15 High-Paying Jobs People Refuse, Even with a $100,000 Monthly Salary

By Krystal Brown

In the paradoxical world of career choices, there exists a peculiar dilemma that transcends the allure of six-figure salaries—jobs that, despite their financial opulence, find themselves shunned by seekers of fortune.

1. The Painful Job of Euthanizing Dogs

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Imagine your job involved, for lack of a better word, sending a bunch of gorgeous, healthy sled dogs to puppy heaven because there were too many of them after a significant event. The sound of their charming barking would surely plague your sleep, and you might just end up eating puppy food all your life to satiate your guilt. Even a million-dollar income couldn’t compensate for the anguish.

2. A Job To Taste-Test For Vladimir Putin

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Think about being charged with tasting all of the food that the Russian President has. It’s more than just a difficult culinary task. It’s a constant game to look for potential deadly risks in delicious foods. Who wants to take a chance on playing Russian Roulette with a big wage and a nice suit?

3. A Kamikaze Pilot’s One-way Mission

Having a kamikaze pilot job would be very short-lived work. You’d be strapped onto an aircraft for a one-way flight with no return ticket. Even the thought of your kids inheriting enormous wealth couldn’t justify such a precipitous decline into nothingness.

4. The Unsettling Task of a Concentration Camp Guard

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It gives me the chills to my very bones to even consider playing a guard at a concentration camp. The weight of the suffering souls and the sight of the horrors would seem to be the weight of the entire earth. The thought of such a dreadful undertaking would leave you trembling, rendering the attractiveness of a mouthwatering bank account as alluring as a bowl of ice-cold soup.

5. Itchy Experiences with Fiberglass

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Think about working with fiberglass every day. This stingy buddy would be more annoying than a swarm of annoying mosquitoes. Every day would be filled with persistent itching; not even a lake of cash could calm your skin or your mind.

6. Claustrophobic Cave Diver

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Imagine yourself as a trained cave diver exploring the deep, murky interiors of the planet. The depressing knowledge that you are stranded kilometers below the surface stifles the excitement of discovery. There isn’t enough money to buy a flashlight that is bright enough to warm the chilly depths.

7. Daunting Heights of a Maintenance Worker

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You might understand the plight of high-altitude maintenance workers if you’ve ever had your stomach lurching at the sight of incredible heights. Anyone would feel queasy at just the idea of clinging helplessly to a skyscraper with winds howling all around them. With your head whirling, you’d need an extremely strong safety belt!

8. The Sting of a Beekeeper

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Imagine if keeping bees was your profession but you had a bee allergy. It’s like attending a regular meeting with your worst enemies. It would be a continuous drone in your ears, like an unpleasant tune playing over and again. That buzz wouldn’t sound any sweeter for any amount of money.

9. The Life-and-Death Job of a Surgeon

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Being a surgeon means bearing the responsibility for the life of your patient! The anxiety of making a deadly error would weigh heavily on your chest. The oxygen tank required to ease the pressure of such a work could not be purchased with all the wealth in the world.

10. The Stress of a Shelter Worker’s Work

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It is heartbreaking to have to put down pets at an animal shelter. Every single wag of a tail and every pitiful cry would drive a spike through your heart. You would feel a tremendous weight on your chest after working here that couldn’t be lifted.

11. Face-to-Face with Child Oncology

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Being a pediatric oncologist would entail spending your days seeing the battles that little fighters with terrible illnesses face. Day after day, the fearlessness in their eyes would make you cry. A career like this would result in everyday tears flowing down your cheeks.

12. Leading the Nation as the President

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Although being president may seem glamorous, in practice it’s like navigating a ship through an endless storm. Every choice is carefully considered, and every action is examined. Even a king’s ransom wouldn’t be enough to compensate for the constant strain at the helm in comparison to the freedom of your ordinary 9 to 5 work.

13. Choosing the Easy Way Out as a Scammer

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If your profession required you to intentionally deceive innocent people, you would be financially wealthy but morally bankrupt. Your enjoyment would be eroded by the crushing weight of guilt, which would make every single dollar feel like the heaviest load.

14. Risky Chemical Battle

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Consider doing a job where hazardous materials are around all the time. Your health is the stake in a continuous game of chance. A risky career would guarantee that you would always have a bitter aftertaste of terror.

15. Exploring the Abyss as a Deep Sea/Underground Worker

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Working underground or at great depths in the ocean is extremely confined. Any person’s heart would race with panic if they were imprisoned kilometers below the surface with only the cold and the dark for company. Those terrifying depths couldn’t be illuminated by even a huge money.