’s name was lovely and well-used back in the day, but it hasn’t ranked in the top 1,000 since 2010. 


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This name was once popular, however, it hasn’t been ranked since 1975. 


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Another popular baby name in the 1900s stopped being used as much in 1999. 


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Believe it or not, this name actually managed to stay in circulation until 1985. 


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This name stayed in the top 1,000 until 2009, but there are thoughts that it might come back into circulation. 


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Once a favorite name, this lost its popularity in 2006. 


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This name remained on the list until 2002. 


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This name was usually shortened to Trudy, but even so, it hasn’t ranked since 1965. 


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Even before Thelma and Louise took their road trip, this name lost circulation in 1982. 


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Most women who have this name were born in 1972, it stopped being popular but is somewhat coming back into play during recent years. 


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You might have thought of Golden Girls when seeing this name, however, it hasn’t been on any list since 1964. 


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This name has made an appearance again, but it stopped being as popular in 1971. 


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This name remained on the popularity list until 1999. 


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This name hasn’t been ranked until 2008, which is quite late considering it shares its name with a disinfectant. 


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Lloyd stayed in circulation until 2002. 


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Bernice hasn’t been popular since 1984. 


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A bit more popular than the female equivalent, Bernice, Bernard stayed on the list until 2008. 


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It’s not a big surprise that this name hasn’t been popular since 1967 because in the USA, this name is a synonym for a bottom, and you don’t even want to know what its nickname is for in the UK


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This name dates back to the 1600s but stopped being popular in 1987. 


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This name became popular in the 12th century, but soon fizzled out when Barnaby became more popular. 


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Edith was a well used name 100 years ago, and it was still in the top 42 in 2017. It is highly unpopular in the USA and you wouldn’t find many Edith’s under the age of 70. 


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The fact this name is no longer used doesn’t surprise anyone, especially because it’s associated with the sitcom The Simpsons. It stopped being used in the 1940s. 


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Barbara was very popular in the 1910s until the 190’s but then it took a sudden turn and stopped being used completely. 

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