10 Things We Loved When We Were Younger But Now Can’t Stand

By Krystal Brown

As we age, we often become deeply nostalgic for the carefree days spent with friends in school, unburdened by financial concerns. But in reality, do we sometimes view our past with an overly positive filter? Most probably yes! Here, we delve into the foremost 10 aspects from the past that evoke a cringe-worthy reaction. 

Getting Drunk 

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The thought of having even the slightest of hangovers is enough to have us reaching for the chamomile tea instead of the whiskey and coke. The days of going out and getting drunk are long gone and now the most we drink is a nice glass of Malbec over dinner. 


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The thought of the butterflies that we felt when we were young and in love is enough to give us butterflies again. In the cold reality of this lifetime, we cannot think of anything worse than trawling through hundreds of profiles of romantic partners that just don’t do it for us.

Finding love as we get difficult is very tricky and the thought of it puts so many people off. 


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The joy of having free cash to go on shopping sprees was something to behold when we were in our teen years. Now, all of our cash is spent on bills, groceries, and extortionate veterinary bills for our four-legged friends.

Online shopping is how we do things these days, that or heading to the local Goodwill store to see what bargains they have. 

Staying Up Late

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9 pm in our early 20s was the time to get the party started but 9 pm these days is when we turn off our phones, brush our teeth, and get settled down with a good book to read for all of 10 minutes before we are snoring.

Sleep is something we find difficult as babies, avoid at all costs when we are children, do more than ever when we are teenagers, and wish we could have all of the sleep in the world once we are past 40. 


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Ice cream sundaes, triple chocolate brownies. Twinkies, cookies, and all the candy that you could fit in your mouth were the order of the day every day when we were 10.

There are two main reasons we cannot eat this level of sugar these days, one is that it will likely make us vomit and two, we only have to look at a chocolate pudding as we have put on 2 pounds. 


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As children, we loved to take part in team games, gymnastic tournaments, football trips, and everything else in between. As our bones grow tired and we are less agile than we used to be, the closest we get to sports is watching the Super Bowl on TV. 

Loud Music

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Music is something that connects us to our youth and often the strongest of emotions are triggered by a song from our younger days. While music is still a passion for many adults, the volume has been turned down a considerable amount as our tinnitus tells us that we have had enough of loud music. 

Social Events

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Clubbing and partying were what we lived for when we were young and, boy, do we have some stories from our wilder days. Social events were the highlight of our week and the gossip on Monday mornings was just as fun as the Saturday night adventures.

As adults, social events consist of PTA meetings and pilates groups and we would like to be home by 9 pm thank you very much. 

Meeting New People

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School events, after-school clubs, birthday parties, fundraisers, holiday clubs, you name it we wanted to be at it! Mixing with people we didn’t know and meeting new friends everywhere we went was a highlight of being young and getting to know the world.

These days, we would rather stay at home in our pajamas and watch Netflix without aging cats. 


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As children, we used to live for birthdays and holidays and counted down to the next one before we had even blown our cake candles out. Fast forward 20 years and now we are wondering how our birthday came around so quickly.

One minute we are 6 and then in no time we are in our 50s and want the world to slow down.  We think you will agree that getting old does have its upsides but this list of activities can stay long in the past. 

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