15 Secret Fears Every Woman Keeps to Herself

By Krystal Brown

Women are often portrayed as being strong and resilient, but they also face a number of unique challenges and concerns. Many of these concerns are hidden from the outside world, but they can have a significant impact on women’s lives.

Afraid of Speaking in Front of the Camera

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Public speaking? Gulp! You know how when the team you support is playing in the championship game, your stomach starts to get butterflies? That number multiplied by 10 will give you an idea of how women dread public speaking. Being the focus of attention may be difficult since every eye is a potential judge.

Fearing the Opinions of Others

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Just picture yourself making decisions while being closely observed. That is how women usually feel when they are afraid of being evaluated. They’re on an endless edition of the American Idol show, with everyone preparing to vote on their life choices. It’s a lot of pressure that a lot of women have trouble dealing with.

Being Alone in Unfamiliar Walkways

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Think about it. An empty, quiet alleyway with just a distant, dimly flickering streetlight. Are you at night on your own? You can bet your favorite boots that many ladies would like to avoid this sort of scenario. The eerie calm, the unknown surroundings, and the possibility of an unexpected attacker hiding close instill anxiety deeper than that of the Mariana Trench.

Fear of Showing Defenselessness

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Ever questioned why, even under the most trying circumstances, women maintain a brave façade? They do so out of fear of being exposed as weak. They fear that by displaying their vulnerable side, they can be exploited or ignored. It appears as though they are reluctant to admit that they are only human like everyone else.

Fear of Not Being Attractive

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The problem is this. Like a fish that is out of its element, women often dread not being seen to be attractive. They are concerned about conforming to society’s standards of beauty and wonder if the picture they see in the mirror matches what others see. Sadly, many women have this dread, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

Fear of Unexpected Attack

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You know those goosebumps you have after seeing a scary film? That’s the anxiety that many women have when they contemplate a random attack. They don’t live in continual fear, but the possibility looms over them every time they do anything publicly.

Being Afraid of the Unknown

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Ah, the unknown lands of the future. For women, this is just as unnerving as seeing a spider in their footwear! The unknown, the uncertainty, the vast number of possibilities – it’s like peering into an infinite maze. They’re at a loss on what to do next.

Fear of Speaking Their Minds

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Speak up and express their views? That stresses out many women just as much as an unexpected math test. They keep their views to themselves out of fear that they would be dismissed or ridiculed. Their minds are playing a never-ending game of hide-and-seek with one another.

Fear of Being Unable to Protect Family

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Many women worry that they won’t be able to defend the people they love from harm. They have a strong protective impulse, and the idea of not being there for someone when they need it is quite frightening. Therefore, if your spouse wants to be with you all the time, consider that a compliment!

Fear of Being Criticized for Their Decisions

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Similar to the tension of trying to respond to a difficult question, women often experience pressure from their decisions. Their worry stems from making decisions and the possibility of criticism or judgment. Making decisions while dreading the reactions they can set off is a never-ending balancing act.

Fear of Being Rejected

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Many women struggle with a deep-seated anxiety that grips their hearts: the fear of being rejected. It’s as though they walked into a room and suddenly all eyes turn to glare at them. They are more terrified of the awkward attention and the concern about not being liked or fitting in than they are of the party.

Fear of Solitude

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It may be deafeningly silent when you’re alone. Many women struggle with loneliness. It’s not only about the physical isolation; it’s also about the stillness and mental loneliness that go along with it. This common but rarely expressed fear is fueled by the absence of a companion, the resonating silence, and the solitude.

Fear of the Dark

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Like everyone else, women are afraid of the dark. It’s not only about the lack of light. Instead, it’s about the anxiety caused by not knowing what may be lurking in the shadows. The unfathomable, invisible, and unexpected that may be hiding in the darkness is what causes the terror.

Fear of Achievement

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Though it seems paradoxical, women can certainly have success-related fears. The fear results from concerns about the possible changes that success may bring as well as the possibility of heightened expectations. They are afraid of the strain and expectation of rising to the top and having to hold that position.

Fear of Appearing Stupid While Asking Questions

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Ever felt like the only person in the room who wasn’t aware of a secret? This perfectly conveys the anxiety that many women have when approaching men with questions. They worry that their questions, especially when addressing guys, would come out as naive or foolish. The fear of looking naive when seeking information can be rather intimidating.