10 Things All Men Have Done at Least Once According To Other Men

By Krystal Brown

A few years back, Gillette released an ad addressing the impact of toxic masculinity on boys and the world. In the ad, they critically examined the commonly used phrase “Boys will be boys,” highlighting how it could perpetuate negative behavior. However, a recent online discussion indicates that Gillette’s perspective might not fully resonate with all men. The thread humorously showcases ten relatable experiences from a male standpoint, suggesting that certain actions are often characteristic of men’s behavior. It seems that certain tendencies persist regardless – after all, men will be men!

1. Throw Rocks Into Water

Man Throw Rocks Into Water
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“Throw astronomically big rocks into bodies of water,” begins the thread. “Big rock make big splash,” jokes another rock-hurling gentleman. I love the idea that even well into our middle ages, we love making big splashes in lakes — I would extend this to skimmer pebble contests, too.

2. Barbecue Tongs: Check

Man with Barbecue Tongs
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“Giving the BBQ tongs a couple of test clicks before using them,” suggests a meat-loving grill fan. Of course, some men are vegans and vegetarians, so tongs are not limited to flesh eaters only. “I’ve read that this is our brain’s way of calibrating to the tool since we treat tools as extensions of our limbs,” adds a serious thinker. “Same reason you give the drill a couple of spins.”

3. Love at First Sight

Man with girlfriend
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“Picture our whole life with a stranger we found attractive,” posts a hopelessly romantic dude. “It’s common, right? Right?” Okay, hear me out. It may sound creepy, but it should be seen as romantic. Some guys daydream about that girl sitting quietly on the bus, usually oblivious to their fantasy life together. They marry, move to a suburb, then it’s kids, a ranch in the mountains near a lake, and a family business.

4. Considered Special Powers

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One guy presumes most men have, at some point, “Checked if their powers have awakened,
ranging from Hogwarts-type magic to Kamehameha.” While I enthusiastically listen, I must ask whether those powers fade with age.

“Same here,” one superhero ponders. “Nor have I discovered how to use the force. At this point, I’ll be too old to become a Jedi even if I do manage.” Don’t let those magic powers fade away, fellas.

5. Nodding

Man asking whats up
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One guy simply writes, “The nod.” The thread then shares all the nuances of how men like to nod. Sideways indicates a move away to or from a location — usually to other men. Meanwhile, an upward nod is a “Wassup, bro?” gesture — though aggressively may be a hostile signal. A downward nod shows empathy or certainty. Nodding is a nuanced science. “Up for mates, down for strangers,” agrees a fellow nodder.

6. Hunting, Gathering

Man working at home on call
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“Must gather resources for feed wife,” says someone with their best caveman accent. Ten thousand years later, many men still feel the pull of providing for their women. This dichotomy has worked for many years, though we are now experiencing turbulence. Now, men and women are co-providers, which can be challenging for more traditional men.

7. Using The Force on Something

Man driving car
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All men should try this gentleman’s move. He claims you can “Use the force” in various situations, especially when you are a finger’s stretch away from the TV remote. But it works for “Garage doors at home” and even to “Shove slow cars out of the way in traffic,” according to some Star Wars fanatics. Disclaimer: this one requires strong imagination.

8. Completely Ignore Obvious Mating Signals

Woman talking with man
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We have all been in situations where we know we dropped the ball with a woman, but sometimes it is almost harder to mess things up. One man speaks of meeting a “Super cute” fellow job interviewer, who invited him to a bar afterward. “I said I couldn’t because I was meeting up with my aunt, which was true,” concedes the commenter. However, it only dawned on him “Eight years later” that she was hitting on him.

9. Fantasizing About a School Teacher

Teenager boy blushing
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At some point, most red-blooded boys have a crush on an adult teacher — maybe more than one. “I had the hots for my high school English teacher,” recalls a commenter. “She was 26 when I was in junior year,” I remember the girls’ sports teacher at my school made every teenage boy blush when she walked the corridors.

10. Pondering Beard Length

Man touching his beard
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Knowing whether to stick or twist with facial follicles is a difficult decision. One privilege of XY chromosomes is being able to sculpt your beard. “Growing up, we always poked fun of my dad for the bad ‘Riker’ beard he had in old photos,” claims a poster. “Then, like clockwork, the instant I turned 25, I was struck by the urge to grow my beard — and whaddya know, mine looks exactly the same!”

Source: Reddit.

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