Exploring the Decline in American Birthrates: 10 Insights from Those Who’ve Chosen Parenthood Differently

By Krystal Brown

Women across the world are having fewer babies and here are the real reasons why. 

Women Want to Be Fulfilled in Other Ways

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Gone are the days when women do not have equal opportunities when it comes to rising to the ranks in the workplace. Indeed, there is still an imbalance of pay and opportunity in some industries but more women are taking leadership roles that offer great pay and great job satisfaction. The opportunities that are out there for women mean that some choose not to stay home and have a family and while it can be manageable to juggle both, some women simply want to pursue a career rather than have kids. 

They Cannot Afford Kids

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Some women are daunted by the prospect of having to find the money to raise a family. From the high cost of living and having to buy a bigger house as well as putting kids through school, the cost of having children puts many people off having a family. 

They Haven’t Met The Right Person

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Some women do want to have children but they have yet to find the right partner. Having a child with someone is a big decision and not one that should be rushed. Until a woman feels that the person she is in a relationship is “the one” to have children with then it can be a long and painful wait. 

Fear of Childbirth

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While some women cannot wait to get pregnant and have children others are very fearful about the whole process. Being pregnant causes dramatic changes to your body apart from the obvious growing stomach. Indigestion, stretch marks, swollen ankles, high blood pressure, and vomiting are just some of the things women have to endure and that is before thinking about the pain of childbirth. 

The Desire for Freedom

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Some women are conflicted about having children as they balance their need to be free and independent with a desire to have children. When children are young they take up a lot of time as they need dedicated care and attention and when they are older parents still worry about their children. While there is some respite with babysitters and childcare, some women choose total freedom rather than having children. 

Lack of Support

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Having children on your own or just with your partner for support can be daunting so if women do not have a good support network they can be put off having children. If a woman lives far away from her family and does not have many friends then the thought of raising children is too stressful. 

Health Concerns

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If a woman has health issues, particularly the likes of diabetes and heart disease then it can be worrying to have a family. While doctors can help women choose to make the right decision, it can still be a scary time when a woman contemplates putting her health at risk for the sake of having a child. Sometimes it is a matter of weighing up the risks and making a very difficult decision that can affect the rest of a woman’s life. 

Environmental Concerns

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With an increasingly worrying future in front of us from an environmental perspective many women are choosing not to have children. One of the best things that we can do to halt climate change is to slow down the birth rate so we have fewer mouths to feed, fewer houses to house people, and less energy all around. Reducing their carbon footprint is very important for lots of women and not having children and staying in a smaller house is a great way to do so. This seems like a very selfless position to take but some women feel the need to make the sacrifice for the greater good.

Personal Trauma

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Some people have very deep trauma that prevents them from wanting children. If a woman has not had the best childhood and she has had adverse experiences in her life then it may be too much to have a child. The thought of parenting a child when you have unresolved issues can be very stressful, especially if there is a fear that the issues cannot be resolved. 

They Simply Do Not Want To

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Ultimately, women do not have to give a reason for not wanting children and they should not have to explain themselves to anyone. While they il need to navigate a relationship in which the other half wants children as far as everyone else is concerned it is none of their business. Women can simply choose not to have children because it is not for them. No matter how many people tell women they will change their minds or have regrets, some women just don’t want a family and never will. 

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