Relationship Pitfalls: Mistakes Women Make With Men That Need to Stop

By Krystal Brown

It’s not just about patching up these relationship blunders – it’s about creating stronger connections through improved communication, mutual respect, and taking care of emotional well-being. We’re going to dig into 10 mistakes that women might not even realize they’re making.

Holding His Past Against Him 

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You rarely come across a man with no past misdeeds; human beings are wired to make mistakes and occasionally have poor judgments. Holding a man’s past against him in a relationship is a recipe for toxicity and unhealthy dynamics, making it difficult to build trust and communicate effectively. Additionally, this common relationship mistake is counterintuitive because it prevents the man from growing and becoming a better person when the woman constantly highlights his past, which will surely be detrimental to the relationship in the short and long run. 

Ignoring Red Flags 

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Red flags are an unending cycle that ignites a series of emotional and mental torture, physical abuse and threats. This is another common relationship mistake women make that pushes them Into the pitfall of optimism bias in a relationship with the hope that the man will change as time passes. Additionally, women with a scarcity mindset have difficulty noticing red flags due to their fear of losing the man and being alone. Confidence in your feelings and the decision to walk away from any slight red flag is the best method to alienate this common relationship mistake women make with men. 

Being Too Clingy 

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There’s a thin line between being extremely clingy and insecurity. There is no sin in seeking your man’s attention and constantly demanding his affection. Still, when it gets overboard, it can be overwhelming and make them uncomfortable because they don’t have any breathing space. This common relationship mistake women make with men can be stopped by properly identifying the woman’s trigger that makes her feel anxious and overly clingy to the man; then, she can develop a coping strategy that will shield her from any sign of extreme clinginess. 

Comparing Him to Your Ex 

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Everyone has a unique personality and traits that make them special. Comparing your man to your Ex will not only spike unrealistic expectations but also bring about resentment in the relationship because he’s not filling in or playing your ex’s role. This self-inflicted relationship breaker damages the women’s self-esteem and starts the feeling of insecurity that stifle any iota of joy you should enjoy in your current relationship. You can stay clear of any comparison in your relationship by reinforcing a positive atmosphere, focusing on his strength and what makes him unique.  

Not Communicating Your Need to Him

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Communication is the bedrock of a long-lasting relationship, and women need to communicate their needs to their man to foster understanding and allow them to meet their needs to enjoy a healthy relationship. Communicating your need doesn’t equate to being too demanding, so most women shy away from being specific about what they need, pushing them into this common relationship mistake with men. Furthermore, the inherent importance of communicating can never be overestimated because failure has severe consequences, including resentment, lack of intimacy, and constant quarrels.  

Relying on Him to Read Your Mind 

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Men are not mind readers that can take a subtle cue from your antics and build that to deduce your thoughts. It’s unfair to even think that your man should carry out the tortuous mental gymnastics to piece together your subtle signals to lay the foundation of effective communication in the relationship. This is one of the most profound relationship mistakes that women make with men that can be likened to setting up their partner for failure in the relationship. 

Trying to Change Him 

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It’s an endeavour in futility to try to change a man. Each man has peculiarities that require some concession for the relationship to work. Inability to understand this concept, women might force their hand to try to enforce a wholesome change in their man’s quirk. This damning mistake might later turn out to be counterproductive in so many ways, such as the man feeling inadequacy, breeding resentment in the relationship, damaged self-esteem and others. 

Being Extremely Jealous 

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There’s a pinch of jealousy in the build-up of our system, but we fall prey to jealousy if we allow it an unending wand to pivot our relationship. Women’s propensity for jealousy can lead to uncontrolled behaviour like checking the man’s phone, tracking his movements and being unnecessarily curious about who he is always talking to. This is a relationship-damaging endeavour that leads to a feeling of insecurity, damaged trust, and even a break-up in the relationship. This common mistake can be solved by seeking professional help like a Counsellor and paying rapt attention to the positives attached to your relationship with the man. 

Silent Treatment 

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There are two sides of silence; the first is the golden side, and the other is the punishment side. The silent treatment is a passive-aggressive behaviour in a relationship that spearheads the demise of effective communication in conflict resolution. Men see this behaviour as a form of manipulation from the woman, and they project her as having an ilk of narcissism. They also perceive a dent in their self-esteem when their loving woman fails to communicate, making them feel isolated and worthless. This is another common relationship mistake that women make with men that needs to stop due to its various damaging effects on relationships. 

Not Appreciating His Effort

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Understanding how to Appreciate any gesture from your man is a win-win approach for women. Most women falter in this regard and make the common mistake of lacking in appreciation for their man’s effort, which undermines his effort and leads to a decrement in his commitment to good deeds in the future. Being appreciative opens up more perks of a relationship, further enhancing the man’s self-esteem and getting more from him.  

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