UNFOEGETTABLE Memories Await: Why SPAIN is the Ultimate Choice for Your First Family Vacation

By Krystal Brown

If you’re looking for family holidays, especially a first one, then the safest and most popular place is Spain. It’s full of sunshine and fun! As adults, all we need is beaches, warm weather and pools, but children aren’t that easily pleased and need more entertainment. Below are some great places to take your children whilst holidaying in sunny Spain.

Butterfly Park, Benalmadena 

You can take your children to visit the Butterfly Park in Benalmadena. In this butterfly park, you get the opportunity to view over 1500 butterflies from all over the world. The complex is Asian themed and the butterflies are free to flutter all around you. Children are also given an activity sheet to check off all the butterflies they can see. There aren’t just butterflies in the environment, but also iguanas, tortoises and wallabies. 

Parc Guell, Barcelona 

Barcelona is usually pretty easy to get to from any destination in Spain, and thankfully, there are so many different things you can do there with your children. One of the best attractions is Parc Guell. This park is bright, colorful and beautiful with mosaics and strange buildings all around the place that children love to climb. There is a blue dragon at the entrance, which is great to send the kids looking for, and as it’s at the top of the peak, it means that energy can be burnt off for everyone. 

Costa Water Park, Alicante, Puerto Banus and Fuengirola 

Something really cool about this is that the whole family can join in and enjoy themselves, and it’s a water park in the sea! There is a mixture of giant inflatables, water slides, climbing walls, trampolines and jumping cushions. Professional lifeguards are always watching over so you can be assured that you’re safe. It’s a fun environment for everyone to let their hair down. There are also 6 water parks over 3 different locations so there’s no excuse not to go! 

Aqualandia, Benidorm 

The weather in Spain is known to be very hot, and there is nothing better we can think of than cooling down in a waterpark. Aqualandia has over 20 thrilling rides and lives near Benidorm. They have a waterslide called the Big Bang which is the highest slide in Europe. If you’re not as much of a thrill seeker then you might enjoy the wave pool or rapids instead. 

Open Top Bus Tours, Various Locations 

When you’re on holiday, it always seems best to walk. However, you have the option of Open Top Tour Buses to rest yours and your little ones feet and get a good look around where you’re staying. You can get on a bus in Malaga, Benalmadena, Cadiz, Barcelona and other Spanish cities. 

Port Aventura, Costa Dorada 

PortAventura is only an hour away from Barcelona and is a kids paradise theme park. There are 6 unique worlds to explore, the Mediterranean, Far West, Polynesia, Mexico, China and of course, the dream, Sesame Street. You will need a whole day to get through all of the exciting rides that PortAventura has to offer. If you’re looking for a thrill then there are rides such as Shambala and Tutuki Splash which will have your stomach turning. There are attractions that are suitable for all ages. It’s a great day out for everyone. 

Karting Experience, Fuengirola 

You and your child can reach up to speeds of 45 mph on a track at the Karting Experience. It is located just outside of Fuengirola and it has all of the twists and turns you can imagine through 970 metres. There are shops where you can grab drinks in between laps so you can refresh before your next race! 

Visit the Barbary Macaque Monkeys 

You might want to consider pre-booking a tour of Gibraltar which is where you can meet mischievous Barbary monkeys up close and personal. This is an experience perfect for children who are animal lovers. When you’re finished with the monkeys, you can also have a look at the caves and tunnels that Gibraltar has to offer. 

Terra Mitica 

This is the biggest theme park found within Spain and is found in Alicante, which is next to Benidorm. It has scary rides and a lot of colourful shows that you would naturally expect. Terra Mitica is the Mediterranean Disneyland and they have divided sections such as Iberia, Egypt, Rome, Greece and more. 

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid 

If you or your children are football fans like the Spanish, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity of visiting the Santiago de Bernabeu stadium, which is the home to Real Madrid. You can take a tour of the stadium which will leave your children in awe at the sights, sounds and smells.