Is Your Job Among the Top 10 Worst Occupations in the World?

By Krystal Brown

Here’s a glimpse into ten of the world’s toughest jobs, from confronting mortality to enduring societal stigma.

Grave Digger

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Grave digging is a physical and labor-intensive job involving digging deep holes, lifting heavy rocks and sand, and maneuvering confined spaces for burial. This is an emotionally damning job that exposes professionals in this field to frequent scenarios of grief and loss. Another reason this profession is among the worst job in the world is the unpleasant environment grave diggers work; their work is in the cemetery, which is a somber and eerie place to call a workplace. Lastly, societal perception of this job is always morbid and unpleasant, which mostly creates an avenue of isolation and stigma for professionals in this field. 

Slaughterhouse Worker 

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There are a series of occupational hazards that are attached to this type of work, not limited to the risk of infections from cuts, injuries from equipment, and transmission of diseases. Slaughterhouse is an unsanitary and unsafe area where the smell of blood, decaying flesh, and machinery noises can be an excruciating experience for slaughterhouse workers. The basis upon which this job is on the wrong side of the category is the lack of nuance and the monotonous nature of the work. 

Mortuary Attendant 

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Mortuary attendant is considered one of the worst jobs in the country because of the multidimensional hazardous conditions the professionals in the field experience. Dealing with dead individuals and constant exposure to grief can lead to a torturous situation and emotional trauma. The professionals in this profession face grueling working conditions like working long hours in sterile and cold environments. Despite the sacrificial nature of this job, mortuary attendants are not regarded and often face social stigma in society. 

Pest Control Worker 

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You will agree with me on the safety risk that encircles this profession; workers are exposed to stings, bites and other allergic reactions from pests. Pest control worker also has the problem of frequent exposure to harmful substances to contend with due to the use of chemical substances that often leads to health issues over time. All these and many other challenging factors form a terrible job that is a complete scenery of a deadbeat. 

Sewage Treatment Worker 

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Sewage treatment work also enters the underwhelming list of worst jobs in the world. The reasons are not far-fetched; mostly everyone is aware of the public perception, emotional toll, unpleasant working environment and other factors entangled with this profession. This job involves dealing with sewage and other waste materials, exposing them to unpleasant smells and other unsanitary conditions. Similarly, no one wants to get closer or have anything done with sewage treatment workers due to the supposedly bad odor attached to them. These stereotypes aren’t going away, and they’ve become a tool that justifies the inclusion of sewage treatment workers in this list. 

Crime Scene Cleaner 

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In what seems like a debatable pick on this list, crime scene cleaner comes with a series of divided opinions about its inclusion. Still, the indicators that put them into this category are irresistible. The crime scene cleaning profession is one with so much psychological trauma because they are exposed to gruesome and disturbing crime scenes, which can lead to a series of Post traumatic disorders from the reoccurring scene. Another problem with this job is the irregular work hours and unexpected callouts. A penchant for unpredictability destroys the personal life of crime scene cleaners, leading to the inability to form any bond with their family. 

Portable Toilet Cleaner 

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Sorry to say, but I won’t refer my friend for this job. Portable toilet cleaners provide mobile toilets that cater for events. This critical role comes at the expense of cleaners, who will face strong odors from the accumulation of wastes, leading to various health risks such as exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Also, there is the problem of manual labor, where they have to lift, scrub, and clean the toilet with their hands every time it’s used.


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There is a general saying that you can’t be ethical and be a telemarketer. This is a distasteful but true statement if you look at the profession’s intrusive nature in a world big on privacy. Telemarketers face a series of rejections and are often subjected to hostility from people who view their calls as unsolicited and annoying. The series of rejections they meet can be a turnoff for many, but this is not the reality for a telemarketer who must meet strict sales targets set by their agencies.

Manual Scavenging 

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Manual scavenging is often considered an inhumane profession that should be scrapped due to its dangerous and dehumanizing practices. Many still take it as a form of livelihood and a valid job. Manual scavengers face a series of discrimination and unhealthy living conditions due to the degrading nature of this job, which entails picking damaged items on dump sites.

Postal Service Worker 

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The rise of digital communication has relegated the illustrious profession, leading to concern about the viability and job security of postal workers. Career growth is one of the critical factors of a bubbling domain, but this is not the case with the postal service profession. Many postal service workers are stagnating in the same position they were in before the advent of tech-based mailing systems.

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