Over 100 Popular Thai Girl Names

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Thailand is very popular for its majestic temples, beautiful beaches, martial arts, and great food. Aside from these though, Thailand is also known for the beautiful names of the locals. Although many find Thai names complicated and a little hard to pronounce, you cannot hide the fact that they sound very exotic and deep which makes them interesting.

Did you know that Thais do not have middle name? They have first and last names and then a nickname. Another interesting fact about Thai last names is that they are usually very long to avoid having the same last name as someone else you are not related to. Lastly, due to religious, or superstitious reasons, Thais change their names often, something that is very easy to do in Thailand.

Looking for Thai girl names for your baby girl? Whether you have Thai roots of simple love Thai culture, here are over 100 popular Thai girl names that you can choose from. All of these have Thai origin so just take your pick!


Achara- This one means “goddess” or “angel.”

Ae – This name means “young.”

Ami – This name means “daughter.”

Amm A name which translates to “sister.”

Anong- A name which means “gorgeous woman.”

Ao – A name which translates to “soothe.”

Aoi- This name translates to “sugar cane.”

Aom – A cute name meaning “sweet natured.”

Aree – A name which means “kind.”

Arpa- A name which means “unbounded.”


Bia – This cute name means “seedling.”

Boo – This name means “grandfather.”

Boonsri- This means “beautiful.”

Bor – This short and cute name which means “dragonfly.”

Bua- A name which means “lotus.”

Bun – This name means “merit.”

Buppha- A cute name meaning “flower.” 

Busaba- This unique name means “floral.”

Bussaba- A spelling variation of Busaba, this means “flower.” 


Chaem Choi- A traditional Thai name which means “gracefulness.”

Chailai- A name meaning “pretty.”

ChailaiI- A variation of Chailai, it means “pretty.” 

Chang – Perfect name for animal lovers, it means “elephant.”

Chantana- A beautiful name which means “affection.”

Chariya – A name which translates to “good manners.” Something which we all wish for our daughters, right?

Chimlin- This name means “cute.” 

Chuenchai- This means “refreshing.” 

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Dao- A short name meaning “star.” I think this would also  make a beautiful nickname.

Daw- A variation of Dao and means “bright and beautiful stars.”

Dee – A name which translates to “good.”

Deng – If you love the colore red then this is perfect because it translates to “red.”

Duangkamol- A beautiful name meaning “from the heart.”

Duanphen- This means ‘”full moon” and perfect for selenophiles.

Dum – A name which translates to “black.”


Fern-  A name meaning “green, shade loving plant.” A perfect name for plant lovers.


Gaen – This name means “naughty” and sounds fun as a nickname. 

Gail – A name which means “old.”

Gamon- This name means “from the heart.”

Gan- A short name meaning “the bold one.”

Geng – This cute name means “clever.”

Gob – A name which translates to “frog.”

Gun- This name means “grape.” 

Gung – This name means “prawn.”


Hansa- This lovely name means “swan.”

Hathai- A beautiful name which means “heart.” Any little girl will love having this name.

Hom- A cute name meaning “sweet smell.”

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Ireshi- A name meaning “queen.”


Jai – A name which means “heart.”

Jane- A popular name meaning “God is gracious.”

Jin(tana) – A name which translates to “imagination.”

Junta- This means “star.”


Kad – A name menaing “market.”

Kaeo- A cute name which means “victorious.”

Kai – This cute name means “chicken.”

Kamlai- A lovely name meaning “a jewelry bracelet.”

Kan – This name means “scratch” or “itch.”

Kanda- A popular name meaning “darling.” This would also make a great nickname or pet name.

Kannika – A pretty name with a pretty meaning. This means “a beautiful flower.”

Kanok- This means “design” or “pattern.” Perfect for artists.

Kanokwan- A combination of Kanok which means “gold” and Wan meaning “sweet.”

Kanya- This name literally  means “girl” in Thai. 

Karawek- This is a name of a bird found in Thailand. It means “bird.”

Karnchana- A name meaning “a beautiful and lovely girl.”

Kek – A cute name meaning “cake.”

Keow – If your favorite color is green then this is the perfect name because it translates to “green.”

Khun Mae- This name means “the honorable mother.”

King – This name translates to “ginger.”

Kohsoom- This name translates to “Lotus” in Thai language.

Komen- A name meaning “precious stone.”

Kosum- A cute name meaning “flower.” 

Kratae – A name which means “chipmunk.”

Kulap- This name translates to “the flower rose.”

Kwan – This one means “beloved.”

Kwang- This name translates to the word “deer.”

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Lamai- A lovely name meaning “gentle and caring.” Something we want our daughters to grow up to be.

Lawan- A perfect name for your baby girl, this means “beautiful.”

Lek – This one means “small.”

Leung – The perfect name for yellow lovers, it means “yellow.”

Ling – This popular name means “monkey.”


Madee- his name means “a good beginning.” This would be a perfect name for a first child.

Maew – A cute name meaning “cat.”

Mai – This name means “new.”

Make – A name that means “cloud.”

Makok- This is a name of a place in Thailand. It means “one who is from the town Makok.”

Malai- This means “a garland of flowers.”

Malee- This means “flower” and is a name of a flower in Thailand.

Mali- This name means “Jasmine.” 

Malivalaya- This name means “climbing jasmine.”

Manee – This one means “diamond.”

May- This means “a girl who is like a hawtorn flower.”

Mayuree- A lovely  name meaning “beautiful.”

Mild- This name means “kind,” “soft-spoken,” or “tolerant.”

Mod – A name meaning “ant.”

Monn – This means “ball.”

Moo -A cute name menaing “pork.”

Muang – It means “mango.”


Nan- This is a popular name in Thailand and means “grace and poise.”

Natcha- A name which translates to “intelligent.”

Ngam-chit- This name means “good heart.” 

Nin- A name meaning “sapphire.”

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Pakpao- This name means “the fighter kite.”

Penchan- A name which means “full moon.” 

Pensri- This name translates to “the beauty of the moon.”

Phaelyn – A name which means “sapphire.”

Phaibun- This name means “to prosper.”

Phailin- A spelling variation of Phaelyn and translates to “sapphire.”

Phairoh – This name means “pleasant sounding.”

Phawta- This one means “someone pleasing to the eyes.”

Phitsamai- This name translates to “an adorable woman.”

Phueng- A cute name which translates to “bee.”

Pimchan- A name which means “beautiful as the moon.”

Ploy- This translates to “precious stone or gem.”

Pornthip – Divine Blessing

Praew  Shining

Preeda- This name means “full of joy.”

Prija- This name means “intelligence,” “an intelligent and smart woman.”


Ratana- This name means “crystal.” 

Ratanaporn- A unique name meaning “crystal blessing.”

Rochana- This name can mean “sweet words” or “one who is very sweet with the words.”


Saengdao- A name which translates to “starlight.”

Samorn – This name means “a darling and gorgeous woman.”

Sanoh- A name which means “something that’s pleasant sounding.”

Sanouk- This name means “an enjoyable festival.”

Sarai- This one has several meanings in Thai but the most popular is “my princess.”

Sirikit- This name means “a woman with the qualities of a queen.”

Siriporn – A beautiful name which means “one who is gloriously blessed.”

Solada- This name means “hearkens.” 

Som- This name means “orange.” 

Sopa- Perfect for your tiny princess, it means “pretty girl.”

Sroy- This name means “chain.” 

Suda- The most perfect name for your baby girl, it means “she who is a daughter.”

Sukhonn- This name means “lovely fragrance.” 

Sunstra- This name translates to “a woman with beautiful eyes.”

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Taeng- This name means “melon.”

Tansanee- A name which translates to “beautiful view.”

Thanomwang- A beautiful name which means “hopeful.”

Thong- One of the most popular Thai names, it means “gold.”

Tida- This one means “a daughter” or “a female child.”


Ubon- A popular flower in Thai, this means “the lotus flower.”


Vanida- This name means “girl.”


Waan- This is a traditional name which means “sweet.”

Waen- A name meaning “ring.” 


Ya Chai- This name translates to “sweetheart.”

Ying- This name can mean “intelligent,” “feminine,” or “clever.” This can also mean “jade” or “eagle.”