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100+ Country Boy Names with Origin and Meanings

Whenever someone says the term “country boy”, I always imagine a sweet, hard-working, and kind young man. The simple boy-next-door with perfect manners and that everyone loves and trust. Country names have this nice and trustworthy ring to it, don’t you think?

It’s no wonder that a lot of parents would prefer to give their baby boy a sweet, country name. Country folks are known to have strong family bond, great work ethics, and honest to the bones. Qualities that any parent would love to pass on to their kid.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to give your baby a country name, here is a list of sweet country boy names that everyone will love (including your child!?!

One Syllable Country Boy Names

Nothing sounds cuter to me than one syllable country boy names. Here are our top picks:

Ash – of English Origin; means “Ash Tree”.

Beau– of French origin; meaning “handsome”.

Blaine– of Scottish origin; means “the son of the disciple of Blaan”.

Blake– Old English origin; meaning “black”.

Bryce– of Celtic origin; meaning “swift”.

Cade– Old English origin; meaning “lumpy” or “plump”.

Cain – of Hebrew origin; meaning “spear”.

Chad – Anglo-Saxon origins; meaning “protector”.

Chase– English origin; meaning “dweller at the hunting ground”.

Clay– Old English, short form of Clayton; meaning “settlement near the clay pit”.

Cole—English origin; meaning “cole-black” or “charcoal”.

Craig– Scottish Gaelic origin; meaning “rock”.

Dean– Greek origin; meaning “monk or dignitary in charge of ten others”.

Drake – Old English origin; meaning “dragon”.

Flynn – Irish origin; meaning “reddish” or “ruddy”.

Gage– French origin; meaning “one who is defiant”.

Grant– Anglo-French origin; meaning “great”.

Guy– French origin; meaning “guide”.

Hayes– Gaelic origin; meaning “descendant of fire”.

Heath– Old English origin; meaning “someone who lived by a moor”.

Hugh– German origin; meaning “intellect”.

Jace– Hebrew origin “the Lord is salvation”.

Jack– of English origin; means “God is gracious”.

Jake– Hebrew origin; from the name Jacob, meaning “He grasps the heel”.

James– Old French origin; meaning “supplanter”.

Jay – English origin’’ meaning “to rejoice”.

Joel– of Hebrew origin; meaning “YAHWEH is God”.

John– Hebrew origin; meaning “YAHWEH is gracious”.

Jude– Latin origin; meaning “praised”.

Kent– English origin; meaning “coastal land”.

Kurt– Germanic origin; meaning “counselor” or “advisor”.

Kyle– Gaelic origin; meaning “place-name referring to the narrows”.


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    Leif– Scandinavian origin; meaning “descendant” or “heir”.

    Luke– Greek origin; meaning “light giving”.

    Mark– Latin origin; meaning “God of war”.

    Max– German origin; meaning “greatest”.

    Park– Old French; meaning enclosed land”.

    Paul– Latin origin; meaning “humble”.

    Pax– Latin origin; meaning “peace”.

    Reid– Old English origin; meaning “red”.

    Rex– Latin origin; meaning “king”.

    Sam– Hebrew origin; meaning “God has heard”.

    Seth– of Hebrew origin; meaning “appointed”.

    Shane– Irish origin; meaning “God is gracious”.

    Taj– Sanskrit origin; meaning “crown”.

    Tate– English origin; meaning “cheerful”.

    Trace– Anglo-Saxon origin; meaning “brave”.

    Troy– Greek origin; meaning “foot soldier”.

    Vance– English origin; meaning “dweller of bog”.

    Zack– Hebrew origin; meaning “Yahweh remembers”.

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    Music-Inspired Country Boy Names

    Who does not love country music? Sometimes the songs hit us hard with their meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies. With that, here are some popular music-inspired country boy names.

    Bentley – from Bentley with Dierks; of Old English origin which means “clearing covered with bent grass”.

    Blake– from Blake Shelton; Old English origin which meaning “black”.

    Bob– from Bob Dylan; of German origin meaning “famed”.

    Brad– from Brad Paisley; English origin meaning “broad clearing in the wood”.

    Brett– from Brett Young; Middle English origin; meaning “a Breton”.

    Cash– from Johnny Cash; French origin meaning “money”.

    Chris– from Chris Young; Greek origin meaning “bearing Christ”.

    Cole– from Cole Swindell; of English origin which means “cole-black” or “charcoal”.

    Dustin – from Dustin Lynch; Old Norse origin meaning “Thor’s stone”.

    Eric– from Eric Church; Old Norse origin meaning “ever ruler”.

    Garth– from Garth Brooks; English origin meaning “garden”.

    Kane– from Kane Brown; Welsh origin which means “warrior”.

    Keith– from Keith Urban; of Gaelic origin meaning “wood” or “wind”.

    Kenny– from Kenny Chesney; Scottish origin which means “handsome”.

    Kip– from Kip Moore; old Dutch origin which means “hut”

    Morgan – from Morgan Evans; Welsh origin which means “sea”.

    Nash – from the heart of Country music; Nashville. Of English origin meaning “ash tree”.

    Sam – from Sam Hunt; Hebrew origin which means “God has heard”.

    Scotty– from Scotty McCreery; Old English origin meaning “an Irishman” or “from Scotland”.

    Tyler– from Tyler Childers; English origin meaning “tile layer”.

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    Biblical Country Boy Names

    Southern culture has been generally religious which is a reason why a lot of their baby’s names are based on the Holy Bible. Here are some of the most popular biblical country boy names. If you are fond of reading the Bible, then you will love these!

    Caleb – one of the men who was sent out by Moses to look for the Promise Land. Of Hebrew origin and means “faithful”.

    Ezekiel (or Zeke)-Found in the Old Testament. He was the prophet who lived with the Judeans while in exile. Of Hebrew origin which means “God will strengthen”.

    Jacob – Son of Isaac and Rebekah and grandson of Abraham. Of Greek origin which means “seizing by the heel”.

    Jonas (or Jonah)– the prophet of a northern kingdom of Israel and was called upon by God to travel to Nineveh. Of Hebrew origin which means “dove”.

    Josiah -The son of King Amon and Jedidah. Of Hebrew origin which means “Jehovah has healed”.

    Levi– Leader of the Israelite Tribe of Levi and the third son of Jacob and Leah. Of Hebrew origin “meaning “joined” or “attached”.

    Zack (Zachary)- The father of John the Baptist. Hebrew origin and means. The Lord has remembered”.

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    Most Popular Country Boy Names

    If you still have not found one that you like, here is a list of some of the most popular country boy names:

    Austin– of French origin which means “magnificent”.

    Beau– of Latin origin which means “handsome”.

    Billy– of English origin which means” resolute protection”.

    Bo– of French origin which means “handsome”

    Bobby– of German origin which means “bright fame”.

    Boone– of Norman origin meaning “good”.

    Branson– English origin meaning “son of raven”.”.

    Brantley– Od High German origin which means “fire”.

    Brock– Old English origin which means “badger”.

    Brooks– of Swedish origin which means “stream”.

    Bryan– Irish origin which means “strong”.

    Bryce– Scottish origin which means “speckled”.

    Buck– Anglo-Saxon origin which means “deer”.

    Butch– Old English origin which means “illustrious”.

    Carson– Irish origin which means “son of the marsh-dwellers”.

    Carter– English origin which means “someone who transport goods using a wagon or cart”.

    Casey– Irish Gaelic origin which means “vigilant”.

    Charlie- of English origin which means “free man”.

    Chase– of Old French origin which means “dweller at the hunting ground”.

    Clyde– Scottish origin, a Scottish River.

    Cody – Gaelic origin which means “wealthy”.

    Colt – English Origin meaning “young horse”.

    Dallas– Scottish origin meaning “belonging to Dallas” or “from Dallas”.

    Dixon– Anglo-Saxon origin which means “son of Richard”.

    Duke– Old French origin which means “leader”.

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    Easton– of English origin which means “east-facing place”.

    Everett– of English origin which means “wild boar herd”.

    Ford– Old English origin which means “crossing”.

    Grady– Irish origin which means “noble”.

    Harlan– German origin which means “rocky land”.

    Hunter– Anglo-Scottish origins which means “one who hunts”.

    Lawson– English origin which means “son of Lawrence”.

    Mason– English origin which means “stone worker”.

    Oakley– Old English origin meaning “oak tree meadow”.

    Reed– of English origin meaning “red-hair”.

    Sawyer– English origin which means “wood cutter”.

    Thatcher-of English origin which means “roof maker”.

    Timber– of American English origin meaning “wood”.

    Toby– English origin which means “God is good”.

    Trace– Anglo-Saxon origin which means “brave”.

    Travis– of French origin which means “to cross” or “traverser”.

    Tucker– Old English origin which means “to torment”.            

    Wade– of Anglo-Saxon English origin which means “to go”.

    Walker– Old English origins which means “to walk” or “to tread”.

    Wayne– of English origin which means “craftsman” or “wagon-wright”.

    Weston– of Old English origin which means “from the western town”.

    Wilder– of English origin which means “wild animal”.

    Will– Old High German origin which means “resolute protector”.

    Wolf– Old English origin which means “wolf”.

    Wyatt– English origin which means “hardy” or “brave”.

    Zane– American origin which means “God is Gracious”.

    There you go! Over one hundred beautiful country boy names to choose from. Have you listed down your favorites? I have to say, my favorite among the lists are the biblical names. In fact, my son’s name was taken from the bible. There is something about baby boys with biblical names, that to me, is just beautiful.

    Choosing your child’s name is such a memorable experience in motherhood so make sure that the name you choose is well thought of. Most of all, it should be a name that not only will you be proud of, but something that your child will be proud to use for the rest of his life.  He will be using the name for as long as he lives after all, so make sure it is something that your child won’t mind hearing every day!

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