Middle Names for Emma

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Looking for Emma’s middle name? You’ve arrived to the right page! But first, let’s take a look at the meaning of Emma.

Emma is an English given name that derives from an old Germanic word that means “complete” or “universal.” Perfect for your new baby who will be the center of your entire universe!

There are several reasons why Emma has topped the list of most popular baby girl names for the sixth consecutive year. The Social Security Administration has revealed their list of the most widely known names given to babies born in the United States in 2018, and Emma has taken the top spot on the list for the fifth year in a row for the first time in the country’s history.

Take a look at these gorgeous middle names for Emma:


Emma Adelaide

Emma Ainsley

Emma Aleona

Emma Alexandria

Emma Alyssa

Emma Amanda

Emma Anna

Emma Anne

Emma Antoinette

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Emma Antonia

Emma Arabella

Emma Arianna

Emma Ashley

Emma Astrid

Emma Aubrey

Emma Audrey

Emma Aurelie

Emma Aurora

Emma Autumn

Emma Avery

Emma Ayesha


Emma Beatrice

Emma Bella

Emma Belle

Emma Beth

Emma Bethany

Emma Briana

Emma Brielle

Emma Brooke


Emma Cadence

Emma Caitlin

Emma Candace

Emma Caroline

Emma Cassidy

Emma Cate

Emma Catherine

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Emma Charlotte

Emma Cheryl

Emma Chiara

Emma Christine

Emma Claire

Emma Coralie


Emma Danielle

Emma Daphne

Emma Dee

Emma Delaney

Emma Denisse


Emma Elena

Emma Elizabeth

Emma Eloise

Emma Erika

Emma Evangeline


Emma Faith

Emma Fay

Emma Felicity

Emma Florence


Emma Gabriella

Emma Gail

Emma Genevieve

Emma Georgia

Emma Gillian

Emma Grace

Emma Gwendolen


Emma Hadley

Emma Haley

Emma Harper

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Emma Hayden

Emma Heidi

Emma Hope


Emma Isabella

Emma Isabelle

Emma Isla

Emma Ivette


Emma Jade

Emma Jane

Emma Jasmine

Emma Jean

Emma Jennie

Emma Jo

Emma Jocelyn

Emma Josephine

Emma Joy

Emma Joyce

Emma Juliette

Emma June

Emma Justine


Emma Kate

Emma Katherine

Emma Kathryn

Emma Katriel

Emma Khai

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Emma Kim

Emma Kissha


Emma Laine

Emma Laura

Emma Lenore

Emma Lexie

Emma Lilac

Emma Lilibeth

Emma Lorelei

Emma Louise

Emma Lovi

Emma Lynne


Emma Madison

Emma Margaret

Emma Marie

Emma Marissa

Emma May

Emma Moana


Emma Natalie

Emma Nice

Emma Nicole

Emma Nycole


Emma Odette

Emma Olivia


Emma Paige

Emma Pearl

Emma Penelope

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Emma Quinn


Emma Rae

Emma Rain

Emma Reese

Emma Renee

Emma Rhiannon

Emma Rochelle

Emma Rosalie

Emma Rose

Emma Rosie

Emma Ruby

Emma Ruth


Emma Sinclaire

Emma Skye

Emma Sofia

Emma Sophia

Emma Sue

Emma Summer


Emma Taylor

Emma Tricia


Emma Vanessa

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Emma Venice

Emma Vianca

Emma Victoria

Emma Violet

Emma Vivian

Emma Vivienne


Emma Whitney

Emma Wiktoria

Emma Willow

Emma Winter


Emma Zoe

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