Free Papercraft Spaceship Printable

By admin

This out of space papercraft spaceship. It’s so easy to make. Simply print out the sheet, and follow the instructions below.

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How to Papercraft Spaceship

  1. Colored Craft Papers
  2. Craft Glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharpie
  5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select at least 3 different colored craft papers for the 3 base parts of the spaceship craft. Trace the top half circular shape on blue or grey colored craft paper, trace the small round shapes on yellow or orange colored paper; and trace the rest of the patterns on colored craft papers of your choice. Cut out the traced patterns nicely. 

Step 2:

Stick the small round shape cutouts along the middle part cutout. Stick the small round shape of the antenna pattern on the big round cutout; this is the light of the antenna. 

Step 3:

Stick the top part cutout along the narrow side of the middle part. Stick the light of the antenna with the small strip to complete the antenna pattern. 

Step 4:

Stick the bottom part cutout below the middle part of the spaceship pattern. 

Step 5: 

Stick the antenna on the top side of the spaceship papercraft pattern. 

Step 6:

Use a black sharpie or a gel pen to draw the outline of the papercraft spaceship to give it a nice and finished look. 

Download the Free Spaceship Craft Template Here