100 Cool Kobold Names

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Kobolds are anthropomorphic dogs in computer role-playing game like Castle of the Winds, Golden Sun, and Warcraft. They have become so popular among gamers that they take kobold-naming seriously. 

Kobold names are from Draconic tongue (language of dragons), and usually based on the owner’s characteristics. It can be based on the physical appearance or  the behavior. They can however change their names once they become adults. If not, they just add additional syllables inspired by a significant event it its life.

Looking for cool Kobold names? Here are 100 of our favorites. Although these are Draconian inspired, we’ve included the origins and meanings in human language.

Alta – This is of Latin origin and means “elevated” or “high.”

Ati – This means “at the top” or “exceedingly” and of Sanskrit origin.

Coldheart – This one means “the cruelest kobold.”

Dalga – Of Turkish origin and means “wave.”

Dar – This is of Hebrew origin and means “pearl.”

Deend – This name means “he who has demonic qualities.”

Den – A name of Danish origin and means “God is my judge.”

Dere – This is perfect for animal lovers because it means “deer.” It can also mean “best lover” and is of French origin. 

Dorke – This could be a spelling variation of Dork which means “odd, socially awkward, unstylish person.”

Dov – A Hebrew name that means “bear.”

Dremgron – This one means “one with a fiery attitude.”

Dutre – Could be a variation of the Old French origin Dupre which means “from the meadow.”

Duv – This means “handle a small quantity of alcohol” and of English origin.

Ekru – A variation of ecru which is  of French origin and means “unbleached.”

Fedra – This is of Ancient Greek origin and means “bright”.

Fogfist – A kobold name that means “stealthily attacks in the fog.”

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Gad – This means “to move restlessly and aimlessly” and is of Old English origin.

Gank – This name is reserver for “the leader of the tribe.”

Gax – Used as a weapon by hoodlums and described as bot a gun and an axe. This is of English origin. 

Gedro – This kobold name means “healers.”

Gekki – Of Japanese origin and means “very.”

Giks – This one may have a derogatory meaning; it is of Thai origin and means woman prostitute.

Goku – This name is of Japanese origin and means “aware of emptiness.”

Golla – A name that means “bald” and is of Slavic origin. 

Gutt – A name of Norwegian origin and means “boy.”

Horn – This name is of Old Norse origin and means “spur of land.”

Huble – A name that means “mind-bold” and is of Old German origin.

Hurn – This name is of Old English origin and means “nook” or “corner.”

Ibbad – This kobold name means “the captain of the army.”

Kar – A name of Turkish origin and means “profit.”

Kav – This one means “line” and is of Hebrew origin.

Kogge – This is of Dutch origin and means “cog.”

Kov – This one means “most intelligent kobold.”

Loneblade – This cool sounding kobold name  means “likes attacking its prey with a longsword.”

Magnudre – This means “someone who loves fantasy and being fearless.”

Mahsa – This is of Persian origin and means “like the moon.”

Malga – A name inspired by the Greek name Malaga and means “salt.”

Medri – Of Tigrinya origin and from the phrase Medri Bahri which means “land of the sea.”

Meepo – This cute kobold name means “keeper of dragons.”

Mega – This is of English origin which means “something that is huge.”

Mekli – This means “pensioner” and is of Turkish origin.

Mik – This name means “like a God.”

Moblo – A name that means piece of furniture. This is of German origin. 

Mod – A short version of the English word which means “modesty.” 

Mor – This is of Celtic origin and means “exceptional.”

Mug – This is of English origin and means “a large cup with straight sides used for hot drinks.”

Mugs – Plural of mug, of English origin and means “a large cup with straight sides used for hot drinks.”

Muhle – Of German origin and means “miller or mill worker.”

Multe – This means “cloudberry” and is of Norwegian origin.

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Naldi – A variation of Reynold and is of Italian origin. This means “advice, “powerful,” and “bright.”

Narba – This is of Romanian origin and means “socket.”

Neku – This name means “unbreakable” and is of Japanese origin.

Nes – A name of Ancient Greek origin which means “pure,” “chaste,” “holy,” “sacred,” or “purifying.”

Noba – Of Latin origin and means “just.”

Nos – This name means “spit of land” and is of Dutch origin.

Nuk – A name meaning “snow” and is of Romanian origin.

Nuv – Could be taken from Nuvsfjorden which is a fjord in in Troms og Finnmark, Norway.

Oge – This name means “God’s time is the best” and is of African origin.

Ohla – This is of Arabic origin and means “the highest, greatness, glory.”

Olba – This means “red ochre” and is of Australian origin.

Oplo – From Oplontis, a town near Pompeii, in the Roman Empire.

Orte – This is of Middle English origin and means “small scrap or leaving of food after a meal is completed.”

Rage – A name of English origin and means “controlled angeer.”

Relga – This name is Agler in reverse and means “sword army.”

Replu – Short version of repleuvoir which is of English origin and means “to rain again.”

Riks – This has Germanic and Celtic roots and means “ruler” or “king.”

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Roughbrace – This means “attacks and loots other tribes.”

Ruvli – From the Italian term rubli which means rubles.

Satt – A name of Sanskrit origin which means “pure existence.”

Sege – German origin and is name from a place near Oldenburg.

Seks – This is of Norwegian origin and means “six.” 

Sern – This could be a short version of the Welsh name Seren which means “star.”

Shibbak – This name is given to a kobold who has healing qualities.

Sid – This name means “wide meadow” and is of Old English origin.

Sidra – A name of Arabic origin and means “goddess of the stars” or “like a star.”

Snan – This is of Arabic origin and means “brave,” “bold,” “heroic,” or “courageous.”

Snem – This could be from the Turkish name Sanem which means “perfection.”

Snippu – This name could be from “snippy” which means “short-tempered” or “snappish.”

Snogni – Could be from the British slang term snog which means “to kiss and cuddle.”

Snox – Of Irish origin and “means mix between a snake and a fox.” It can also mean “someone who is very good at word games.

Snutra – This is of Germanic origin and means “wise.”

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Tas – A short version of the place name Tasmania which is found in the south of the Australian mainland.

Tegri – This name could have been derived from the pantheon of Mongolian shamanism, tngri.

Tex – This means “unit of weight used to measure the density of yarns” and is of English origin.

Tikba – This could be a shorter version of a Filipino term Tikbalang which is a monster lurking in the mountains and forests of the Philippines.

Tott – This is a popular text abbreviation of the phrase “think on these things.”

Tugs – This is of English origin and means “a hard or sudden pull.”

Tum – This means “a person’s stomach or abdomen” and is of English origin.

Ugge – This has Punjabi roots and means “deepness.”

Vegne – This is of Danish origin and means “behalf.”

Vek – This name means “long period of time” and has Serbo-Croatian roots.

Velpe – This is a variation of the Italian term volpe which means “fox.”

Vem – A term of Swedish origin and means “who, whom.”

Vetu – This cute term means “to be dressed warmly” and is of French origin.

Vid – An informal term of the English work Video which means “video recording.”

Vivnu – Taken from the Tamil name Vinu which means “to spread in different directions.”

Vod – A popular term for people who use Twitch. This means video on deman.

Zak – This beautiful name is of Hebrew origin and means “The Lord has remembered.”

Zalda – This is a variation of the name Griselda which is of origin. This means “dark battle.”

Zedu – This means “a scrawny looking figure usually mild and humble” and could be of African origin.

Zoke – This is a slang term of English origin and means “a really old and mean man.”

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