13 Hilariously Absurd Travel Blunders Shared by Adventurers

By Krystal Brown

From packing blunders to cultural faux pas, there are plenty of ways to make yourself look like a tourist when you’re traveling. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We’ll take a look at some of the dumbest travel mistakes people make, and offer some tips on how to avoid them. So whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, read on to learn from the mistakes of others.

Selfies with Unimpressed Wildlife

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From disgruntled squirrels to indifferent camels, attempting to take a selfie with uncooperative wildlife can result in hilariously unimpressed expressions. You may discover why animals may not be as enthusiastic about your photo op as you are.

Forgetting Your Passport

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Forgetting a passport is a story that many people around the world can share, yet we still don’t know how this happens. Most of us will have passports at the top of our checklist, and we will have treble checks. We have them every hour before we leave for the airport.

Expired Passports

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Most people will ensure that they arrive at the airport with their passport but not everyone will check that they are on date. Some countries will require at least six months on a passport from when you enter the country. Before you book that last-minute flight, always check that your passport is on a date. The last thing you need is to arrive in a country only to find that you cannot return home. 

Getting the Date Wrong

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Whether you turned up at your hotel and booked for the week after or an event for the wrong day, you are likely to have felt very silly. When we are planning activities for our trip, it can be difficult to keep up to date, so it is best to keep everything written down in your diary. If in doubt, check, double-check, and check again. 

Booked The Wrong Transport

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Booking travel in a foreign country can be overwhelming, and many people have made the mistake of booking the wrong type of transport. If you cannot translate a language properly, try not to guess, as you may end up booking a bus that takes 24 hours rather than a train that takes 8 hours to get from A to B. There are lots of travel forums that can help you out if you are not used to traveling in foreign countries. 

Missing Their Flight

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If you have internal flights booked, it is essential that you leave enough time to get across the airport. A lot of people underestimate how long it takes to move across large airports, and some do not account for delays between flights. 

Packing Glass Bottles

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Packing correctly for a flight is essential if you do not want to be delayed or have your bags confiscated. You also want to avoid making a mess of your bags which can happen if you pack liquids that are not protected well. Some passengers have made the mistake of packing bottles that smash in their cases, leaving red wine to run free over their clothes. 

Booked The Wrong Accommodation Dates

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Coordinating your itinerary can be confusing, especially when dealing with different languages. Many people have turned up at their hotel or Airbnb accommodation having booked the wrong date. This can often happen when people travel to the US as they out the month and the date a different way around from US citizens. 

Staying in The City

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If you want to pay the highest prices and wait in the longest lines for the major tourist attractions, then stay in a city. To make the most out of your travel experience you should take a trip outside of the tourist areas and experience a cheaper and more enriching holiday. 

Only Taking One Credit Card

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Cash can often be king when you are traveling, as some smaller towns and cities do not have credit card machines readily available. When you take one credit card you run the risk of not being able to pay for things. It is also wise to take more than one method of payment in case you lose one card.

Forgetting Underwear

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Always make sure you pack enough underwear when you travel. You may not always be able to rinse your clothing and being caught short can lead to embarrassing situations. You may have an accident and need a fresh pair of pants, or getting hot and sweaty in warm countries can see you go through more pairs than normal.

Eating At Gas Stations

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If you want to eat bland and unappetizing food, then stick to gas stations. However, if you want to eat local food that tastes great and can be bought at a fraction of the price, then head to recommended restaurants and cafes. Eating food from gas stations may be convenient, but you run the risk of being hungry, miserable, and you may even get food poisoning. 

Not Checking The Weather

News about weather
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You should always check the weather of the palace you are traveling to. Some people do not realize they are traveling during monsoon season or when there is a cold spell, which can mean they don’t pack the correct clothing. Being caught out by the weather when you are not equipped for it can put a dampener on your vacation so you should always be prepared. 

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