10 Obvious Signs That You’re the Intriguing Talk of the Town

By Krystal Brown

If your neighbors are doing some of three things then then you are likely to be the subject of gossip. 

Huddling Together

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One sign that your neighbors may be whispering about you is seeing them huddled together on numerous occasions. Of course, they may be chatting about anything but you seem to notice that when you are with them they never get close and whisper with you. If you are never part of the huddle then it may be that your neighbors think that you are the odd one out. 

They Change The Subject When You Walk-up To Them

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When you see your neighbors casually having a chat and you think you will go and join in, you may witness some odd behavior. If your neighbors suddenly go quiet when you walk up to them it could be an indicator that they have been talking about you. They may seem awkward around you and keep to one word and answer your questions in a bid to see you gone again. On the other hand, they could feel guilty and overcompensate by being overly nice to you. 

They Pay You Backhanded Compliments

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If your neighbors do talk to you but they don’t seem fully engaged with you it may be a sign that they don’t want to talk to you but they are just being polite. Sometimes they may result in giving you backhanded compliments, for example, they could say something like “You look nice, that’s great for off the rack” which insinuates your clothes are not designer like theirs. They can also say something outright rude but then follow it up by saying “Only kidding”.

They Avoid Your Questions

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When someone deliberately avoids answering your questions it is a sign that they don’t want to engage with you or they don’t care what they say. Avoiding your questions is also a sign that they don’t want to tell the truth if you confront them about your suspicions that they are gossiping about you behind your back. 

One Neighbor Gives You Hints

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You may find that there is one neighbor who is kinder than the others and gives you hints that the others may be whispering about you behind your back. They may not come out with the whole truth but they can guide you away from conversations or encourage you to miss out on events that ask you not to speak to certain people in a bid to protect yourself. 

They Talk About Other People Unkindly

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If you are in the presence of your neighbors and they are talking about other people unkindly, the chances are that they will be gossiping about you at some point. It is not often that people who gossip keep it to just one person so you should be careful what you say in front of some of these people. 

They Treat You Differently

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If you notice that your neighbor offers to help other people out by doing chores for them or asking if they want anything from the store but they don’t ask you then something is off. You may not notice this at first but just think about all the times your neighbors have baked cookies for one another but you have never tasted so much as a crumb. 

They Never Ask You Over

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If you notice that a few of your neighbors go around to each other’s houses for dinner or drinks regularly but they never ask you then they may not like you. Knowing that others are having fun without you can be difficult but would you want to be somewhere where you are not wanted? They may ask you over as a pity date but you will pick up on the vibe if you are not wanted. 

They Always Turn You Down

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If you are trying to get closer to your neighbors by asking them over for a coffee and they always say no then they may just be making excuses and don’t want to come over. When you put all of the pieces together in them, turning you down for coffee, not accepting your baking gifts, or being short when you walk by, they are not going to be your friends. 

They Actively Avoid You

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If your neighbor starts to behave strangely around you as if they seem like they can’t wait to get away from you then they are likely to be talking about you. Sometimes you will see them walk away quickly from you or behind a bush rather than talk to you. If you find that your neighbors always have something urgent to get to when they talk to you but you see them casually talking to others all of the time, you may be the odd one out in the neighborhood. 

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