12 Things Teenagers Should Know About the Real World (According to Adults on the Internet)

By Krystal Brown

By gathering insights from adult viewpoints exchanged on the internet, this piece accentuates 12 fundamental facets of life that teenagers should get familiar with, offering invaluable counsel and direction.

Relationships Require Maintenance

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“Keeping one great friend is worth more than the difficulties of keeping several mediocre ones.”

Don’t treat your friends like garbage and then wonder why nobody wants to hang out with you. To have friends, you have to be one yourself.

At Times, Your Sole Source of Support Will Be You

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But the opposite is also valid. You must depend on other people sometimes. I had to get rid of someone from my life because they were unable to see that they have a lot of individuals prepared to assist them.”

You also need some kind of friendship, though. There are moments when a friend will do something relatively small to just save you.

Comparison Steals Happiness

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“The only person to whom you should be measuring yourself is your past self.”

“Your buddies want to appear as they do in all of those social media images of them. Stop comparing your entire self to the 1% of you that they choose to display.

The grass isn’t usually greener on the other side, so don’t fall for the myth that it always is. You’ll soon realize how wonderful it is on your end if you just concentrate on watering your orchard.

Nobody Truly Understands What They’re Doing

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“As children, we are expected to believe that adults are faultless. As an adult, I can attest that most people are still learning.”

“You don’t miraculously develop some profound wisdom at the ages of 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, when you have children, get married, etc. Everyone rules their universe, but this is all a facade. We’re pretending to be adults.”

People Lie

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The fact that someone is an adult does not guarantee that they will always speak the truth.

“And a lot of the time, they aren’t even aware that they’re lying, or they’ve lied to themselves so convincingly that it’s the same thing.”

You Must Exert Effort to Maintain a Social Life

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You won’t have birthday parties if you don’t organize them yourself. Friends that make plans for you are pretty rare. Not like in movies.

It’s wise to make an effort to preserve your social life as you get older. It does become something you have to work at. Unavoidably, some of your dearest friends may go on separate journeys that distance them from you. Although not on purpose, it just happens as your family and work grow. It may take extra work and commitment on both ends if you want to keep that individual as your buddy for a long period.

Even if You Are Perfect, You Can Still Fail. It’s Not a Sign of Weakness. It’s a Part of Life

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No matter how tasty you are, not everyone likes peaches.

“I would also add that sometimes doing the best you can is not enough, and that is also a part of life.”

Yes, no matter how many times I’ve “failed,” life always manages to get better. It almost seems as though you were destined to “fail—to keep going in the direction you should.

Do Not Be Concerned About Losing the Respect of Those You Do Not Respect

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“I’d also add: don’t listen to advice from folks you wouldn’t reach out to for criticism.”

That is excellent advice, particularly for teens, who often get extremely worried.

You won’t benefit in the future by worrying about the views of individuals who don’t care about your well-being.

In Your Story, You Play the Lead Role, but to the Other 8 Billion Humans, You Are Only a Minor Part of the World

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“Truth be told, most people’s daily attention is on themselves. Don’t worry about trying to seem good in front of others; they usually don’t notice or remember.

Yes, very few people are even interested in you. Although it could appear downbeat, it’s motivating.

Confidence Opens Just as Many Possibilities as Competence

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On top of that, internships are far more important than grades.

“I’d say it opens up additional possibilities. People who are charming, beautiful, and self-assured will fare better in life than those who are only hard workers.

However, there is a narrow line separating confidence and cockiness; proceed with caution. Furthermore, confidence is rarely shown verbally.”

Moving Out is Expensive 

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Nothing is free, either. You constantly pay, both in your personal and professional lives. I remember asking a consultant a simple yes or no question (as he had been on-site and stood directly in front of me). He issued me a bill for it.”

Also, anything that appears to be in your parents’ home via magic isn’t in your home. When you urgently want a Q-tip at three in the morning or one particular tool for that peculiar desk you had in high school? You must purchase it.

$1000 is a Large Debt, but It’s Not a Large Asset

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“When you put it that way, that $220,000 tuition loan feels hefty.”

“Agreed. Keep your debt from getting out of hand.

As someone who racked up only a small ($3,000) credit card debt while young, I can attest that it can be quite burdensome at that point and even afterward.

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