10 STUPID Things MEN Think Make Them Look More “Manly”

By Krystal Brown

No matter how many times men are told they do not have to conform to stereotypes they do these stupid things to make them look more “Manly”.


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With images of bodybuilders, boxers, and weightlifters filling the minds of some men, they believe that the way to look more manly is to build muscle. Upping their protein intake and lifting weights might just be a sign that a man wants to change his body type for personal reasons but often it is to conform to stereotypes of men who have muscly arms and a six-pack. 

Hold in Their Tears

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A lot of men find it difficult to show their emotions without feeling dumb, which is, of course, dumb. Showing emotions and crying is a sign of sensitivity and, according to some men, it is only women that should do it in public. Instead, men tend to bottle things up in the hope that they are not seen as less manly which often leads to stress and anger. For this reason, many men avoid watching emotional films or claim to have hay fever when they are caught shedding a tear. 

Refusing to Ask for Help

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For a man to ask for help it is a sign of weakness, according to them. A lot of men would rather struggle on their own to get a job done badly than ask for help and be successful in that job. The stupid thing is that if another man asked them for help they would rise to the occasion and enjoy helping them out (maybe to prove they are a better man than them but they see others asking for help).

Not Wearing Sunscreen

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Many men think that they are immune to sun damage so do not wear sunscreen. It is difficult to understand why men would rather burn and look stupid rather than protect their skin from burning and, potentially, cancer. The men who do wear sunscreen hide it from their friends, and sometimes even their partners, so they are not seen to show signs of weakness. 

Pushing a Stroller

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It is not uncommon to see men walking with a stroller using one hand and trying to walk further away as possible from it. These men think that pushing a stroller is a woman’s job and are scared of the ridicule if another man witnesses them pushing a stroller as it was meant to. In a bid to look more manly, they push strollers in a very strange way. The trend for babywearing, then, is something that many men cannot even contemplate and they would rather be eaten alive by rodents rather than be seen wearing a baby sling. 

Sleeping With Lots of Girls

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Single men, and some men in relationships, feel that sleeping with lots of girls will be impressive to other men. Being in a settled, comfortable relationship is too much to comprehend for some men as heaven forbid they will have to show their emotions. Sleeping around often leads to women getting hurt but laughing women’s feelings off as unimportant is another sign of toxic masculinity. 

Bragging About How Rich They Are

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Whether men are rich or not they feel that they need to brag about how much money they have or pretend to have in some cases. When bragging about their wealth in front of women they are hoping to land a date or make themselves look more desirable and when they do it in front of men they are hoping to get one up on them.

Avoiding ‘Girly’ Things

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Nothing looks dumber than a man refusing to drink out of a certain class or not using a pink towel at the pool, for example. Certain things are deemed too girly for men to use and they must assert their masculinity by avoiding anything that is not stereotypically male. Some men won’t even use a flower-scented shower gel or shampoo advertised for women when they take a shower!


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Whether it be getting into drunken brawls outside of bars to defend their ‘lady’s honor’ or arranging organized fights with their buddies, men love to fight. Some men get wound up by the smallest of things and they can’t seem to find the words to resolve their differences so rush to use their fists to assert their manliness. What a woman wants is for a man to stay safe on the road and drive at normal speed. 

Revving Their Engines

driving car
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From the minute they get behind the steering wheel men think that revving their engine will gain them major manly points from onlookers. Add to this the fact that some men feel that they need to drive way over the speed limit, it is clear that cars, in general, are synonymous with men and masculinity. 

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