The Worst Hobbies Women Find UNATTRACTIVE in Men

By Krystal Brown

It is great to have a hobby so that you can enjoy the things that are good for your mental and physical health. If you are a man, however, you might want to think twice about these 10 men’s hobbies that women find deeply unattractive.


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It is easy to get into gambling by attending the odd horse racing meeting with friends or playing the roulette wheel at a birthday party, but it can be dangerously addictive. What was once a fun way to spend time can become an obsession and people will gamble on everything from football games to political elections. When men dream of Vegas more than the woman in their life, it can be a huge turn-off. 

Animal Fighting

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It should be obvious that being interested in animal fighting is not going to make you attractive to anyone, let alone women. Unless a man finds a woman who is into dog fighting or cock fighting, men may find that they spend a lot of their lives being single. 

Day Drinking

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It is easy for some people to slip into the habit of drinking during the day without necessarily being an obvious alcoholic. A lot of men will have a drink while watching a game or head to a bar after a round of golf or a tough afternoon in the office. When men begin scheduling meet-ups with their friends at a bar during the day it could be a sign that their day drinking is becoming problematic. As well as ongoing day drinking is bad for a man’s health, it can also put serious strain on relationships. 


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Being into sports is very common and we are not talking about watching the game at the weekend or following your favorite team but being obsessed with absolutely every sport there is. Many women talk of feeling like a widow when their partners resort to heading out to football games, watching tennis on TV, playing pool, and following every soccer team on social media. While sport is great to be involved in, moderation is the key here. 


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If men have no sense of a work-life balance and they end up staying at the office hours after their shift ends or they answer their emails at the beach, it may be time to call an intervention. Women will love that you are working hard to care for your family but when work becomes a hobby it means that less time is spent at home enjoying the rewards for said hard work. 

Working Out

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Like sports, working out to keep your body and mind healthy is important and a great hobby to have. Working out only becomes a problem for a lot of women if men start spending more time at the gym rather than at home. Not only can men annoy the women they live with when working out takes over their life, but they can also drain the life out of people they work with who have to listen to their latest training regime over and over. 

Video Gaming

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Video gaming is not just for children and teenagers who lock themselves in their rooms 15 hours a day, men can become too obsessed with gaming too. Men can lose hours to gaming once they become engrossed in the latest launch but this means time away from the people they care about and time away from cleaning and grooming. 


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Liking cars as a hobby, whether that be collecting expensive cars to clutter your garage and driveway or buying old cars to renovate can soak up a huge amount of time and cash. Add to this the constant dirty hands and clothes it is easy to say why women find this hobby so unappealing. 


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Vaping could be seen as more of a habit rather than a hobby but it seems that people are becoming obsessed with trying new flavors and collecting the best vaping tools. While it is commendable that people are no longer smoking, vaping is still a nasty habit and one that makes people uncomfortable. Bragging to your friends about vaping and vaping in public spaces is not the way to try and get the attention of women. If men can give up smoking, women are begging them to give up vaping too. 


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Men who treat dating as a hobby are going to have a hard time building a long-term relationship with a woman. Dating is fun and it is not always easy but men who indulge in a different date every night need to question their motives as many women do not find men who see a different girl each night attractive. The dating obsession can continue even when men are in a relationship when they message other women online or dare to cheat on their current girlfriend. 

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