14 High-Paying Jobs Designed Perfectly for Introverts

By Krystal Brown

If you are an introvert you will know that some jobs are just not for you but luckily these 15 high-paying jobs will be perfect.

1. Veterinarian

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While being a vet requires some human interaction the majority of your work will be looking after animals. Many introverts find working with animals much easier than working with people and the animals offer respite when you need to take a breather from the business of life. 

2. Accountant

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Being an accountant means that once you have short client meetings you are left to manage your workload with no distractions. A lot of introverts love to get engrossed in the details of a task and while there will be other people in your office everyone will be concentrating on their workload with not a lot of time to be distracted. 

3. Actuary

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An actuary works with statistics to determine the financial planning and risks for a business and relies on very detailed work. This means that, like accountancy, an introvert can be given a task and left alone to complete it with relatively little everyday interaction with others. 

4. Radiologist

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Highly qualified radiologists can earn up to $400,000 for their skills and introverts are the perfect candidates. Radiologists need to interact with other professionals to share their analysis and there is some interaction with patients but much of their work is done behind the scenes so the job as a whole will not be too overwhelming for introverts.

5. Anesthesiologists

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Another medical career that is suited to people who enjoy a quieter life is anesthesiology. As an anesthesiologist, you will be involved in surgery when you administer drugs but the interaction within the operating room will be minimal and there is only a short consultation with patients. 

6. Biochemists

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Most biochemists will work on their scientific projects on their own in the lab. There will be some collaboration with other biochemists and there will be an element of project work but you are likely to find people similar to yourself working in the field and when things get too much you can take yourself off to the lab for quiet time. 

7. Archivist

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An archivist is the perfect career for an introvert as much of the work to be done is solitary. Many introverts love anything to do with books, papers, and libraries so you can be in your little heaven as you maintain and organize historical items for libraries, universities, and institutions. 

8. Astronomer

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The intense math and science skills required to be an astronomer suits the traits of many introverts. Exploring the universe with fellow astronomers is exhilarating but there is also lots of solitary working at night with just you and the latest high-tech machinery to keep you occupied. 

9. Artist

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Being an artist is not always highly paid but when you reach success then it can pay handsomely. Being an artist means being in your world and even if you take commissions from galleries or private buyers you only need an initial consultation about your brief. Artists can work from home or a studio as opposed to a large office, which is much more comfortable for most introverts. 

10. Marine Engineers

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Marine engineers get paid very well and while the work is very intense it is rewarding. As an introvert, you can spend your time away from people as you work on the mechanics of ships working everything from new steering systems to refrigeration installations.

11. Technical Writing 

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If you love to get into the details of all things math, science, and technology then a career in technical writing could be the perfect job if you are an introvert. With the majority of your time spent researching and writing, there is little time to interact with others.  

12. Software Developer

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The salary and job satisfaction that comes from developing new and innovative software is second to none if you are an introvert who wants to sit at a desk all day. Frome business software to computer games, you can spend your career creating computer programs that give satisfaction to many. 

13. Editor

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If you are an introvert who likes to give attention to detail then an editor is the job for you. You can work in a quiet office for a magazine or publishing company or there may be an opportunity to work from home. Working with some of the best publishing houses in the world can lead to great pay. 

14. Graphic Designer

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Graphic designers create visuals including company logos, app designs, and store signs using various digital tools. Like editors and freelance writers, many graphic designers can work from home or a small office. There will be a certain amount of interaction from clients but you will be talking about work that you love and can then get on with meeting the brief. 

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